4 Gate Tahiti — Anchor Group Reports Part Three


«August 11, 199 at the Marquette Parc in Montreal, 31 angels joined together to activate the 4th Gate of the 11:11 Doorway. In the group we were pleased to have 2 angels from Toronto. The Master Cylinder energy was felt very strongly by the 2 Guardians and all the participants. Thank you Solara and all the Angels around the world for this great experience!» …. Zarya


«We went active here in Kona! Our group was not as I might have envisioned a group. All 3-D rugs were pulled out from under us and proof was given that we are NOT in control here. My attempts at how I thought it might be done were all immediately and completely disproven. My home disappeared and all means of contact were oddly removed just before the event. So, many of the old 11:11 lightworkers held vigil at various locations.

We have been HURLED into our new frequency and feedback from West Hawaii tells us that a new harmonic is being felt and expressed. Infinite Mahalos (thank you in Hawaiian) to all of the brave and earnest beings who went so far and selflessly gave so much to all that it. It is a new day and a new time.» …. Karen


«Solara, I would like to thank you from all my heart—from the tiny little one and from the ONE HEART— for you being there/here. Since the 11 August 99 opening of the Fourth Gate, I feel so close to you and am happy that I can surf on your homepage.

Since in Switzerland I could not find an Anchor Group, we spent a part of 11 August with 3 persons dancing the Sacred Dances and merging all the Four Elements together for the NEW. It was an outstanding and holy evening and we felt the energy from the Master Cylinder in our middle and from the top through us to the bottom, that we could anchor this beautiful energy of lightpower into the Earth.» …. Sandra


«My greatest admiration for your wonderful website and densely organized collective consciousness during the peak initiations of the Master Cylinder during the inception of the Solar Eclipse and Grand Cross influx. I had contacted the local support group for the 4th Gateway in Sedona, and participated etherially with the wonderful sacred dances from atop a particularly viewpoint rich vantage point in the canyons of Sedona.

18 months of hiking and discovering ascension and galactic energies within the fields of Sedona has enabled an appreciation of the bridge-links between Earth and her Star Fated destiny. And so at 03:00AM I was in solitude with Earth, stars and the incredible unfoldment of galactic architectures that were streaming into Earth’s planetary core….your meridian energies were brilliant…Thank you again.

My grounding efforts were amplified by being in the midst of a very accelerated power spot domain, and was able to rechannel much of the very intense energies at that time. Naturally I wish to to contribute as this window is open for planetary transformation…and I might wonder if there are contiguous approaches, meditations during the next 8 months or during the September invocations.» …. Matt Sells


I had a solo role, as the other person who was going to joing me was starting a new job. I asked within my heart what to do for my part in the activation.This was my experience:

I stood outside my country home, in an open area. I bowed in all directions, with my hands in a prayerful position in front of my chest, going in a pivotal circle. I visualized, with my eyes closed, the energy from the central sun, which turned into the two central suns, merging, then coming down through me and anchoring down to the center of the earthstar.

I saw the planet earth with the letters SGMKJ on it, which stands for Sadgurnath, Maharaj Ki Jay. This is sanskrit. It honors, solutes, and claims victory to the spirit of God within us. Then I did the One eye and One Heart.

Next I saw the earth planet as a pulsating globe of rose color. To the planet, my family, the local Rochester area, etc. I sent love.Then I saw the earth planet with the 11:11 on it, and I said, with all the joy of my heart and the heavens, «Welcome home everyone!» I felt very much filled with peace, light, and joy the whole day.» …. Peg Harvey


Thank you again for allowing me the honor of being Anchor person for the Los Angeles anchor of the Fourth Gate celebration. It was tremendous!

What was most important about this gate was that several people, not just me, were needed to receive what we were supposed to do! Two women, Tania andLisa chose the location, Jerome gave background, Shannon created ceremony and I acted as secretary / coordinator / Star-Borne rep (bringing the music, books, etc. to keep us focused.)

As we all found out, this is not about us, per se, and we found out at the end, that we had all been led to do exactly what was needed for Los Angeles, namely anchor the enormous light of the Fourth Gate here and sow the seeds for creating a more unified sense of spiritual community here, an essence that has been sorely lacking for some time, but as we now know, we were not supposed to all meet until now.

Chief facilitator turned out to be none other than what we should have known: Archangel Michael! We were at El Matador beach north of Zuma, an incredible isolated public beach where the seven of us (about fifteen people wrote me but we got seven, including me), meditated and prayed around a «bonfire» of white candles and later held a meditation in darkness where we each swallowed and anointed ourselves with a bottle of «water» that one of the women was given by a woman who on hearing of our ceremony, told her that Archangel Michael had had her hold a speech and the water for such a group…The «speech» from him detailed how our light bodies would accelerate greatly in this Gate, the water expediting this and how the DNA was recalibrated now that this Gate was open…

Frankly, I don’t know if this woman read your website or not, but every word of this rang as truth and just felt right…Michael has been rather silent these past few years down here and I do feel that his presence will be felt stronger down here now.» …. Arelia


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