10 Gate Chiapas — Anchor Group Reports Part One

Amazonas Forest, Jurua River, Acre, Brazil

This was a heart touching Group of Native Brazilian Indians, the Kuntuanawa Tribe. They live in the Amazonas Forest. The group were organized by Haru, the Chief of the tribe, and by Univu, the Shaman of the tribe. Here a photo of Univu (left) and Haru (right).


Los Andes, Region V, Chile

 We had to work under bright sunshine and we appreciated the shade of this willow tree! PURE HEART LOVE, Angelika

LosAndes_Chile smpurp1

Magnitogorsk, Russia

Hello the beloved family!
This is our third Activation. All of them we have in the open air. All the people participate; that’s why we have so few photos. We had 8 people in our group. Our Activation took place at the Magnitno-Berezovaya Mountain. We had two Guardians. We did Mudras and Pa’a; we danced and called the names of the Anchor Groups. We shifted the Guardians. It was so windy — the True Wind of Changes. The temperature was 12 degrees celsius, but the Sacred Dances kept us warm. In the end we stood in the circle and I asked if everybody felt the energy and if we could finish the Ceremony. And in the same second everything in the mountain illuminated. We had our sign. We had the light for Ural. That’s how we ended the ceremony. Then we sat in a really small tent and ate melon — it was the best melon in our life. We felt such a joy! We were changed! We had our LIGHT! With Love from Magnitigorsk,


smpurp1Avoca, Ireland

I just want to share our experience here in Ireland and thank you all. This year there was a small group of people here.

Being a part of anchoring the 10th Gate Activation was a very special and unique experience. Once the focus was on the Activation, there was absolute deep inner calm here, which seemed to come from within the earth herself. A complete change of frequency on a blustery day.

The day unfolded with participants arriving at different times and everyone being and becoming at one within themselves and the group quite naturally. We had a wonderful experience with a crystal bowl sending out spirals of sound and then being filled and overflowing with light.

With many thanks and spirals of PURE HEART LOVE, Ursula

smpurp1St. Petersburg, Russia

Good time of ONE!
Magic Day — 11th of September 2011. Thanks to it!
We are in St. Petersburg, collected our Anchor Group Sacred Dance of the 11:11 Doorway.


Holiday! Joy. Consciousness of the One. St.-Pete_Russia2

We felt all of our wonderful planet Earth. We felt all of you — on Master Cylinder. Powerful energy passed through us when activated 10 Gate of the 11:11. We are grateful to all of us. With great gratitude, with an open Heart and True Love, take our hugs!

Anchor Group of St.Petersburg, Russia, Tanya Kurchina


Seattle, WA, USA

We did the Anchor Group from 9:30 to 11:45 PDT. It came off perfectly. We were 6 women.

We filled our hearts with love.

We had an altar that included all of the elements-candles for fire, a bowl of water for water, incense for air, and an object that Astara brought that symbolized the earth.

We had a banner up that symbolizes what 11:11 is.

To begin, we introduced ourselves to each other. In doing so we found many commonalities, of various kinds, with each other: Two of us had a common first name that has a similar history about it. Two of us found commonality because we are World Language teachers and amongst the languages we speak we found a commonality in that we both taught and speak Spanish and French. Two of us found that we have a commonality in that one of us is recently retired from the school where another of us has a grand daughter attending the school that the recently retired person taught at, and knows the grand daughter.

We practiced the Mudras first using the Nvisible.com website on Astara’s laptop.

Next one of the participants did an acknowledgment of the four directions and elements and animals associated with each.

Then I turned off the big lights in the classroom area of the shop and put on the little lights above the parachute. The ambiance was perfect, and all of the participants were awed with that atmosphere.

Following that, we did the Mudras 10 times. I felt the feeling with Oneness with all of the Anchor Groups and the Master Cylinder more and more each time we repeated the Mudra sequence.

We took turns reading the names of the various Anchor Groups around the world and read every one of them.

Lastly, each of us wrote down on a piece of paper, in such a way that we could cut up the sentences into strips, what we want to release that is keeping us from Pure Heart Love. We had a cauldron in which we put, after lighting the strips from the candles that we had, the burnt strips of our releases.
We ended by exchanging personal things with each other that we had gleaned from having participated in this experience.

All in all, in my opinion, a wonderful experience!
Namasté, Suzanne

smpurp1Ocampo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Un abrazo de Luz The Way of Truth

The trail passes through the Pilgrim
alfojas their treasures its burden of hopes and dreams
Hurries his pace to reach their desired goal.
The search is your greatest wish transcendental
His encounter with the One is his dearest wish
For, it must come, must walk the road, regardless
fatigue or tiredness.
In the distance, awaits the Temple …
In the distance, the glittering golden Aures enclosure fires
attracting the attention of the traveler.
In the distance …
The pilgrim receives the call, feels the sparkles …
That way we are heading
Nothing should To halt.

Anchor Group for the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jerome R. Ocampo / anchor from 1992-2011 YeromJeronimo_BA_Argentina

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