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The Keynote of the Tenth Gate Activation of the 11:11 Doorway is


The Tenth Gate of the 11:11 Doorway was activated on September 11, 2011.

Our Master Cylinder was located near Arcotete, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.


Tenth Gate opened the door to LIVING TRUE LIVES AS TRUE ONES.

True Ones are real humans who live with Honesty, Integrity, Openness, and Love. They are Masters of Service. Once they fully emerge, they become genuine Keys that unlock the True Purpose of our entire One Being.

As True Ones, we don’t need to pretend anything. We don’t need to play games, seduce or search. True Ones follow our Heart’s Knowingness at all times. We embody PURE HEART LOVE and emanate our Natural Authority. True Ones are always in RIGHT TIME – RIGHT PLACE, even when it doesn’t appear so. We have released all expectations of how life should or shouldn’t be and embrace the Unknown.

As emerging True Ones, we have a finely tuned sense of what we know is Right, what we know is True, and what we are meant to do on this planet– this is our Heart’s Knowingness. If we are not living a True Life, we can feel this on a deep level.

True Ones live in the Expanded HERE and NOW.

They are always in RIGHT TIME – RIGHT SPACE

Tenth Gate immeasurably strengthened our Trueness. At the same time, it unmasked all that was false. We can’t pretend to be True Ones anymore; we have to walk the talk and actually live True Lives. That’s what is so exciting (and perhaps challenging for some). When we live our Trueness, everything starts clicking into position.


Our New True Lives are already Activated!

Our New True Lives are not necessarily what we think they might be or what we thought we would like. They are a combination of our most personal dreams and desires merged with the fulfillment of our True Purpose. They are perfectly aligned with Who We Really Are. They are stripped down and simplified. They are honest and real. They are fun and fulfilling. In our True Lives, we relate to others in an honest, true way with mutual respect.

Living a True Life is creating the New and True with clear, steady confidence. When we do this, we inspire those around us to live truer lives. Living a True Life requires leaving behind many of the old ways of doing things, old concepts and old behaviors. This can be challenging for some. It requires taking giant leaps into the Unknown and letting go of how others perceive us and their judgments of what we are doing. Treading the path of the New requires constantly discovering New Navigational Skills because the energies are so fresh and new. It is about going Off the Map of the Known with the inner knowing that ALL IS WELL.

Living a True Life is anchoring all we are, all we’ve learned so far, into our daily life. It’s not about making things the way we want them to be. It is looking upon a Blank Canvas and seeing the correct elements that are already there emerging and becoming visible. These elements are perfectly aligned with Who We Really Are and anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality.

The basic components of Living a True Life as a True One are

Love, Compassion, Honesty and Trueness.

For they are the key that unlocks the practical, physical gifts of our New True Lives.

Our True Lives are accompanied by many synchronicities as a result of living in RIGHT TIME – RIGHT PLACE. We begin to align with new kindred people and new places that are on the same wavelength. As our True Lives unfold, we realize that they involve more interaction with others with whom we  embody ONE BEING IN ACTION.


Tenth Gate is deeply aligned with the Fourth Gate Activation in 1999 which reconfigured our Evolutionary Labyrinth.

To move to our New, True Lives, we shift onto a new life path aligned with the New Paradigm. During this time, many of us are, or will be changing jobs, meeting new kindred people, finding the right relationships and moving to new locations. We are finally stepping free of our old biological and karmic history. We are removing the masks of our old definitions and roles. We are learning to do things in totally new ways. We are recreating our whole lives to more perfectly reflect Who We Really Are.

The momentous twenty year cycle of 11:11 Activations is almost over.

Tenth Gate was the second to last 11:11 Gate Activation.

This final stretch from duality to Oneness is when ONE BEING IN ACTION is deeply needed.

This is when we can really make a huge difference.

It is the time for our True Purpose to unfold.

If we Step In with our full beings as True Ones, we can create a New World.

Now it is finally possible for us to live our True Lives that are in perfect alignment with Who We Are.

10 Gate Chiapas – Photo Journey Introduction


A PHOTO JOURNEY OF THE 11:11 TENTH GATE MASTER CYLINDER IN SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LAS CASAS, CHIAPAS, MÉXICO September 3 – 13, 2011 WITH DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO OUR BRILLIANT PHOTOGRAPHERS: Adriana, Alanah, Ali, Andrej, Anelja, Arbaline, Cris, Christine, Dasha, Donna, Emanáku, Felipe, Igor, Kalasara, Marcela, Marco, Margarita, Maria, Natalia, Patricia, Rene, Sara, Sebastian, Sergey, Susana, […]

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10 Gate Chiapas – Preparatory Trip to Palenque


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10 Chiapas – 1 Our Hotel


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10 Chiapas – 2 Registration

Sebastian concentrating on registration details.

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10 Chiapas – 3 Entering the Conference Room


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10 Chiapas – 4 Our Sessions start


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10 Chiapas – 5 Sacred Dances

Lucia, Alanah, Arbaline and An Xahel as Aslans.

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10 Chiapas – 6 Our One Being

Felipe, Viviane and Cris, all 11:11 Workshop Facilitators from Brazil.

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10 Chiapas – 7 Our One Being 2

Lucia and Omashar

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10 Chiapas – 8 Anchor Groups Map


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10 Chiapas – 9 Our “Mercadito”


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10 Chiapas – 10 San Cristóbal de las Casas

By night, San Cristóbal became romantic.

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10 Chiapas – 11 Leaping!

Leaping into our New True Lives!!!

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10 Chiapas – 12 Mandalas


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10 Chiapas – 13 Countries of the World


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10 Chiapas – 14 Preparing Flowers


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10 Chiapas – 15 Departing the Hotel

Ready for the Tenth Gate Activation!

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10 Chiapas – 16 Arriving at our Activation Site

Petra also prepared the flowers.

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10 Chiapas – 17 The Maya Prepare

Igor from Russia.

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10 Chiapas – 18 Entering the Ceremony


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10 Chiapas – 18b Entering the Ceremony B

Marzo evokes the blessings of the Directions.

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10 Chiapas – 19 The Sacred Staff


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10 Chiapas – 20 Anchor Groups

The list of all the Tenth Gate Anchor Groups around the world is read aloud.

423 Anchor Groups in 60 countries [xmlgm {} maxlat=50;minlat=-50;maxlon=140;minlon=-140;maptype=G_SATELLITE_TYPE] For a detailed list of Anchor Groups, click here.

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10 Chiapas – 21 Starry Processional


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10 Chiapas – 22 Lotus Dance

Then we danced our first Lotus Dance.

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10 Chiapas – 23 Our One Being A

Anelya and the Fire Keeper.

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10 Chiapas – 24 Our One Being B

Manuel and Eda from Peru and Uruguary.

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10 Chiapas – 25 Mudras


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10 Chiapas – 26 Aslan Spiral Dance


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10 Chiapas – 27 Aslan Spiral

One by one, we helped each other stand up as True Ones living True Lives.

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10 Chiapas – 28 Our Guardians


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10 Chiapas – 29 Greater Central Sun Dance

For the first time, the pillars of the Dance were the Dragons of the Elements.

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10 Chiapas – 30 Stepping into True Lives

We caught the melons which fell down to us.

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10 Chiapas – 31 The White Lotus

The White Lotus in the center of our Lotus Dance embodied PURE HEART LOVE.

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10 Chiapas – 32 Fire Ceremony


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10 Chiapas – 33 Mayan Directions


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10 Chiapas – 34 Rainbow

As soon as the Ceremony was finished, we were blessed with a light rain and a huge double rainbow!

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10 Chiapas – 35 The Final Night

Our LOVE deepened....

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10 Chiapas – 36 Final Night

Blissful Omashar

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10 Chiapas – After Trip


After our Magnificent Tenth Gate Activation and Master Cylinder in Chiapas, a large group of us traveled together to Palenque, Bonampak and Yaxchilan. In all these Sacred Mayan Sites, we performed the 11:11 Mudras and the Lotus Dance. Our innocent after trip turned out to be an important Post Activation.

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10 Gate Chiapas – Anchor Group Reports Part One


from: Amazonas Forest, Jurua River, Acre, Brazil • Los Andes, Region V, Chile • Magnitogorsk, Russia • Avoca, Ireland • St. Petersburg, Russia • Seattle, WA, USA • Ocampo Buenos Aires, Argentina

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10 Gate Chiapas – Anchor Group Reports Part Two


from: Kiev, Ukraine • Ribblehead, UK • Moscow, Russia • Rancagua, Chile • Itacare, Brazil • Odense, Denmark • Buenos Aires, Argentina

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10 Gate Chiapas – Anchor Group Reports Part Three


from: Ljubljana, Slovenia • Donetsk, Ukraine • Hannover, Germany • Omsk, Russia • Paso del Rey, Argentina • Budapest, Hugary • Sao Paulo, Brazil

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