10 Gate Chiapas — Anchor Group Reports Part Three

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The anchoring of One Being was located on the green hill of Roznik («hill of roses») above Ljubljana («Beloved»), capital of Slovenija.
This was first time that the activation of a Gate of the 11:11 was proceeded in the nature in Ljubljana and second time in our city.
We gathered in a group of 11 people, ten women and one man. This was also uniting with energy of our beloved Goddess.
Yet at the beginning a strong energy of Trueness, Vastness and Pure Heart Love was felt.
We aligned with the Master Cylinder and other Anchor Groups, did the Opening of Lotus Heart, One Heart, Mudras, Sacred Dances. We had one guardian.
It was an amazing experience. One Being, Deepening in Invisible.

We as True Ones are now prepared to go ahead with our New True Lives.

After we had finished sitting in a car the radio displayed 11:11.

We forgot to take photos, instead we are sending everyone again and always, sending to Our Magnificent One Being, to as — the deepest PURE HEART LOVE !!!

In One Lotus Heart,
Milan, Jana and Katja

smpurp1Donetsk, Ukraine

This is our 4th Activation. We prepared for the Activation for 2 days. The first day we called ‘The Birth of True Ones’ — we anchored the 11:11 energies with the help of Sacred Dances, discussed our meaning for True Ones, and draw the mandalas. Donetsk_Uk1

The first half of the day we spent under the hard rain. We did Mudras and it was brilliant.


On the second day — the Lotus Love day, we created white lotuses, putting into them all our True Love. The ceremony was held in such a purity. The place was decorated with our mandalas and lotuses and flowers, and, of course, everything was pierced with Crystal True Love. For the first time in our lives we felt such a strong Love. On the ceremony we fully realized that the Trueness means 100% devotion, fidelity, deepness and wholeness. This is the life with all your Enormous One. We express our deep gratitude to all the participants and Solara.

With Love,
Olga. Donetsk_Uk2

smpurp1Hannover, Germany

Zu Beginn der Zeremonie machten alle das Go und gingen in die Pure Herzensliebe, dann sind alle nacheinander durch dieses Tor gegangen. Wir sind ziemlich nass geworden. Draußen gießt es in Strömen. Die Sternenprozession wollen wir doch draußen tanzen.

At the beginning of the ceremony eveybody did the Go and went into Pure Heart Love, before going through this gate. We got quite wet. Anyway, we like to dance the Starry Processional outside. Outside it is pouring with rain. Hannover_DE1

Unser Pavillon, Schutz vor dem Regen. Im trockenen Pavillon — Verlesung der Ankergruppenliste.

Our pavillon, protection against the rain. Inside the dry pavillon — Reading out the anchor group list


Draußen gießt es in Strömen. Die Sternenprozession wollen wir doch draußen tanzen.

Outside it is pouring with rain. Anyway, we like to dance the Starry Processional outside.

Hannover_DE3 Spät in der Nacht ist das 10. Tor aktiviert!

Late at night, the 10th Gate is activated! Hannover_DE4

smpurp1Omsk, Russia

Dear Everybody from the One.

With Love for all we’ve done from Siberia, from the Anchor Group of Omsk. We had 29 people participating in the 10th Gate Activation and 2+9 is 11. We danced the Sacred Dance in Unity with Mexico and in Siberia it was late at night. But we didn’t even feel tired. We felt a great rush of power and subtle enegry of LOVE from the area of our land and the energy of open hearts of all the Anchors in the World.

We were so happy to be the part of it and give our Love to everything. From the realisation of this fact our eyes shone and we saw in everyone such a kindred person and the inner child in everyone of us smiled and was so glad to be here on this wonderfull planet in these times.

WIth Love from Omsk.


smpurp1Paso del Rey, Argentina

The Anchor Group «Children and Light» feels joyful, in fullness of Service and through the love and joy. Desiring to live lives BEINGS AS TRUE TRUE!

So our heartbeats rise in «THANK YOU» to the Universe and all thanks to Solara, Laya, and all the pretty people. Yes, Thank you for the opportunity to do so Special Energy Task in connection with the Tenth Gate Master Cylinder of the 11:11 Doorway. Who will write, representing the Anchor Group and being his trainer went to Mexico for the Activation of the Tenth Gate. Therefore, I express my loving gratitude to each and every one of the beings that are so available, respect and enthusiasm were the makers of the group «Children and Light».

11.9.11 Sunday were 44 people who answered the call of their hearts, came to meet at Paso del Rey to be True Anchors in union with all Anchor groups in the rest of the world. My deep love for them in Alma Hugs. For you, friends, guides, learning models, Portal Special People 11:11 — Solara, my Royal Admiration in the Here and Now!

Perhaps this phrase had so much excitement and joy Summary: «The Spirit speaks through the silence when you want to transmit power exceeds or can not be contained in human language» This happens to me. Hugs of Light!

From ARGENTINA with PURE HEART LOVE love them!
Lili Garcia

Paso del Rey_AR1

El Grupo de Anclaje «Niño y Luz» se siente jubiloso, en Plenitud de Servicio y a través del Amor Y la Alegría. Deseosos de VIVIR VIDAS VERDADERAS COMO SERES VERDADEROS!

Así nuestros latidos se elevan en «GRACIAS» al Universo y en total agradecimiento a Solara, Laya, María, Keenuane y toda su linda gente. Si, Gracias por darnos la oportunidad de hacer tan Especial Tarea en conexión Energética con el Cilindro Maestro de la Décima Puerta del Portal 11:11. Quien les escribe, representando a dicho Grupo de Anclaje y siendo su formadora viajé a México para la Activación de la Décima Puerta. Por lo tanto, expreso mi amorosa gratitud a todos y cada uno de los Seres que con tanta disponibilidad, respeto y entusiasmo fueron los hacedores del Grupo «Niño y Luz».

El domingo 11.9.11 fueron 44 personas que respondiendo al llamado de sus corazones, acudieron a reunirse en Paso del Rey para ser Ancla en unión Verdadera con todos los G. de Anclaje del resto del Mundo. Para ellos mi profundo Amor en Abrazos del Alma. Para ustedes, amigos, guias, modelos de aprendizaje, gente Especial del Portal 11:11- Solara, mi Real Admiración en el Aquí y Ahora!

Tal vez esta frase hubiera resumido tanta emoción y gozo: «El Espíritu habla a través del silencio cuando la energía que desea transmitir excede o no puede ser contenida en el lenguaje humano» Así me sucede. Abrazos de Luz!

Desde ARGENTINA con el AMOR PURO DEL CORAZON los amamos!
Lili García

Paso del Rey_AR2

smpurp1Budapest, Hungary

We did not take photos, I regret that.Two of us achored th Tenth Gate, me and a huge, powerful indigo soul, a 3rd wave, a great helper for me during the hard times I have.

We did not do dances, but we did everything as it is suggested by Solara, and the anchoring was successful, apart that I did not have an experience of the actual opening of the gate, but I felt the Mayans, and that they wanted to tell me something but I did not get the message.

She, my partner in the activation, said she had heard Solara saying: Now, it is coming, please, step back. She got a new experience of heart consciousness, and I am happy about that. At least, even if I lost connection, which I had in the beginning of the ceremony, but it brought her something new, a real knowingness of the New World. We did lots of Silent Watchers, Breathing, and the Mudras, of course, we watched some of the videos of the 1st and 2nd gate activations.

Thank you,

smpurp1Sao Paulo, Brazil

Our group had 9 people and suddenly, before we start, a sweet street dog got in and stayed during the whole activity as our 10th element! It was the unexpected blessing us, a sign that our work was been well done with the pure heart love.

I adopted the dog, of course!;-)

With love, Fabi Prem




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