3 Gate 1 Slovenija – REPORT by Solara

The Third Gate Activation: Part One

The Birth of our One Being

May 17, 1997

With Deep Gratitude to Watanabe for his invaluable help organizing this Activation….

It’s always a formidable challenge to try to describe what it is like to be a part of the Master Cylinder of a major planetary activation of the 11:11. First of all, 11:11 Activations are so very different from anything we have known before such as a workshop, conference or a Reunion.11:11 planetary activations are extremely blessed events when a massive alignment is in effect which opens up the membranes between the worlds, between the Great Central Sun Systems and between evolutionary spirals, which creates an overlay of the Greater Reality with the present moment that can be entered by all. It is an awesome experience which vastly transforms all who choose to participate. It is far more than the experience of a lifetime.

On May 17th, the first of the three powerful Third Gate Activations of the 11:11 was held at Lake Završnica in the mountains above Bled, Slovenija. There were 56 participants who formed the Master Cylinder. These dedicated beings had spent the previous four days inside Bled’s Festival Hall aligning into One Heart, learning the 11:11 Sacred Dances, speaking Star Language and merging deeper and deeper into One Being. They came from many countries including: Slovenija, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Finland, Czech Republic, England, France, Ireland, United States, Peru, Israel and Australia. They came to give their all and birth the New.

Our Ceremony began early in the morning when we met at the shores of the lake and silently climbed into six boats. Our boats traveled two abreast out to the island in the middle of the lake. There they separated, with three boats going to the left of the island and three boats going to the right. As we rounded the back of the island we could finally see the approach of the three boats we had separated from. Suddenly the sound of Watanabe’s conch shell pierced the early morning stillness and the activation of Third Gate had officially begun.

As our boats approached each other, we began to sing Ayoka in star language, extending our arms out in stylized greeting while stretching open the fabric of time and space. Our boats passed one another thus on the far side of the island, then we continued our journey back to the front of the island. You could hear the strains of Ayoka gently wafting on the wind. It was totally exquisite. Then we joined together once again, this time in two rows of three boats and still singing Ayoka made our way to shore.

Outside the Festival Hall, our bus was waiting to take us up into the mountains to Lake Završnica, the site of our Ceremony. It was a lovely meadow nestled beside a small, pale green lake. The nearby peaks were triangular and majestic and reminded us of the Pululahua Crater in Ecuador where we had activated Second Gate in 1993. In addition to our focused Master Cylinder Group, at least fifty more people arrived to join with us as Guardians in activating the First Part of Third Gate. They came from Slovenija, Croatia, Bosnia and even Brazil!

It is sometimes challenging trying to find the right ways to integrate new people into the very aligned One Being of our Master Cylinder Group. We decided upon a middle ground, letting them participate in some dances, but not all, and to be Guardians whenever they wished. While these newcomers gave us the numbers we needed for a really effective Master Cylinder, I was very sorry that they had not been able to fully align with us during the activities of the preceding days.

We began with a Starry Processional, our original 11:11 Sacred Dance, which was an important part of the Opening of the Doorway of the 11:11 in January 1992. The Starry Processional has been performed all over the world since then and always has a profound effect of realigning the stars and taking us deeper into the Invisible.

Then we moved on to the Earth-Star Dance. For the first time, I decided not to participate in this dance, so Ray and I became Inner Guardians, holding the sanctity of the energy right outside the dancers. We still had all the Outer Guardians in position around our meadow. Nova and Omashar soon joined Ray and me as Inner Guardians and we quickly formed a very strong One Being protecting the extreme vulnerability of this dance. We stood as One, embracing all the dancers in our One Heart.

Although we have performed the Earth-Star Dance many times since it was born in June 1995 in Finland, this was the first time that it was danced outside in broad daylight, and this proved to be quite significant. The dancers were magnificent, fully embodying the Earth & Star Beings, giving their all to bring them alive. From the vantage point of being an Inner Guardian, I was able to see many aspects of this dance which I had not seen before. I was amazed by the great tenderness and total rawness of the Earth-Star Dance.

Suddenly I knew that I was watching something very important, that history was being made right before our eyes and that an ancient fairy prophecy was being fulfilled! The only other time in my life that I have been aware of taking part in the fulfillment of this type of ancient prophecy was many years ago during the Gnome Initiation which I participated in that took place in Quebec, Canada. I have written about this in my book, The Star-Borne.

The ancient fairy prophecy that was being fulfilled today went something like this,

When the primordial Earth Beings
come up to the surface of the Earth.
Something that is totally impossible….
When they come out to the surface of the Earth in the light of day.
Something that is totally impossible….
When they come out to the surface of the Earth in the light of day and DANCE.
Something that is totally impossible….
When they dance with abandon on the surface of the planet in the sunlight….

And when the radiant Starry Beings
descend down to the surface of the Earth in the light of day,
Something that is totally impossible….
When they stand on the surface of the Earth and DANCE,
Something that is totally impossible….
When they dance with abandon on the surface of the planet in the sunlight….

And when Earth Beings and Starry Beings dance TOGETHER,
which is beyond impossible ever to be,
The Invisible is made visible.
Earth and Star become ONE.
The New World can be born.
And everything is made possible!

And that is exactly what happened on May 17th in a mountain meadow above Bled, Slovenija! It was a total surprise and a miraculous gift to all.

As always, there is more! Our Ceremony moved on to the Lotus Dance in which everyone participated. This meant that some people were doing the dance for the first time, while others were quite familiar with it. Dancing with those who are learning the dance for the first time often lowers the resonance of what could be achieved with a focused group of unified individuals, yet it gives our One Being the opportunity to expand. At this point, it was somewhat of a trade off. . .

For some reason, Ray, Watanabe, Nova, Elara & I decided not to participate in this dance. And it just wasn’t done with the calibration of energy that is required to lift it into the subtle realms of the Greater Reality. I was consciously choosing to let go of some of the huge responsibility I’ve been carrying for years in regards to our passage through the 11:11. I felt that this responsibility now  need to shift from one person to One Being. In order to facilitate this shift, sometimes I simply remove myself so that others can step in.

This is a great idea, except that today at our important first Third Gate Activation, the energy was falling fast. Suddenly a huge, dark rain cloud loomed up over the nearest mountain threatening to wipe out our entire Ceremony. I’m sure that I was not the only one present who had a memory flash before them of our traumatic rain-soaked night ceremony at Machu Picchu during our Peruvian Reunion. We had to do something fast to recalibrate the energies and put this Activation back on track!

I could only think of one thing to do — The Sacred Spiral Dance! Our Master Cylinder Group had practiced this well and had even learned to get into position for the dance by walking in two lines as One Being, all stepping in the same sets of footprints. It was time for us to bring out our mastery!

Everyone had been prepared that if something unusual happened, or if the energy seemed to drop, that we were to align into an even stronger One Being than before. Now was the time. I called our Master Cylinder forth and we formed two lines by standing next to our partner. Just to be on the cautious side, I thought that we would do a little practice stepping in synchronicity before we began the dance for real. Well, no-one could do it anymore! Our One Being was falling apart, just when it was most needed.

What was now required was a miracle, or at least some quick thinking. With a flash of inspiration, I took the two lines and quickly formed them into two circles which became a Lotus Dance. A perfect Lotus Dance. . . A powerful Lotus Dance which anchored the One Heart and aligned us back into One Being. After 15 minutes or so, we spun off our circles and brought them back into two lines. Here we were, standing beside our partner for the Sacred Spiral Dance again.

This time we all stepped in unison and our One Being was fully reborn. Our two lines walked as ONE until they became the two spirals of the Sacred Spiral Dance. As the music began, we spiraled inwards as one organic whole. It was magnificent! With each step we could feel the reconfiguration taking place, “Kachunk, kachunk, kachunk.” With each step we made, endless, limitless potential was being spiraled into form. Always moving deeper into the Core, fine-tuning all of us, the entire planet, realigning everything into greater Oneness, with total focused intent, in a profound state of Sacred Union.

Many of us could feel the presence of that heightened sense of iridescence which is present when we are truly dancing in the Spaces-In-Between. Ray, my partner who was leading one of the spirals, said that everything became a sparkling white and he could see right through me. The once threatening rain clouds sent down a soft misty rain, like tender kisses soft and sweet. Some Guardians were in a state of blissful ecstasy, imbued with the Greater Love. Many saw and felt the greatness of this dance, the power of this eternal moment, the blessing of being a part of such a rare and majestic experience.

We all knew that something had irrevocably changed and that now we had truly activated the first phase of Third Gate. We were transformed far beyond our knowing. We had been part of something so deep, so unfathomable, coming from an unspeakably vast source. All I can say is, “What a blessing!”

Looking back on this moment from a few days later, I saw that I was still needed, that I still had immense skills at evoking our One Being, but that without our One Being, nothing new can happen. And it was our One Being who came forth that day just when it was most needed, and for that, I shall be eternally grateful.

It was strange, but when our Activation Ceremony was finished, we had no elated sense of completion like we had at the end of the First or Second Gates. We knew that the Activation of Third Gate had just begun. And that since the scope of this Gate is so inconceivably vast, we still have much to do birthing the New, both within our own beings and within the world around us. These heightened energies will be in effect until the final Third Gate Activation is completed in Australia in October.

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