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 The Keynote of the Fifth Gate of the 11:11 Doorway is



The Activation of the Fifth Gate of the 11:11 took place on October 19, 2002.

The Master Cylinder was located in Wood Valley, K’au, Big Island of Hawai’i.

The Activation of the Fifth Gate was the point

when many of us EMERGED.

We emerged into a new place

and we emerged separately to discover ourselves not alone,

for others were also emerging, coming from many different directions.

As we emerge, we reclaim our Personal Freedom,

our Personal Truth,

our Personal Reality,

our Personal Integrity of Being.


Fifth Gate is the Gate of Personal Freedom and Emergence.

The Master Cylinder was located in Wood Valley, K’au on the Big Island of Hawai’i. This area is the only part of this island which has never been covered with lava and still resonates with the ancient energies of Lemuria.

The Fifth Gate Activation symbolized our emergence as new, truer beings. It was a celebration of our successful passage through the first series of the fires of initiation and through the upheavals of both inner and outer change. Never before, did we have such short notice of an 11:11 Gate’s Activation or did so much work to get ourselves ready.


The Activation of Fifth Gate showed us the many areas within our beings that kept us hooked into duality. It illuminated the parts which kept us small and which react from fear instead of LOVE.

Fifth Gate also provided us with the needed propulsion to break free of any remaining limitations. It brought up issues which needed to be cleared and resolved before we could move into deeper levels of the Ultra Greater Reality. This is an ongoing process.

As we continually step into the full embodiment of Personal Freedom, we are going to constantly encounter any unresolved core issues, lingering emotional residue, ingrained patterns and habits, outmoded ways of doing things and ways of responding to life’s situations. These are going to be magnified and thrown right in our faces so that it’s impossible to ignore them. Any time we react from fear instead of LOVE or from ego and separation instead of Compassion, this will be shown to us in obvious ways so we can consciously realign ourselves back into Oneness.


Personal Freedom is vastly empowering. It doesn’t mean being free to do whatever you want. It is the Freedom to be Fully Conscious and Compassionate. The Freedom to take Responsibility. The Freedom to offer our Power and Wisdom to Serve Our One Being. The Freedom to LOVE with our Full Beings. The Freedom to openly be Real and True. To demonstrate our integrity in everything we do. The Freedom to be Who We Really Are.

 Claiming our Personal Freedom leads us into our Greatness.


5 Gate Hawaii – Photo Journey Introduction

Fire flames brightly.

With profound gratitude to all those who helped activate the Fifth Gate of the 11:11 in 2002.

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5 Gate Hawaii – 1 A Visit to Kilauea Volcano


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5 Gate Hawaii – 2 Our Hotel


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5 Gate Hawaii – 3 Preparations


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5 Gate Hawaii – 4 Arrival at the Activation Site

Arriving at our site, Omashar sets up the sound equipment.

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5 Gate Hawaii – 5 The Dance of The Elements


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5 Gate Hawaii – 6 People at the Activation


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5 Gate Hawaii – 7 Sacred Dances

At the end of the Sacred Spiral Dance....

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5 Gate Hawaii – Solara’s Report Part One


Fifth Gate began for me a few months ago. The energies were strong and continued to accelerate up until the day of its official Activation. For the past month or so, I was immersed in preparations. Never before, have I had to do so much. There were the arrangements with the hotel and the complicated […]

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5 Gate Hawaii – Solara’s Report Part Two

Anion & Solara having a chat during a break.

On Saturday, October 19th, we left the hotel by bus and car at 5:00 am to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to our Activation Site on the southern part of the Big Island. When we arrived, some people were already there and the site was beautifully prepared with flower bedecked pathways and a magnificent […]

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5 Gate Hawaii – Master Cylinder Report


KALASARA…. It all began one day when a handful of Beamings from around the planet gathered together in a small room on a Big Island in the middle of the ocean. I looked around at everyone’s beautiful faces. Some knew exactly why they had come, and were glowing with anticipation. Others had no idea why […]

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5 Gate Hawaii – Anchor Group Reports Part One

LAWRENCE, KANSAS, USA: Dawn…. Just wanted to briefly update you on the Lawrence Anchor Group. We did manage to pull off a wonderful ceremony that started late Friday night and lasted long into Saturday night. We all felt the energy and hope you felt us, too. Now all the participants are well aware of a […]

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5 Gate Hawaii – Anchor Group Reports Part Two

LUXEMBOURG: Sultana Raza … There were five of us to anchor the Fifth Gate in Luxembourg for the first time. We entered a state of Oneness and incredible upliftment. The energies were very powerful, but we were helped by our angels and spiritual guides. There was a strong shift when we went through the Fifth […]

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5 Gate Hawaii – Anchor Group Reports Part Three

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS : Sten / Koriah Dandrana … On Tuesday the 15th of October Marion, my friend from Wales called to tell me she was back in Amsterdam for a week and a half, and as I was the one who brought her in contact with Solara’s monthly Surf Reports, she suggested to do something […]

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5 Gate Hawaii – Anchor Group Report Part Four

MATTAWAN, MICHIGAN, USA: Linda … Our 5th Gate Anchor experience was incredible. A total of 11 people showed up to participate in anchoring the energy coming in with this Gate. This allowed for the formation of a 5 pointed star (10 people/ one Guardian – facilitator) for the Starry Processional. We opened ceremony with a […]

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5 Gate Hawaii – Anchor Group Reports Part Five

OXBOROUGH, ENGLAND : Pam & Scilla … On the Wednesday before the 19th October, we all did a meditation in the evening, linking with each other, and focussing on our intent for the day of the 5th Gate. We felt this had an effect on the day. There were eleven of us on the day […]

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5 Gate Hawaii – Anchor Group Reports Part Six

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS, USA: Angel… Our day’s activities began at high noon Texas time (7 a.m. Hawaii), when all nine of us joined in a smudging of the rooms where we would be anchoring the 5th gate energies. Outside in the rain, symbols of the four elements marked the four directions on each side of […]

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5 Gate Hawaii – Photos from Anchor Groups


from Josephina in Buenos Aires, Argentina and from Jeronimo in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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