The Silent Watchers

(Excerpt from Solara’s March 2011 Surf Report — Video added)


The Silent Watchers are vast beings who have long held all the worlds within worlds in balance and maintain the interweaving of the grids in multiverses. They moved into position right before the creation of Time to serve as stabilization pinions for this dimensional universe. Silent Watchers see and feel everything.

Some of us have long served as Silent Watchers. We have been deeply trained not to leave our positions or let go of our focused intent, even for an instant. When Null Zones occur within the worlds that we are ever watching, our old response was to hold the grid stronger than ever before in order to bring it back into a position of stability and balance.

However in 2010, we started responding in new ways. This new response didn’t come from outer instructions or orders from On High, for the time of receiving instructions from outside sources is over. There are no more messages to be received from On High — FOR WE ARE THEM.

Instead, these new responses come from an activation within our own cellular memory banks. It is information that has been encoded within us since we first became Silent Watchers. Our new response was to allow the grids to expand so that everything could move freely into their new positions. The expansion of the grids caused us to unhook ourselves from our old coordinates so we could align ourselves with a new set of coordinates that shift us into a totally New Paradigm.

In 2011 the role of Silent Watchers has changed again. They no longer want to dispassionately observe the worlds within worlds from a place of trained neutrality. Instead, they want to step in and feel everything. They want to LOVE and BE LOVED with their whole beings. They want to play a more active part in this momentous shift of evolutionary spirals.

The Silent Watchers are not separate from us. We are both physical beings and Silent Watchers. They are simply a part of the vastness of our infinite beings. We can greatly benefit by consciously merging these two vast aspects of ourselves and inhabiting them simultaneously. This gives the Silent Watcher aspect of ourselves the opportunity to fully participate in physical life on Earth. Aligning with the Silent Watcher part of ourselves helps us to remain balanced and maintain a vaster perspective.

As we all know, 2011 is a year of momentous change. It is a year full of unprecedented upheavals as the world of duality collapses and a New World is born. One of the most helpful things that we can do at this time is to spend a few minutes each day as a Silent Watcher. To do this, we….

… follow the demonstration in this video:


These are the four key parts of the Silent Watcher practice.

1. RISING INTO THE VASTNESS of the Silent Watcher Position
This is where we obtain a vaster perspective of the Worlds within Worlds.

We emanate the knowingness that ALL IS WELL, despite all outer appearances.

We embody PURE HEART TRUE LOVE, radiating it to all the Worlds within Worlds.

We strengthen the resonance of Trueness and call forth the True Ones in all the Worlds within Worlds.

Not only does this have a tremendous effect on what is happening in the worlds within worlds, but it helps us gain a greater perspective on what is really going on. Although part of us remains on Earth experiencing the massive changes of these tumultuous times, there is a vaster part of us who deeply understands why all of this is happening and who knows that ALL IS WELL.

Spending a few minutes each day as a Silent Watcher will enable us to live without being shocked or thrown off balance at the constant upheavals and give us full acceptance and knowingness of what is really going on. It gives us the strength, authority and empowerment that we need for our daily life and our service to the world.


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