5 Gate Hawaii – Anchor Group Reports Part Three


Sten / Koriah Dandrana … On Tuesday the 15th of October Marion, my friend from Wales called to tell me she was back in Amsterdam for a week and a half, and as I was the one who brought her in contact with Solara’s monthly Surf Reports, she suggested to do something together on the coming Fifth Gate Activation. «It will be on Friday evening at 7.00 pm our time.» Okay, I said, I’ll call some friends and see what we can do.

It had come already into my mind, but not so much, as I had just come out of again another personal crisis, and when do you ever know that it is really finished? I still was drifting a bit in the emptiness it had left me in. But therefore it sounded as an interesting way to fill life in a new way, and, recognising this, I responded immediately to organise it.

I recently had made myself familiar again with the performance of rituals – I had been trained in traditional Hawaiian (!) Huna by a student from Serge Kahili King, and after not having worked with it for two years I had just performed some quite good energy work with it the week before – again another interesting synchronicity.

The whole idea came more and more to life very quickly, and soon I thought about nothing else. I studied the subject. (What the hell is an 11:11 Gate anyway?) (I had done quite some energy work on the Earth, like building three Earthgates – Earth healing devices, sort of very big acupuncture needles – in North and South America, and I knew quite well what they were for, but this was something else.)

And yeah: I found my strength in it! That was the most exciting thing for me. From a deep and lasting crisis and the processing of quite much pain and despair I came back to life. I emailed Solara we were going to have an Anchoring Group in Amsterdam. «Thank you!» she replied, and put it out on the website. Good! This is the way to step into my power, to manifest who I am and what I really want, and wasn’t this Fifth Gate about something like that anyway? I called my nonphysical friends to assist, as I had learned their perspective could be of use.

Well, indeed: Next day, Friday morning, I woke up with one big thought: «Check the moment of the ceremony!!» Bhwdfsh! Saturday 7:00 AM Hawaiian time was 19:00 SAME DAY our time! And not the – this very – Friday just before. Oh……. What to do? Call! Change! Only late in the afternoon I knew it would come alright; everyone could come on Saturday evening. This whole thing made the preparations even a much more intense experience: this whole Friday not so much to do as everything was already well set and done, but I couldn’t let it go and relax with it either. I was just too excited, too focused.

That night I again had slept as if in seven cinemas at the same time. Can’t remember to have dreamt so much, so clearly and intense. I had already enough to process it seemed, and the whole thing hadn’t even begun yet… Saturday was kind of the same, and later in the early evening I even felt relaxed, confident and comfortable. (I hadn’t led groups for two years, and had just started to study thoroughly this subject three days ago… ) Everyone came. Which meant only a small group of four people, but very dedicated people. (I am choosy in this: I stopped teaching two years ago because I couldn’t stand neither these (often in a way quite self centered and asleep) «new age hippies» that one can’t avoid to encounter – idealists addicted to (the power of) love and light and «healing energies», «improving» this world with it, and wanting to feel good about it in some «spiritual» way -, nor could I stand myself feeding these misleading points of view.)

I bought fresh flowers but left the old ones in the room: the dying ones symbolised so beautifully the passing away of the old reality, and the fresh roses in their buttons in their turn the coming new reality. I made a circle of crystals – 5 Christ consciousness crystals and some small ones. Candles around them, and all over the house, that had been cleaned cleansed and cleared in all possible ways. And I made a big pot of French onion soup! When we start at 7.00 PM, we will be hungry after a while. I set the altar with pictures and sacred things. And then the room was so much ready for it I hardly dared to go into the room to do something else. I couldn’t and I didn’t! Sacred space is sacred space.

And of course I had to make a program for the ceremony itself. I decided to do it like this: Strong starting signal on the drum. Announcing what we are going to do Smudging of each other for cleaning and connecting. Speaking up of our intention, each of us. Works very strongly! Connecting with Master Cylinder Group in Hawaii. Connecting with all the other Anchoring Groups; we read them all aloud and connected with them, one by one. We came across some interesting names like Mystic, Ankara (Anchor-ahh!), ÊPhoenix, and our own place: Amsterdam (Am: Star, Them!) And especially we were touched by the fact that in so many countries where I wouldn’t expect any interest at all in these things, there was very much an anchoring group organised. Who would guess that there were people interested in this in Singapore or Turkey, Uruguay or Panama? Amazing! And most of all, we were so happy joining them!

Silent meditation while holding hands, a long one! Around 45 minutes. Space for initiatives of the other group members, which was a chanting with Marion. Time for Êbreak, it was 21.30 we had started formally at 19.00 Everyone hungry. I stayed «in» the circle as guardian for not breaking the stream and keeping the focus, and later on I was replaced, so I could have my own soup as well. After the break, the meditation continued spontaneously as an informal silent meditation, just sitting comfortably on the couch this time, until we got tired.

Time to move. We did some «Solara things» like the One Eye, One Heart and the Go, but they were somewhat boring as they are intended to bring us where we were already anyway; but it was still nice to experiment a bit with them in a group. Informal meeting with tea and finally some ordinary socializing – it was 23.00 by then. We decided not to close the ceremony, but to decide that we would be available for conducting the energies even when we were going home, to bed or asleep. This maybe isn’t the same as conscously conducting them, but it is at least something. We all felt the urge to support till the end in 04.00 in the morning. But to stay awake and focussed was a bit too much. So we left it at that, somewhat doubtful, for we might miss the most important moment this way. Who knows?..

And what did we actually experience? Well.., No one of us is very keen in sensing or recognising energies. Strong energies were there, no doubt, but what sort of? I just had a nice meditation evening like I’ve had quite many, and I had especially enjoyed the very strong focus and dedication of myself and the whole group. We all were touched while reading all the support groups all over the world. Finally some people who cooperate and do what what they all want! (So often people only cooperate when they all want something not.)

The next day though I was filled with a strange – and actually quite painful – feeling of not knowing what had happened. Something like Beethoven must have felt when he came to the first performance of his ninth symphony – when he was already completely deaf… All we can do is just trust it has served a purpose. All I really know is that the idea touched my heart – not just my emotions or my excitement for some interesting ideals – for this is what I come to do on Earth. So all I can say is that I just followed my heart, but to be honest I haven’t the faintest idea whether the energies were anchored here in our ceremony or not. And no one of us had a real clue.

The next day I had to go out to make a long walk on the beach, ate a massive amount of (heavy) food (like I had done all week already, except for the day of the ceremony, that day I could hardly eat). I had to process the grief of not having gotten any confirmation we did a good job – that would have been nice with all the effort we had given, wouldn’t it?… All I can say for sure is that I did feel like I always do after a big change: somewhat uncomfortable and vulnerable, very tired, not knowing what to expect, what exactly has changed, what to do. Ungrounded, unstable, but at the same time deep inside I can’t deny this little excitement, this knowing that life is different now, that something has really been transformed…

The most important thing is that we had a very strong focussed intent, everyone was really dedicated an determined, speaking aloud his or her intention strongly. We all were very much aware that this was the most important point of the whole event. The build-up of concentration energy was therefore really remarkable, so strong that we even stayed automatically in an meditative mood when we didn’t really mean to, while eating or working in the kitchen, for instance. It altogether required quite some love, courage, faith, dedication and focus, and most of all the willingness to cooperate. Well, we found it all and we gave everything we had. If some people come together for the good of everyone and give this much of themselves, this must have an effect, for the integration of the One in the physical world is demonstrated by such cooperation, I would say.

We didn’t use the sacred dances, for we were all totally unfamiliar with them, and what’s the use of dancing for this purpose anyhow? Now, after having made the walk along the beach I recognise the value of them: I’m always the first needing to move his body to keep energy flowing. Movement will make the body absorb the energies. But the preparation time was simply too short, we had to use what we knew and were familiar with. Next time we will dance! Looks like a lot of fun to me.

smpurp1Now, a week later I know it took me six days to get back to «normal», that is: eating the usual amounts of food, sleeping the usual time without excessive dreaming and feeling again my physical strength. So I’d say something must have happened! Isn’t this what you, Solara, called the «starry slug syndrome»? There have been quite some issues that presented themselves for a review, things like needing people and their attention, and acknowledging why, and giving it up, and processing that. Just to name one.

For sure the whole event again brought up the big question «What do I live for?». What I learned is stopping to be sceptical, and rejecting everything that can be doubted. I have once been too naive and undiscriminating, I was one of those feel-good New Age-hippies for a while, until I felt the painful self deception of it, and Êthen as a result I bounced to the other polarity. So now I know how not to buy into one of these two, but to take the risk: not knowing what I actually am doing , but doing it anyway for I just feel an urge to do so.

This is where the Unknown calls me to come. And then all I can do is just go there, Êstay in it, maybe even with this «Beethoven-feeling» of not knowing what has happened, what I have done, whether it served a purpse or not. Doubt and rejection will pull me painfully back into duality when I buy into them, just like idealism and naive assumptions about «improving» this world with love, light and more of such sweetness. In the end these are just as painful, for they keep mee hooked in duality as well. Like always all I can really do is surrender, and from that surender I can cooperate, but I can hardly know – or not at all – with what… We will see… Or not…

Solara, I want to thank you fom the deepest of my heart for your dedication and initiative. You are an inspiration for so many and a blessing for this whole planet with each and everyone and everything on it, which is you, «your» Self, and which is me, «my» Self. Thank you. Thank you so much! Much love, Steven Noomen / Koriah Dandrana


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