4 Gate Tahiti – Anchor Group Reports Part Four


«The energy change here in Australia is very powerful at this moment and many people are wondering what is happening?

Thank you Solara for making your time available, for the wonderful books that you have written. They have helped many people We are the anchors for the light and we look forward for you to visit here in Australia.» ….Ray Murphy


We had a remarkable day here in Africa. I expected only about 8 and ended up with about 25 of us! We followed the format as closely as we could. The energy was amazingly profound, awesome, incredible! The commitment from all like minded souls here was truly wonderful to behold.

We went on way into the night of the 11th and spirits and energy were so powerful. So exhilarated and ecstatic. Many that attended have been ill since, mostly colds, flu symptoms, etc. I myself was absolutely flattened. I slept for about 15 hours afterwards. When I awoke, my body inside felt like shattered glass.

Another amazing thing that happened; I have been trying to get more of books which has been very difficult here. On the morning of the 13th, when I finally got down to the office, on my desk was a parcel in it with two of your books!! I thank you for what you do for us and for the planet.» ….Alorah


«Light and Peace and Love and all those good things:)) I am very happy about everything that happened on August 11. I was really able to feel it! Thank you for this brilliant chance of unity and thank you for being here! I’ve got some sort of new and fresh happiness inside my heart, washing all the past away! :))» …. Tomas Tautkus


«On August 10th the weather was rainy with little sign of clearing. I had chosen the ideal spot beside a pond at a nearby conservation authority for our 11:11 ceremony, which was to start at ten o’clock that evening. I knew that the rain could not stop me from going ahead with my plans for an outdoor gathering. I saw it as a test of our faith and commitment.

By the evening, the rain had ceased and the skies had cleared. The stars seemed especially bright. The candles that each one of the 23 participants had contributed formed a circle around us, adding to the special feeling that this night brought. During our opening circle, after each member had spoken, I shared my vision of the Fourth Gate. I had embodied these energies for several days prior to this event, so I spoke from my personal experience.

What I remember, above all, was the sheer joy of those days! I knew that the Fourth Gate energies would allow us to shed the heaviness and feelings of duty and burdens from the past to make way for the joy of self-creation. Everything made me smile. Expressions to which I would have reacted with resistance in the past because they were thoughts of limitation or judgment, made me bubble with laughter. I just couldn’t take those thoughts seriously anymore.

During these days I also communicated honestly, openly and from the heart. Despite the intensity of the energy, rather than pulling me out of my physical body, it grounded me more deeply to the Earth than I had ever been before. I felt empowered in every way.

Before we started our first dance, the Earth-Star, each member of our group announced what they would like to release from their lives. As we made it our intention to release such things as fear, judgment and separation, I reminded everyone that what we chose to release on an individual basis, we were also releasing as a group and for all of humanity. I chose the role of Guardian for the Earth-Star Dance. Throughout our ceremony, the transition of the Guardians flowed to perfection, as each knew instinctively when it was their turn to serve in this way. As Guardian, there came a time when the Earth Being meets the Star Being, that I was filled with a terrible agony. A silent scream rose within me as this energy was transmuted.

The Sacred Spiral dance followed. Then it was time to create our individual Dance of the Four Directions. It was my feeling that this dance symbolized the integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as the One body of God. Although I had felt originally that we would all be following the same steps, it was the consensus of the group to dance their own unique dance as part of the whole. I was to see the importance of this symbolism in what was to follow.This dance was creating the space for us to all dance our own unique dance of life in equal service to the One.

I soon sensed a weariness in the group. Although I knew from personal experience that this is often what is felt before a major breakthrough, I misinterpreted the perfection of that moment to be the group’s lack of focus and commitment to the process.

In joining together after the break, I shared the feeling of resistance I felt and my belief that it was a detriment to the whole. During the past month, I had been focusing on releasing beliefs of limitation from my life. A dear friend asked me if this was not a thought of limitation. I knew that it was. I felt the shame of having judged the role that some of the group members were playing, just as I have judged the role of certain members of society in the past.

Although I knew intellectually that we are all on this Earth playing our own unique role to perfection, it was this incident that would integrate this knowingness more firmly into my belief system. I owned the mirror of resistance I was feeling, which I later recognized as my resistance to loving myself fully just as I am, and told each member they must choose what felt right to them. It was while we were seated in a circle, as I came to these realizations, that the most powerful part of the activation was felt. I knew it was our role to ground these energies.

It is the ultimate act of faith to trust that all know and are doing exactly what is right for them at the time. From this time on, although I did not understand the reasons, I did understand the perfection of each group member’s actions. A few people left the group; some chose not to participate at certain points and others felt the need to leave the central group from time to time to focus on personal healing. I put my energy into the leadership role I knew was right for me, which included holding the vision of the love and perfection in all things.

There was a peace that enveloped us as we next danced the Lotus Dance. By the time we had finished, tears had welled in my eyes. At break time, a friend comforted me and listened as I shared the feelings that I had let the group down.

I had made it my intention to hold the vision of the perfection of all, knowing each to be playing her or his perfect role in equal service to the whole. Although I consciously knew that the role of judgment I played was perfect, too, I was having difficulty forgiving myself for not having held this focus. I was in a place of feeling ashamed, but not the shame that keeps you walking in endless circles. I had allowed myself to feel what was once hidden. I was experiencing the pain of all the times in the past when others have judged me or when I have judged myself when I was doing the best that I knew how to do. In allowing myself to feel my shame in this way, I was opening to the potential for enormous personal growth. I knew I would never be the same.

When we rejoined as a group, I shared with the others the difficulty I was having accepting this part of myself that stood in judgment of the process of others. For the first time since I was a child, I allowed myself to cry in front of others. I had been taught to see tears as weakness, but I knew that these tears I shed came from a strength and courage I had rarely daccessed to this extent before.

I asked for the love and support of the group, another first for me. The suggestion of a group hug was interrupted by a counter-suggestion that I be allowed to stand in my vulnerability. But this seemed like a distant voice of the past that told me I did not deserve to be loved and would just have to work things out by myself. What I really needed at that time was to be comforted. The warmth and love of the group enveloped and healed me.

I chose the Earth-Star Dance as our last dance, simply because it is my favourite and, in our present state of evolvement, that seemed like the perfect choice to make for the perfect reason.

Our closing circle was a sharing of our experiences. I felt our unity and a greater willingness on the part of the participants to share of themselves than at the beginning of the ceremony. It was approximately 6:00 a.m. The energies had dissipated and I knew our task was done. It had been the perfect evening in all ways.

The next day I struggled with the same feelings of self-judgment as I had felt during the ceremony, at one point wanting to project my judgment onto the others in the group. I wanted to justify my anger by pretending it was deserved. But the feeling did not last long. It was just another lie from the past surfacing to be recognized and released. The truth is that we all deserve to be treated with love and respect, no matter what choices we make. If we are to be the bearers of the message that love and perfection exists in all things, we must know this truth of ourselves.

I thank you, Solara, for the opportunity to share this journey of the 11:11 with you. Bless you for the role of leadership that you play with such courage and perseverance. With Love and Gratitude,» …..Sandra Diver


«On the New Moon preceeding the 4th Gate event, I had a vision of coming to the Higgins Street Bridge ( a major vehicular and pedestrian artery across the Clark Fork River), every evening from sunset to dusk until the event itself as a way of commemorating it and building the 11:11 energy in Missoula.

I put up fliers around town announcing it. A lot of people stopped and talked. I played my didgeridoo the whole time unless I was talking to someone. About a week before the event, I started putting little 11:11 stickers all over Higgins Street downtown, on both sides of the bridge and on the bridge too. I put them at eye-level. They just said 11:11, sweet and simple.

I was planning on doing the Anchoring ceremony at Caras Park where there is a big circle of grass, right underneath the Higgins Street Bridge, where I’d been blowing my didge nightly.

It ended up that at 4:00 in the morning when we got there, it was raining so we went under the pavilion to the geometric center which was laid out very neatly by the pattern of the bricks there.

I greeted the Four Directions with Earth, Fire, Air and Water, bid welcome to the spirits to participate with us, and had permission from the land to do the ceremony. My friend Neyah and I were the only ones there at the beginning. I put my crystal wand (the one I had when I performed (anchored) during the First Gate at the Moose Lodge in Missoula as a snow princess from faerieland) standing up on the ground with another big crystal holding it upright on top of a map of the eclipse route.

The energy had been building up for days. I had frequent headaches and a feeling of transition during that time. I got a message from a woman named Theresa in Maryland who saw my name on the anchor list… she said she felt a close connection with the Clark Fork River and wondered if I did… of course, I was playing my didge over the river every night…

Anyway, Neyah and I just started improvising in a seated position encircling the crystal by holding each others hands. We were saying 11:11, Missoula, over and over,… We got up and started walking around methodically, foot over foot, encircling the crystal, concentrating on the energy coming from a giant cylinder in Tahiti and coming through us and going to the center of the Earth. We continued walking, soon Melissa showed up and snapped a photo of me in what I can only describe as a powerful ecstatic trance. She joined us then, walking around. Soon we were all singing, different things, we were saying the names of different places on the eclipse route… England, France, Iraq, Iran, India, and of course, we kept saying Tahiti… I even called out Solara, Elara, Nova at one point since those were people I felt sure to be participating. After a bit, an old friend Jen showed up. So, after she got there, we felt complete with four of us. We continued singing. We had quite a cylinder going. It felt like we were walking in soup in the air.

I remembered Elara’s water/bubble/air analogy that we were going into a bubble of water in the air… it was really humid… raining… the cylinder was huge, tangible, it felt like bright, shiny, golden light. I was absolutely energized and ecstatic. My movements took over… we were spiralling around and around the crystal in all directions. It was way cool.

By about 6:11, I felt like the anchoring was complete. Plus, I got very tired all of a sudden. We all hugged and each shared some informative news about our lives… It was very cool.

I have felt a sense of peace since then. I have suffered from awful depression for a long long time and in preparing (for 28 days) for this ritual, and then following through with it, has been a really inspiring experience.

I am really grateful to have participated here in Missoula. I have been here for the First, Third, and Fourth gates. I don’t know where I was during the Second… maybe here too.» ….Mishka Amara Paisain (Jake!)


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