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3 Gate 1 Slovenija – 2 The Day of the Activation: On the Boats in Lake Bled

We all traveled in silence.

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3 Gate 1 Slovenija – 3 Our Activation Ceremony Begins with the Starry Processional


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3 Gate 1 Slovenija – 4 The Taanua Dance & Gates of Initiation


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3 Gate 1 Slovenija – 5 The Lotus Dance


After the Lotus Dance, we did a spectacular Sacred Spiral Dance. It was during this dance that Third Gate was activated. Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of this dance, but it was truly beautiful. We did it !!

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3 Gate 1 Slovenija – REPORT by Solara


The Third Gate Activation: Part One The Birth of our One Being May 17, 1997 With Deep Gratitude to Watanabe for his invaluable help organizing this Activation…. It’s always a formidable challenge to try to describe what it is like to be a part of the Master Cylinder of a major planetary activation of the […]

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