6 Gate Ireland – Solara’s Report Part One

not-6G-260It’s taken me a long time to find the words to describe what happened at the Sixth Gate Activation. This key Midway Point of the Doorway of the 11:11 has turned everything inside out. The new vision of the 11:11 is being revealed. The 11:11 Doorway has shifted from an 11 resonance to a 22. The ramifications of this are vast and far reaching….


My personal journey to the Sixth Gate started almost immediately after the Fifth Gate Activation in October 2002. Several of us had gotten the feeling that the next Activation was to be in County Kerry, Ireland. At the time, I felt that Sixth Gate would be the following year. In March 2003, Kalasara and I traveled to Ireland, England and Wales to find the place for Sixth Gate. In Ireland, we were led to the Dingle Peninsula where we found an immensely mystical island which strongly beckoned to us. We couldn’t actually go there at that time of year, but we could see the Sacred Dances already being performed.

Our journey also took us to the Hill of Tara and then onwards to Wales and Stonehenge. It was when we felt great kinship with the owners of a retreat centre in Wales that we decided to move the Sixth Gate to Wales. This decision wasn’t taken lightly since we were torn between the Dingle Peninsula and the ancient mountains of Wales. We even tried to come up with some way that we could travel between the two points during our week of preparations, but couldn’t work it out.

As soon as we returned home to our respective islands in Hawaii, I was told that I would have to move out of my rental house in a few months, right around the time of our proposed Sixth Gate Activation. I pondered just what this meant and tried to figure out a way to move and still be able to do the immense amount of work required by an 11:11 Activation. Finally, for the first time ever, I cancelled the Sixth Gate Activation and moved it to the following year, 2004. This required a bit of courage on my part since several people had already registered and a few had booked their airline tickets.

Yet, I soon realized the perfection of this and how my very personal need to move was actually part of the rerouting process to bring Sixth Gate into its correct timing. Always, I am impressed with how the 11:11 calls the shots about when and where its Activations want to be and manipulates my outer circumstances until I get it right.

Once we entered the Great Green Light Year of 2004, it was obvious why Sixth Gate had been rescheduled. This was definitely the correct timing and none of us would have been ready the previous year for the leap onto the new level of One Being which Sixth Gate is all about. And if we hadn’t been there in our full beings, then the 11:11 Doorway would never have been able to turn itself inside out, which it definitely did!

As the Sixth Gate Activation drew closer, my workload increased to almost impossible levels. I remember asking at Fifth Gate for help with my work and even though some offers of assistance were forthcoming, there was nothing tangible and real. So here I was again, working for up to 20 hours a day, with the feeling that I was personally carrying the 11:11 and wondering why that was so. I knew that this wasn’t the way it was meant to be and looked long and deep at how to change this pattern. I even considered dropping the 11:11 Activations, but knew that it was my chosen destiny and that I could not do that if I wanted to be true to myself.

In May, Elara and I arrived in Dingle a week early to make all the last minute preparations. Once we arrived, I immediately got a major tooth infection. Found a wonderful lady dentist who put me on strong antibiotics and said that the tooth would definitely have to go in the middle of the following week.

We also visited our mystical island which was even more exquisite than we could imagine. It was a pristine fairyland. But we also got a strong feeling that since it was so pure and protected, we might not be able to do the physical Activation there. This necessitated finding an alternate site at the last minute which we did. Actually, Omashar and Elara found the hidden field perched on the edge of a cliff at a place called Sloughs Head and knew that it was right.

Our next task was to find the owner and get permission so Omashar took me to the new site. As we were leaving the field, we saw that an irate farmer was waiting with a herd of huge cows at the gate that we had inadvertently blocked with our rental car. Omashar ran to move the car. I was too far away to run and suddenly the whole herd was heading right towards me. I kept close to the rock wall just in case I would have to leap over it.

As I finally reached the gate, I met the woman who was the owner of the fields, a very nice Irish lady. After a friendly chat, I explained what we wanted to do and asked for her permission to use her field and the permission was graciously given.

All week long, there were early arrivals. It was so much fun to have our One Being constantly expanding. One thing about the 11:11 Master Cylinders is that they exist in No-Time. This means that they are continuously going on… They are timeless and without end. So we are still dancing at the Great Pyramids in Egypt and still dancing in the Glasshouse Mountains of Australia and in Pululahua Crater in Ecuador. Seeing the others that we haven’t seen for years or sometimes never before, felt like we’d always been in constant contact. There was no sense of separation, although with some people there was amazement and appreciation at how open and free they had become.

On our first morning, during the session of introductions, it was immediately apparent that we had a very strong and advanced Master Cylinder Group. 54 magnificent people had come from 22 countries! I was deeply touched by this because I know well that the journey to a Master Cylinder is not always an easy one. It takes tremendous courage and commitment, not to mention the financial outlay.

By the middle of our afternoon session on our first day, I realized that we had already traveled very far and it would be difficult for anyone arriving late to catch up. We’ve never gone so fast before, but then this was a pretty impressive group of people.

The week passed by somewhat in a blur. We practiced the Sacred Dances, we merged deeper and deeper into One Being. If you look at our Sixth Gate photos, you will see our merger into One Being in many of the pictures. There’s a natural leaning into one another, a blending of our energies that is truly remarkable. And once our One Being came alive, it brought everything we did to a totally new level.

In the midst of it all, I had my tooth removed. I actually missed two sessions which hadn’t happened before. Being sick kept me quieter than usual. I usually like to spend my nights socializing with everyone, but this time, I went straight to my room after the evening sessions. Around 5:00 am each morning I would get on the internet and update the Anchor Lists and try to answer emails and write Surf Updates.

For many months, I had known that I wanted to do something special at this Master Cylinder to activate our One Being in all the countries of the world. Someone had even compiled a list of all the countries for me which were now made into small signs, one for each country. We even included some unofficial countries which should be countries or which are countries energetically such as: Tahiti, Tibet, Palestine, Kashmir and several others. I didn’t know when or what we would do, but just had the country signs handy at all times in case the right timing arrived. Which it did the day before the Activation Ceremony, just as we had completed our morning session and were about to go to lunch.

It began innocently enough as we put our huge Anchor Group World Map in the middle of the floor and walked around it, honoring all the Anchor Groups. Suddenly, the moment for activating our One Being in all the countries was here! I grabbed the stack of signs and it began. The next hour and a half or so was extremely powerful. We called out the name of each country in as many languages as possible. We called to our One Being there to activate. Everyone kept their focus; I didn’t see anyone wandering off to lunch. This was the moment when many of us felt that the Sixth Gate Activation officially began…


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