5 Gate Hawaii – Anchor Group Reports Part Two


Sultana Raza … There were five of us to anchor the Fifth Gate in Luxembourg for the first time. We entered a state of Oneness and incredible upliftment. The energies were very powerful, but we were helped by our angels and spiritual guides. There was a strong shift when we went through the Fifth Gate. We really did go into No-time, because none of us except the Guardian heard the church bells ringing when we were doing this meditation!

When we were all standing in a circle, as Guardians, for the first time in my life, I felt that this is what I am supposed to do. We felt something shift inside us and feel calmer and more confident than before. When we read out the Anchor Group list, we felt the energies from the Master Cylinder and also a huge column of light at Stonehenge and later at Wales. It was a beautiful day here and the next day was even purer and peaceful.

Due to all the wonderful anchor groups, the net of these new energies is going bigger and stronger, making a trampoline, so that more and more human beings can come and play joyfully on it.

PS. I had a flash of the Master Cylinder when we first read out the Anchor Group list. I saw you with other people, by the sea. But it was not sunny, it seemed a bit cloudy and windy in the morning. Am wondering if it was just my imagination or was it sunny there that morning?



Sonja Eveline … We have been joining into creating the opening from a Êpoint in Switzerland and it was an extremely strong and wonderful transmission and we joyfully opened our hearts to tune into and support the process! Joy and happiness illuminates the path and no words can describe this multidimentional adventure each one of us got through!



Denise Finch … I will try to keep this brief…… I am flooded with gratitude as the immensity of what has happened comes through. Though our group was small, we are powerful!!!!!!-Because we are in the One…We definitely felt all of you… The White Dove of Peace Power and Abundance goes before us, and in the Wake of the Dove there is nothing-No Thing-that separates Us from the understanding, realization and manifestation of our Divine Presence in this moment. In the wake of the Dove, I Êplace White Light and Gold Stardust White Light and Gold Stardust to each of Us.. I really believe that the coming together of all the Tribes is at hand. thank you, thank you, thank you….



Kim Longworth … Thank you Solara for all that you are doing for this planet, and for all your work on the Fifth Gate. Even though I did not participate in an Anchor Group, I was very aware that I was participating as well! I thought you would like to hear my dream I had two nights ago…

I was with a group of older women – in Native tradition, we recognize them as Grandmothers – wise women who are very powerful. We were preparing gifts for a woman who was giving birth. I was told to make a mirror for the woman. (Yeah, I know….) We had to travel to a safer site, because there were hurricanes coming.ÊThe Grandmothers and IÊtraveled there, and were in a building, eating lunch, and watching the television. The weatherlady came on the TV, saying that we were dealing with not one, but two hurricanes at the same time. She added that we were also going to catch the tail end of a third. My father was there. It was his daughter that was giving birth. (I still didn’t get it at that point…)ÊI asked him if he was going to go with her to the hospital, and he said no, he was going home. (My father is in poor health, and has Parkinson’s.)

I was talking to the Grandmothers – delighted that I had thought I had just a little food, and had ended up making a wonderful meal out of it. They nodded, smiling. There were gifts everywhere for the mother and her child that was coming.

I kept eating lunch, and all of a sudden, the barometric pressure dropped as it does with tornadoes and hurricanes. I looked at the Grandmother on my left, and said, «It’s started, hasn’t it?» She nodded, and I couldn’t eat anymore. And I realized that it was me giving birth.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for helping these energies to be birthed on this Earth, Solara. God(dess) bless you now and always…



Mario Molina … First I would like to thank all those who joined me in Being Anchors in San Francisco for 5th Gate. Who gave their all to assist our Master Cylindar in Hawaii. Thank you!

On the day of activation we entered Golden Gate Park In San Francisco through 19th Avenue. As we continued a little further, we saw a group of kids celebrating a birthday! And on a big orange sign, like the ones you see at the bus stops, was the number ( 5 ) it said something like – «Welcome to my 5th birthday.» We stared in amazement. 19th Avenue – 5th Birthday! WOW!

As we proceeded on our path, we stopped near a lake, and across the lake there is a beautiful Chinese pagoda with red pillars. What’s amazing about this is that when you look at the water across the lake and look for the red pillars the number 11:11 is depicted. WOW again!

We climbed a hill above a waterfall and set our camp there. We started by making sacred space and clearing ourselves. I mentioned our Anchor Groups around the world, became one with our Master Cylinder in Hawaii, and opened to the One Heart. We did the Go. Most of our dances were done in short movements, I call the swan. Vibrational movements that are meant to receive and to give. The swan is very effective and graceful. It is able to bring in vast amounts of light and sound, and transmit it out towards the geographical intended areas.

In between the swan we danced the Earth – Star Dance, the Four Elements, and more swan…. it was very graceful…It was almost nearing our time of completion when I mentioned one more dance! IT just popped into my head. I had totally forgotten about it. The Lion Dance! Having been at the 4th Gate Master Cylinder in Tahiti, I recalled the steps to the dance. And mentioned that these wonderful winged lions are strong and powerful. And are keepers of truth. The music of Vangelis was the perfect match. We really became one strong lion. When the music ended we opened to the One Heart again. And we all felt a sense of accomplishment, of work well done. It was magical. I want to give credit to: Enya, Vangelis, Delerium and Darude for the wonderful music we listened to. And thanks to our Master Cylinder!!!!


Marisa … Dear Solara: Thank for all, the day October 19, our groups here in Rio IV, Argentina. open the door with your dances and our meditations, again thanks and sorry for my English, is terrific, but I need tell you about it, from my heart, sincerely.



Sibylle … In this moment I read your list of «Fifth Gate Anchor Groups worldwide» and I want to tell you, that there was another big group in Switzerland on the mountain «Rigi» (a mountain full of crystals) at a lake named «Vierwaldstþttersee», a place of great power between high mountains. One day before the opening of the 5th gate we met for a seminar with Silvia Mutti . We were together to find into the vibration of the new energy and to create a ground for the big group at the 19th of October. At that day we were more than 100 people to meditate and to celebrate the opening of the 5th door.

Silvia Mutti got the inspiration for a new cosmic essence for the 5th door energy of harmony and peace, so we are able to work withthis energies on all levels of body, soul and mind in a very direct way now. It was a wonderful experience to be together in that group and part of the network of groups all over the world and many of us had deep changing experiences. I hope you are able to understand my English. Heartfull greetings from Germany and Switzerland.



Ellen Wilson … What a beautiful Gate! The energies are peaceful, uplifting, and freeing (and joyous). I first began feeling them intensely about 2 or 3 weeks before the Activation and it made me long to join all of you in Hawai’i. Although we didn’t have much of an Anchor Group and ceremony, I’ll share our modest effort: I felt blocked whenever I thought about creating a nice group to have over, to dance with, etc. so I trusted that it was just going to be our little family at work.

On the 18th, I began watching the 4th Gate tape as a way of connecting with you all, as well as reviewing the Insertion Point Dance. One the 19th, Steve had to study in the morning, but I knew he was working internally, anchoring energies, as he often does so quietly, and I felt compelled to attend a religious service with my son Zachary. We sat quietly during the service, singing and feeling great joy in our One Being as we come together in various ways.

At home, we officially began our ceremony at about 4-4:30 p.m., MST, and connected to the Master Cylinder as well as the other Anchor Groups, which felt like a beautiful network of lights around the globe all beaming into the Earthstar in the center of the Earth. Steve had created a beautiful and sacred space with stone beings as our Guardians and elements of the four directions assisting. FIrst we danced the Starry Processional, which always spirals me into the Invisible (or spirals the invisible into us?). At a certain point in the dance, I felt us spiralling up…

We next made a valiant attempt at the Insertion Point Dance, with Zachary in the center (wearing an outfit with the colors of the four elements), acting as our insertion point. About halfway through the dance, he protested, wanted to be fed, so we included that in our movements. Oh, our little Bichon, Lexie, always appropriately attired in white, added her sense of playfulness by bringing her most colorful toy to the edge of the dance so that was included as well.

We concluded our ceremony at about 6:30 p.m. MST, after a Five Elements dance. We brought a representation of the Earth Herself into the center, with Mother and Child joining in. I can’t remember the details too well, but Steve used that beautiful rainbow banner obtained at 4th Gate as part of his dance, swirling and twirling rainbow patterns all around the Earth and her inhabitants. There were challenging aspects to our ceremony, and times when I felt we weren’t «doing it right,» but I trust that our way of conducting a ceremony was appropriate for us and for our One Being.

I actually felt the energies of the Gate most strongly the next day, and wanted to dance the Earth-Star dance. For at least a couple of days the energies were pouring in… And now when I start to feel troubled about a situation, I remember that now I have a choice, always there are choices that can bring freedom, joy, and harmony. Well, that is our story, such as it is. In Freedom of Being.



Entariel … The Philadelphia Anchor group of (physical) two consisted of Bekoim and Entariel. Four vessels which contained the four elements stood between us. We celebrated the Four Gates we had to pass through that brought us this far. We did our mudras and embraced the angelic realm that joined us. We did the GO and the One Eye. At times I could truly see what was transpiring at the Master Cylinder. I saw the Starry Processional in its great magnificence. The names of the Worldwide and US anchor points were acknowledged. The energies concenctrically enlarged greater and greater as the names were read aloud.

We verbalized how Personal Freedom would manifest in our lives. In Philadelphia, we formed twin portals and connected with the Greater Energies in Hawaii. We offered this gate for the world to pass through, and then we flipped our position and entered the gate ourselves, leaving the matrix of the 5th Gate for others to continue. We released the four elements into the atmosphere. I continued in walking meditation to remain connected to the Master Cylinder.

That evening in meditation, I joined with the Lion Dance. I could not go to sleep until about 2-3am, which would be around 9 pm Hawaii time. It was joyous to be with my starry family again. Thank you, Solara, for leading us into yet another transitional and transformational dimension of our existence. Your superlative efforts are greatly appreciated and never forgotten.


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