4 Gate Tahiti — Solara’s Report Part Two


How to describe what has happened and what we have experienced?

It’s an almost impossible task. We have traveled so far…..

 smpurp1As darkness fell, we moved our ceremony within our large circle. Outside the circle were an ever-changing array of Guardians, always holding the energy for us. Guardians stayed in position throughout the long night which followed. By morning, nearly all of us had taken turns serving as a Guardian. It’s an amazing experience because whatever takes place in the center of the circle, the Guardians are always larger than that. It’s a great opportunity to anchor unbelievably vast and powerful energies through our physical bodies.

At around 12:11 am, which was the time of the 11:11 am Total Solar Eclipse in Cornwall, England, we began doing the Aslan Dance. We knew that this dance was what was going to activate Fourth Gate. Well, our first try was a total disaster!

Many of us were very tired by this point, and we just couldn’t pull through the energy necessary to fully embody the Aslans and follow the intricacy of this challenging dance. So we tried again and again. Each time, we felt that we had no energy to continue, yet we did. There was really no choice; we had to do this dance if Fourth Gate was going to be activated.

During our many attempts to do the Aslan Dance, our One Being began to fragment. A wave of separation washed over us. The Greater Love which had held us together  dissipated. Some people were criticizing those who couldn’t do the dance correctly. Many were feeling frustrated.

It’s a huge challenge to do something like the Aslan Dance when you are tired. This dance requires your full being to be present. We have to embody the very empowered Golden Lions whose every step states, «I am One with everything». At the same time, the Aslans radiate the Greater Love. Their beings are like powerful, glowing Suns of Love.

And if one still has any residual issues of lack of self-esteem or self-worth or who hasn’t yet fully anchored themselves into their physical body, this dance will force you to do it or you won’t be able to dance. But if you do manage to dance it, you will experience a massive healing and breakthrough.

I was totally exhausted and part of me just wanted to lie down on the sand and go to sleep. But I knew that we had to go on, that we had to master the Aslan Dance right now or our ceremony would be meaningless. This was the critical moment of the Fourth Gate Activation.

Then suddenly, I got it! In the midst of various arguments, I started to laugh. The dancers gathered around and I explained that it was perfect that we hadn’t yet mastered the dance, that this was the process of birth which is often messy and arduous. I said that I knew that everyone present was capable of doing the dance, but I gave them the opportunity of stepping out without any blame, if they felt that they couldn’t do it. No-one left the dance….

We dragged ourselves up and with a powerful display of courage and dedication, we began the Aslan Dance again. During this time, our beloved Guardians who hadn’t been replaced for quite some time, became tremendously large. We could feel them holding the sacredness of our dance and sending us strength like never before. We could also feel the strength emanating from the hundreds of 11:11 Anchor Groups around the planet.

The Aslans came alive! Each one of us became a magnificent Golden Lion, proudly inhabiting our bodies, declaring with each empowered step that we were One with everything, radiating the Greater Love. It was truly magnificent. Our dance was a triumphant march forward into totally new territory, clearing the pathways into our New Lives. It was a moment of sheer greatness which signaled the Activation of the Fourth Gate of the 11:11.

It was a moment I shall never, ever forget….

What occurred in that dance within our individual beings, within our glorious Master Cylinder One Being, within our greater One Being formed with the 11:11 Anchor Groups around the world and within the One Being of the entire universe, has been seared into our cells and will live within us forever.

It was so amazingly real and true…..

After the Aslan Dance, everything felt different. The Fourth Gate had been activated.


All night long we had been blessed with an exceptionally clear canopy of stars which stretched all the way to the distant horizon; the stars almost dropping into the ocean. There were also myriad shooting stars which sometimes fell straight down upon our dances. And we saw a few bright fireballs in the sky which shot upwards.

Now the sky felt different. Something had opened up and realigned. The Earth also felt changed. Something had shifted there as well. But the biggest change had taken place at Fourth Gate Ground Zero, the center of the Antarion Conversion. This was right in the center of our own beings!

Fourth Gate was the first 11:11 Gate that took place directly in the cells and DNA of our own beings. This is why we have been so profoundly affected by it. It has impacted us on a core, cellular level, causing us to be propelled into a deeper immersion into the Ultra Greater Reality.

smpurp1Throughout our long night on the blessed atoll of Tetiaroa, we were joined by beings of myriad realms. Many of us had visions and hallucinations of other beings participating with us. Some of these beings were ancient Polynesians with tattooed faces and bodies, others came from numerous star and nature realms, parallel worlds and dimensions. They danced with us all night.

This was also due to the vast scope of Fourth Gate. The center of the Antarion Conversion had not only opened up and expanded outwards, but it was turned inside out — a total transformation of the world as we have known it.

Many beings from numerous realms wanted to participate with us. To be honest, there were times when this was slightly unnerving. There were also times when the landscape would totally change as well. Yet throughout the ceremony, there was such a sense of purity and safety. There was a sanctity and sweetness to the entire night that let us know everything was as it should be.

This was also made possible because we loved and trusted our One Being. We had formed a strong Master Cylinder Group and felt the presence so strongly of those aligning with us as 11:11 Anchors all over the world. We were very aware of our small group on the tiny atoll of Tetiaroa as being the delicate point of a huge spinning top which was serving to keep the entire planet in a place of purity and balance during the sweeping energy of the Solar Eclipse on the other side of the world.

smpurp1In the final moments of the night, we danced the Earth-Star Dance. This was a supreme challenge since we were incredibly tired. But once again, our One Being came through. It was a powerful dance and the first time that we had ever done this dance at night for the stars.

In the morning as the sun arose on a brand new day and a brand New Life, we completed our ceremony with the magnificent Dance of the Four Elements. The dancers wore brightly patterned pareos in the colors of their elements and it was simply fantastic. Our evolutionary labyrinth was effortlessly reconfigured.

We never did come up with a good ending to this dance. We simply had the dancers merge together in a big circle with flowing rainbow banners in the four directions. Now I realize that the final part of this dance will be completed during the Activation of Fifth Gate. And of course, the Fifth Element will be the Greater Love!

After lovingly leaving our sacred place, we returned to the Tetiaroa Hotel for breakfast and enjoyed a wondrous return voyage to the island of Tahiti on the Va’a Rahi. We were tired, but elated. Quietly joyous and deeply transformed.

I had hoped to end our ceremony with another Aslan Dance, for at the end of this dance the Aslans form a circle and dance outwards like a huge sun. But there hadn’t been enough time to do it. This was disappointing to me until I realized that our leaving Tahiti was the final part of the Aslan Dance. We were marching outwards, stretching our One Being all over the planet.

The Activation of Fourth Gate is still going on. Our One Being is more alive than it has ever been. There’s a new sense of heightened Oneness, of mutual support, of being embraced in the vastness of our Greater Love. There is the feeling that we are going to do something spectacular together. That we are going to move into our New Lives and create a New World.

Fourth Gate has reconfigured our evolutionary labyrinth. Now as we travel through this Gate, our focus will be on clearing the residue of the past from our inner beings and outer lives.


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