4 Gate Tahiti – Anchor Group Reports Part Five


We held our Gathering on a beautiful beach in Long Island, next to the house of a new friend, Donald, who so generously opened his home to us. Our thanks to Irael for arranging this.

I had been sending Reiki to the Activation for some weeks prior, especially with the intention of finding the right location, and Elyria had been sending Johrei to our ceremony and participants. And Conor and Somar brought their magnificent “Love Spiral” which radiated unconditional love and harmony to all.

We started on Tuesday night with 16 people, and more came on Wednesday morning. When I read that 4th Gate was continuing until August 22nd, we had another Gathering on that day (in New York City), in particular for those who had been unable to come out to Long Island. Several new people came to this one, including two dear ones visiting from Austria and Israel. And we were delighted to have Teresa (Entariel) share some news from the Master Cylinder in Tahiti which she had attended.

On August 10th and 11th, due to the intermittent rain, we alternated between the beach and house. After Introductions and reading the Invocation of Alignment, we passed around the “heart stickered” maps of all the Anchor Groups and Master Cylinder, which Elyria and I put together. It was very inspiring to see so many groups all around the Earth.

Irael led us in a mini version of the bonfires -with a real fire. We each wrote some things we wanted to release on a piece of paper and placed it in the fire. Then she led a beautiful releasing/clearing meditation.

We did the Go and Activating the One Heart with some additions I had received during meditation, which I would like to share. When we connected with the Earth Star, I included honoring and expressing gratitude to both Mother Earth for all she has given us over aeons of time and the human parts of ourselves –our body, mind and emotions — that have served us so well. When we got in the Beam, I included honoring the beauty and divinity of our soul, Higher Self, spirit, and giving thanks. And that we thus become a Pillar of Light, a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Then merging the two — human and divine, matter and spirit, Earth and Star – within our hearts, in sacred union, and acknowledging both as equally beautiful, equally important and equally worthy. Thus we can see ourselves not as separate parts – spiritual and human, higher and lower Self, which is duality – but as one, whole, unified, Divine being. Our group enjoyed hearing that our One Heart cannot be broken!

I then led us in a beautiful Sacred Union Meditation, letting our essence merge with all that is; embracing the whole Universe in our love; and seeing everything as sacred and every moment as an opportunity for Sacred Union.
As the rain had stopped by then, we went on the beach for the Starry Processional. Though we had not danced this in a very long time, and had several new people we had not met before who were not familiar with it, we seemed to effortlessly dance as One, and it was so precious and wonderful. The wind, the sand, and the sound of the ocean were exquisite, and we felt cleansed, purified, energized and renewed. And grateful to beloved Mother Earth, to that sacred space, to the four elements, the nature spirits and angelic realms, and all of Existence – to God.

Then we created our magnificent Four Elements Dance. First we all danced each element to appropriate music, with everyone expressing each element in their own unique way. The music was really great and this was so much fun! Then we started merging, exchanging the colored scarves, and finally all the elements came together in a circle, moving in one direction. This was beautiful, because we really experienced an exquisite state of Oneness and Silence, as One Being.

A few people felt to lay on the sand during most of this dance, and we felt they had served to ground the energies. Some of our group were the Four Directions and I suggested they may want to join hands and move in the opposite direction or do whatever they felt to symbolize the Four Directions changing, but, as at the Master Cylinder, we did not really finish this part of the dance. (Indeed,I’m looking forward to completing it during Fifth Gate!])

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to do the Lotus or Earth Star dances. I was disappointed as I had wanted to experience the Lotus Dance under the stars. But I had set the intention at the beginning of our ceremony that though we had a full schedule and hoped we could do all or most of it, I did not want anyone to feel pressured or rushed, or that they must take part in everything; and that we could have fun while at the same time holding the focus and sacredness of the Activation.

So we needed to sleep for two or three hours and started again on the beach at about 5:45 Wednesday morning. We aligned with the solar eclipse, the Master Cylinder and Anchor Groups, as well as other lightworker groups taking part in meditations around the world. I led a meditation for World Earth Healing Day, holding a vision of our world in which all beings live in peace and harmony, joy, unity and love. In this meditation, we also sent our love and support to Solara and the Master Cylinder and opened ourselves as a Holy Grail to receive their love and support and the powerful Fourth Gate energies.

With the power of our intention, we brought those Fourth Gate energies through our beings and anchored them into the Earth, expanding them outwards all over the world. We also acknowledged the reconfiguring of our evolutionary labyrinth and DNA and saw the New Doorways and New Directions opening into our New Lives. Stephen Angel sounded the conch shell and we each spoke out loud what we wanted in our New Lives. The energies were truly beautiful and powerful. We felt so present, so in the here and now, so alive and grounded and at peace. I want to feel like that all the time!

We did the Gateways of Initiation for Gates 1, 2 and 3, both for the new people and also so that those of us who had already passed through them could re-experience their energies and purpose. I had a vision for the Fourth Gate Gateway of Initiation as forming the Antarion Conversion, with 2 people at the bottom triangle, two at the top, and at the middle point (4th Gate)– two people embodying all-encompassing love and compassion, formed a Gateway, which we each walked through in our full presence, into our New Lives!!

This was perfected at our August 22nd Gathering, when Volaris had the idea to see the two people at the bottom triangle as representing our past, which we lovingly acknowledged and let go of and the two at the top triangle as representing our New Lives. Elyria and I were the last to leave that wonderful beach – we really did not want to go!

On the 22nd we also did the Four Elements Dance again – our thanks to Miriam Amara del Rey for being a wonderful Guardian – and the complete Bonfires from “Living Large” – if ready to, surrendering everything, including our Divine Missions and ourselves. We felt so much clearer and lighter and it was very empowering and emotional, especially as some of us, myself included, had been experiencing “hell” since a few days after August 11th (i.e. our “stuff”, which has been coming up for years, ad nauseum, making us say “enough already!!,” was coming up again, but extremely intensely) and we needed to release it.

Actually, it felt really good for me to talk about our anger, fear and other negative “crap” in such a real way, and that we didn’t have to always be nice and so-called “spiritual” – especially as 4th Gate and our work now is even more so about being honest and real, no matter what!

Some of us (myself included) also released this whole thing of lightworkers taking on other people’s “stuff” as a service in order to transmute it. Yes, we are here in service, but we decided we have enough to deal with, with our own “stuff,” without taking on other peoples’!!

On August 11th, we also walked a beautiful labyrinth created by Solia (brought by Diane) and closed with sharing songs, toning and chanting, including a song which Irael wrote (or received from Archangel Michael) called “Message to Lightworkers,” sung to the tune of “Message to Michael”; songs from Adrianne accompanied on her harp; beautiful toning from Maia; chanting from Julian and others of our group; and singing to Matisha’s “Now More Than Ever our Love carries us Home,” with final hugs to “Angel In Your Eyes,” which truly opened our hearts and brought some of us to tears. I wished I had thought to ask everyone if they would like to share their experiences of the Gathering, but we were all very tired, though elated, and I / we did not think of it.

Yes, the Anchoring and Activation of Fourth Gate was beautiful, amazing, sometimes difficult, wonderful and very powerful – and definitely Real. Before the 4th Gate, I had felt quite a lot of resistance and nervousness coming up about facilitating the event, especially as I had not been leading meditations or workshops for a long time. But it was wonderful, and even though I get nervous and worry beforehand when I do these activations, I have realized that I truly like taking the leadership role.

I want to acknowledge our beautiful Anchor Group and myself (something I often don’t do because of old ‘not good enough’ judgments) for doing a really good job!! Since 4th Gate, I have felt much more alive, positive, confident, and not quite so stressed out, as well as more committed to the 11:11 again.

Also excited about what our New Lives will hold. I have realized that our “New Lives” may or may not mean a new job, new relationship, or moving to a new location, but may be more about a “New Attitude” – a new way of seeing and reacting to things in the jobs, relationships, etc. we are already in.

A big thank you and much, much love to all you dear ones who took part in our Long Beach and New York City 4th Gate Anchor Groups, to the Master Cylinder and all our Anchor Groups and Earth-Star family worldwide, and especially to dear Solara for bringing forth this vision and having the courage and perseverance to see it through. And many thanks to our One Being, which is God.….. Amara Ward


On the morning of August 11th thirteen people gathered at the Life Forces Center “The Dome” in Beverly Beach to walk a labyrinth we had built for the occasion. At 6:11 as the sun rose over the ocean, 11 people took turns walking to the center of the Labyrinth and read a ceremony welcoming the anchoring of energy in the Four Directions and the with the Four Elements.

We spent the rest of the day at the Dome, meditatiNG and praying for peace and that we might join with all of the others throughout the world to help in bringing in the Activation of the 4th Gate. We will be joining once again on November 11 at 11:11 to do a color meditation to help in the task of bringing peace to the world. Twelve of us will be focusing on the 12 Rays of color while a central person will channel the white light to the Universe…. Shannon Andersen


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