6 Gate Ireland – Anchor Group Reports Part One


WE ARE ALL ONE!….. Goran


The 6th Gate Activation in the Seattle area went wonderfully well. There were always 11 people there; it was amazing how it worked.

One man who came could barely walk and he says to me, next time you see me I will be in a wheelchair. Without thinking, I answered, «Maybe a miracle will happen.» We all got into the opening circle and as each one was stepping inside I notice Bill was shaking his head and saying, «I can’t move».

Afterwards he came up to me and said, «A Miracle happened – I couldn’t step into the circle because I couldn’t move so much energy was passing through my body.» He started dancing around to show us his legs were working. Then he told the group that during the opening circle a man in a robe came down into the circle and so many celestial beings were with him that they were sitting in each other’s laps. The energy was fantastic throughout the entire event.

We were on a grassy knoll above a beach on Puget Sound. One person was overheard in the parking lot saying, «I don’t know what that group of people were doing, but the energy at the beach is wonderful today.»

Walter’s call last night from Ireland set the energies moving. Love and energy came rolling right through the phone. Having a member of one’s group at the Master Cylinder is really a plus+++.

During the night I was awakened by a flood of energy several times. Each time I visualized those energies coming to us from around the world and being anchored here in Seattle. I returned love and went back to sleep. Thank you! Love, Salena


THANK YOU SOLARA! The energies were strong and beautiful here in Normandy. You did it once again !
Waves of love, Marie-Isabelle


Thank you for organising this amazing event. We had 11 people participating in our group in Calgary. We had it again at Lorraine’s house. We started at 1:00 AM Saturday morning and it went on until about 6:00 AM. 3 of us met 2 days prior to Friday’s night to prepare for the Activation. We formed a sacred triangle (Love – Wisdom – Power). It was very powerful.
On the evening of the Activation, we had an incredible storm in Calgary and after the storm there was a double rainbow right across the eastern sky. Our Anchor Group started gathering around 11:00 PM Friday night.

6CalgaryDriving to Lorraine’s house I noticed it was 11 degrees (C) outside. We started right at 1:00 AM (8:00 AM Ireland’s time). Mikael and Tamara were guided to be Guardians. We started with GO and aligning with the Master Cylinder. After that we read out names of all the Anchor Groups around the world and toned to each country. During this we felt very powerful energy coming from the Master Cylinder.

After a short break we did the Starry Processional Dance. Energy was getting stronger and stronger. After the dance, two more became Guardians to hold the energy in the room. We followed with the 4 Elements and Star / Moon Dance. After this, we formed a circle out of crystals and rocks on the ground and consciously stepped from duality into Oneness. This happened after 4:00 am our time, so we figured it was very likely 11:11 am in Ireland.
We all sat in the Circle for another hour. It was starting to get light outside and suddenly it was over. Everybody was amazed how effortlessly it went and how quickly we were done. It’s like we don’t have to work as hard anymore !
Thank you again,….Eva


I wrote to you last week to say that I’ve see one green eye and the number 11:11 (that’s more frequently). Me and my mom went to the centre of South America at the 11:11 hours in Ireland (7:11 hrs here in MT, Brazil), when happened the Activation of the 6th Gate and we had an incredible experience.

We were praying without expectation when my mom started to see a lot of circles of lights… orange, yellow…She felt like an universe inside her…I believe in everything about it but I must to know more; Iwant to read books that could explain better this things, but my English is not so good; I need to find your books in Portuguese. I want to know where I can find the books and if exist some kind of groups here in Mato Grosso, Brazil to share this wonderful experience that change my life forever… I have sure that I was with you in the ONE BEING!!

Love in the world, evolution for all.….Amanda Fernandes de Sousa


It’s June 2nd and I didn’t get out of bed till… that’s right… 11:11. Now I wish I’d written this report Sunday night when I was still charged up and euphoric from the Activation, instead of waiting till that old uphill feeling began kicking in again. Seems to me it’s always «business-as-usual» right after a peak experience – as though our bodies and minds can’t really accept that joy or bliss could ever be infinite. Or maybe my cells are simply fatigued from conducting such intense frequencies over the last 48 hours! In any case, every molecule of my being KNOWS we’re finally clear of the age-old reptilian religious crap and all dogma is dead. That’s SOME accomplishment!

I would have been happy if only 7 or 8 people had shown up for the Sixth Gate Activation on Saturday – but in all there were 22, not counting the canine corps. Not everyone was here specifically for the Activation; a few just wanted to be here to enjoy a relaxing weekend by the river, but even so their energies were very much part of the occasion.

Mary was taking a badly-needed break from weeks of non-stop work, but she ended up keeping my 8-year-old boy Ahau jolly, well-fed and entertained, and maintaining some degree of normalcy around the house. Paul and Salim spent the morning making beautiful bamboo lights to decorate the ritual space – and the results were absolutely stunning. Others simply held the frequency of joy and celebration while 13 of us began tuning into the Master Cylinder in Ireland by toning for 22 minutes.

Earlier, I had marked out with river stones aligned with the four directions an open-air ritual space between two houses and cleansed it with incense – but 10 minutes before 3 p.m. (coinciding with 8 a.m. in Ireland) it began to rain – so we sat around the veranda instead.

Eric, who came all the way from Singapore, played the role of Data (the superandroid from Star Trek) and kept calibrating the energy levels within the circle and in the scenic surroundings. Shane helped by creating an earthy drone with his didgeridoo. A few later reported being blissed out, seeing sparkles everywhere, experiencing spontaneous heart chakra openings.

As we ended the toning, everyone felt really charged up and we took a break. For the next few hours the weather was alternately drizzly and sunny, so nobody felt like dancing or frolicking on the damp lawn. I spoke to the group about Solara and the Gate Activations and the 11:11 to help them attune to the significance of simply gathering to ground the incoming starry frequencies.

I don’t know what happened to Time, because all I recall is that three people turned up unexpectedly around 6 p.m. and I took them to the river where they attuned to the elements, especially water. Two were friends from the World Spiritual Foundation, and they had a spritely 72-year-old, Mr Chiu, in tow. Two others in the group were associated with the Ishayas. It was an eclectic convergence of really lovely folks.

Linda and Suen, my friends from WSF, followed me into the ritual space to experience the column of supercharged prana that felt like mentholated air and made your palms tingle. Then Mr Chiu stepped in too and Linda began to dance, and Suen had to sway along too. I picked up a flute and provided a pagan ambience for their spontaneous dance, surrounded by a firewall of wicklamps made from bamboo. A truly magickal moment!

After they left, others came down to feel the prana column and watch the spinnerets of condensed emotion swirl like miniature snowflakes in the twilight sky. Again I have no idea where the time went, because it was suddenly 10 p.m. and exactly an hour from the conclusion of the Activation. Heiko and Selina got 8 of us into the ritual space and we stood silent in a circle for a long while before holding hands. We kept swaying in the energy currents and some of us felt we were on the verge of levitation!

I suggested we refocus on the Master Cylinder in Ireland and realign ourselves consciously with Solara’s group. Selina reported «seeing» a lot of people walking solemnly around in a circle, doing a mudra – and I guessed it may have been the AN-NU-TA-RA-HU or a variation thereof. Earlier Eric had reported «seeing» at least 51 participants in the Master Cylinder – so we’ll report his observation here and check later to see if he came close to the actual figure.

For a long time we shared breath, group-hugging in the ritual space, until Anoora began to complain of tired knees and plonked down on the mat. We thought it was a great idea and sat down too. The moon shone forth from behind a bank of clouds and the atmosphere was almost surreal. That’s when Selina picked up a message from the House of Ram, thanking and congratulating us for being part of this significant Activation, and reminding us that every one of these celestial-terrestrial conjunctions was important – and that just by putting energy and effort into observing these special events was a powerful way to support the birth of a new consciousness in a new humanity, on a new heavenly and earthly hologram – free at last from parasitic infestation.

The sweetness in the air was still present throughout the next day – don’t ask me how it went, as once again, it was just a brilliant, magickal day at Magick River and everybody was happy and floaty and extremely glad to be alive.

Later that evening, Awa, the Temuan ceremonial singer, felt like a jam session – so she arrived with her bamboo and vocal quartet and we had a marathon session with didgeridoo, djembes, darambouka, guitar, and flutes under the waxing moon within the ritual space of the Sixth Gate Activation – putting perfect closure to a very memorable weekend.

Selina took dozens of digital photos of the fairy orbs and 4D «smoky» beings celebrating with us. She’s got quite a collection of «spirit» photos showing orbs and spheres of all sizes all over the frame!

On Monday, March 31st, Anubis, Wong, and I went on a very pleasant walk with Nadine, Eric, Elliot and Heiko to the Mother Fall – an ancient dimensional portal I first discovered on January 11, 1992 – that’s right, when the 11:11 Doorway opened!….Antares


We had a fantastic experience at the 6th Gate Activation Ceremony. We were around 50 people and everybody was actively involved in the event. We try to follow all the activities and dances you described and almost everyone feel the very high energy.

The whole group ask me to write to you and thank for the incredible experience and they all send you their love. They also ask me to ask you wether you have a special message to us. Thank you Solara. With love from the whole group.… S.


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