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The pages on are provided in five languages.

The translation of the original about 400 pages is still in progress — here you can see, which parts are available in which languages.

«X» : The section has not been translated into that language.
«O» : This section is currently in the process of  translating.
*ok» : This section is available in the corresponding language

 1. Gate Egypt  X  ok X X
 1. Gate New Zealand  X  ok X X
2. Gate Ecuador  X  ok X X
3. Gate Slovenija — Montana, USA — Australia  X  ok X X
4. Gate Tahiti  X  ok X X
5. Gate Hawaii  X  ok X X
6. Gate Ireland  X  X X X
7. Gate Rajasthan  X  X X X
8. Gate 1 Mallorca  X  X X X
8. Gate 2 Lake Titicaca  X  X X X
9. Gate Bali  ok  ok X X
10. Gate Chiapas, Mexico  ok  ok X X
11/11/11 Silent Watcher Ceremony in Moray  ok  ok X X
‘A Mu’a Ceremony on Rapa Nui ok  ok ok ok
The 11:11 Doorway  ok  ok X X
Sacred Dances  ok  X X X
11:11 Practices  ok  ok  X  X
11:11 Master Cylinders  ok  ok  X  X

9 Bali — Photo Journey Introduction

A PHOTO JOURNEY OF THE 11:11 NINTH GATE MASTER CYLINDER IN BALI, INDONESIA October 17 — 26, 2010 WITH DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO OUR BRILLIANT PHOTOGRAPHERS: Akyuna, Alanah, Alessander, An*ayatsin, An Xahel, Antares, Arbaline, Cris Boog, Emanáku, Felipe, Gerlinde, Helder, Kalasara, Keenuáne, Laya, Maria Adams, Nicole A, Omashar, Petra Svarinská, Radha, Raphael Costellon, Sara Zacandra, Sebastian, […]

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