7 Gate Rajasthan — Keynote

The Keynote of the Seventh Gate of the 11:11 Doorway is


The Seventh Gate Activation took place on October 30 — 31, 2004.
The Master Cylinder was located at Jagmandir Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

The actual site of the Seventh Gate Activation was Jagmandir Palace in the middle of Lake Pichola. This is the site where Shah Jahan first dreamt of the creation of the Taj Mahal, making it the perfect place for Seventh Gate to propel us into Seeing the Unseen.


SEEING THE UNSEEN is seeing what is already here.
It is not about dreams and visions of other worlds or parallel realities.
It is seeing what exists in the Expanded HERE and NOW in every  moment.

When we consciously inhabit the Ultra Greater Reality and look around us with totally new eyes and vastly expanded perceptions, we begin to see the perfection in everything that exists. We see a very different world than the one we thought was there. Everything is vaster…. Everything is woven into Oneness. The Matrix of the One is revealed. The Ultra Greater Reality is in the HERE AND NOW.

Once we become aware of this, we can begin the process of discovering who we really are. We are far vaster and freer than who we thought we were. We can now see and feel the threads of our beings interwoven into our One Being. The Sleeping Giant of our One Being shakes off the last vestiges of slumber and begins to rise.


Seventh Gate activated an expansion of the Diamond of the Unseen. During the original 11:11 Activation in 1992, there were two Master Cylinders. The one at the Great Pyramids in Egypt represented the Omega Point or the place where the ancient energies began their departure from the planet. The Master Cylinder in Queenstown, New Zealand represented the Alpha Point or the place where the new energies coming to Earth will make their first landing.

The Seventh Gate was the first Gate in which each point of the Diamond of the Unseen had been touched by both Alpha and Omega. This is what caused the Diamond of the Unseen to activate and expand, thus moving us into totally new ways of seeing and being.

Because Seventh Gate is the first Gate in the second half of the 11:11 Doorway, it was strongly connected with the First Gate Activation in 1992, especially with its Egyptian Master Cylinder. During both Activations, we rode camels, were in a beautiful, exotic location, had very deep, all night Activation Ceremonies, and had an exciting optional second week of travels which took us deeper into the Ultra Greater Reality.

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