The Making of a Master Cylinder

The Master Cylinder is always the key point for an 11:11 Activation. This is the place where the energies of the 11:11 Gate which is being activated first enters the planet.

The creation of a Master Cylinder begins with finding the general area of the Gate Activation. Sometimes, this is obvious and unquestionable; other times, it requires a search until the right area is found. Once, the country or area is located which feels right for the energies of the particular 11:11 Gate, then I take a trip there to make the arrangements.

This includes locating a hotel or hotels which have conference rooms large enough for us to practice our Sacred Dances. Then, there is the negotiation for special group rates and meal plans. Often, this takes quite a lot of effort, haggling over such minute details as the inclusion of juice or fruit in our continental breakfasts. Then, contracts must be signed and deposits paid.

I also travel around the area to become familiar with it and look for special activities which are fun, deep and help us learn something about the culture of the area. All of these activities must be organized, including transportation and meals.

Then, there’s the important matter of the right place for the Activation itself. Sometimes, this is found right away and other times, it miraculously appears almost at the last minute. When the right location is found, it always feels absolutely right. Even when we find it, there is still the matter of getting permission to use the land. During the First Gate Activation in Egypt, I found the proper location in November, but did not receive official permission until the day before the Activation in January. It was somewhat unsettling to say the least, but it felt so right that it was inconceivable that we would not be there.

Even after we find the right location, arrangements must be made for a sound system, generator, transportation and meals. The day before the Second Gate Activation in Ecuador, we actually had to go out and buy a $1000 generator so we could have sound & music for our ceremony.

Then, there’s the huge matter of putting together the costs and coming up with Master Cylinder packages. When this is accomplished, there are always those who want to attend, but not stay at our hotel to save on their expenses. The problem with this, is that the hotel gives us the use of their conference room because we are renting a certain number of rooms. If we don’t rent our allotment of rooms, then a conference room fee is added which comes out of my pocket. Since, I make little money, if any, from the 11:11 Activations, this just isn’t feasible.

Some people ask why we can’t have the entire event out on the land somewhere and camp out for a week? This would certainly alleviate a portion of the costs of attending the Activation. It would be great to be out in nature if we had some sort of retreat center to shelter us from the elements. The energies that we are working with are so real, powerful, subtle and more, that what’s needed is the most neutral of environments where our basic needs are taken care of with the minimum of fuss, which is something that many hotels offer. Hot showers, a comfortable place to sleep, something easy. There is also the matter of the Sacred Dances which are much easier to teach indoors, although they are much more magnificent to perform outside. Anyway, I am open to changes in the future, and hope that a group of people comes forth from the 5th Gate Master Cylinder to share the organization of future activations with me.

Next, there’s the information which has to be written and formatted for the website on the Activation, the Master Cylinder and the 11:11 Anchor Groups, and usually, we send mailings to previous participants. Once people start registering, there’s all the work of organizing the various arrival and departure times, airport shuttles, roommates, etc. Then, there are the payments to the hotels and activities which must be paid in full long before people arrive.

Usually, I have a few people helping me with all this, but this time I don’t. So, some steps will be left out and others will happen as I find time to do them. I do this out of love and my commitment to the 11:11.

Whenever we have an 11:11 Gate Activation, there are people who wish to come for the Activation itself, but not for the week of preparation beforehand. We have tried this at some of the previous Gates, and it simply doesn’t work. The creation of an 11:11 Master Cylinder requires focused intent from all the participants. We need to become comfortable with each other and bond together into One Being. It is our One Being which becomes the Master Cylinder, not us as separate individuals. It is a time to let go of our separate agendas and concentrate on the task at hand.

There are always times during an 11:11 Activation when we go off the map of the known or the rehearsed into the unexplored realms of the Unknown. This is when our ceremony becomes very real and very sacred. And these are the precious moments when our training together for the previous week really pays off and when our magnificent One Being comes fully alive. This is when we are powerfully immersed into the energies of the Greater Reality which propel us to new levels of awareness. When this happens, it is awesome and unforgettable. It is life changing and it is what these activations are all about.

In order for an 11:11 Gate to be activated, we need a strong Master Cylinder. It is essential; without a Master Cylinder, there would be no activation. We need a minimum of 65 people who are willing to serve in this task with their full beings. It’s not a lot of people, but it’s fascinating to observe how an 11:11 Gate Activation will always bring up fears and excuses to not be there. Many people are drawn to participate, then the fears and issues start stirring. Then is exactly when we need to recognize what’s happening and move beyond them by renewing our commitment to make this Activation of Personal Freedom happen.

It has never ceased to amaze me that there aren’t thousands of people lined up to participate in these powerful events. But that’s just how it is. I’m not willing or able to go out and publicize them. All I can do is trust that the resonance of the 5th Gate itself will call to those who are meant to be here. And that the people will come!


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