6 Gate Ireland – Solara’s Report Part Two

The Golden Lions form a circle.After astoundingly beautiful sunny weather all week, our Sixth Gate Activation day, May 29th, began with pouring rain which fortunately had let up by the time we arrived at the site. Although we have always had perfect weather for the 11:11 Activations, I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be so this time. Months before, Kathleen Walczak had called me and asked what she could bring to the Master Cylinder. Without thinking, I quickly replied, «Rain ponchos.» Which she did. And which we sometimes wore.

The weather that day was incredibly changeable. It was as if all the elements wanted to be present. We had patches of sun, sudden rains, moments of calm and the rest of the time, strong wind. The Winds of Change blew relentlessly for most of the day. It reminded me of our troubled world situation and I thought that if we could keep our focus in the wind, then we can keep our focus in these times of turmoil. And thus it was.

There’s also the matter of Activation outfits. Some of us give great thought to this and try to come up with something special. Just as it was with our original 11:11 Activation in Egypt, we quickly found ourselves putting on everything we had brought and borrowing whatever we could from others. So much for looking fashionable! We more resembled refugees from the Arctic.

Our Ceremony began beautifully with the Gates of Initiation followed by music from Omashar and a hula from Hoku. While reading the long list of Anchor Groups worldwide, we felt many of you joining with us as One Being. As we prepared to begin the Starry Procession, Hoku, who was a Guardian ,saw a group of tall tree-like beings encircle our sacred circle. These were the Kings and Queens of the fairies. All day long, many nature beings were present; many of us could see and feel them amongst us.

The Starry Processional and the following Lotus Dance were very strong and the weather was relatively calm. Then the weather got wilder and the wind started to blow. I don’t remember all the things we did, but everything flowed effortlessly. When it came time for our new One Earth / One Being Dance, we knew that we were nearing the time for Sixth Gate to be fully activated. When the central star in that dance began to pulsate outwards, that’s when it felt that the Sixth Gate energies were really pouring in. The entire dance was magnificent.

The day passed by too quickly. Although it felt like we’d only been there for a few hours, the escalating winds required greater effort from us to hold the focus. But we realized that the searing winds were actually serving to keep us grounded. The energies were so strong and sublime that without them, we might have left the planet.

Then it was time for the Aslan Dance, usually our biggest challenge, as it was again. It took two attempts and a pep talk to get the Aslans strong and then we did the most wondrous dance. The power and majesty of this dance is just beyond words. It has such a sense of Victory to it. And this time, we were lucky to get a few photographs of the beginning and end. Perhaps, that’s enough for you to feel the energies.

That night at the hotel, we gathered together in groups large and small, sharing our experiences. It was a wonderful night. We were tired, but knew that we’d achieved our purpose. And this is when the vision of the second half of the 11:11 Doorway began to be revealed.

The following morning we had a session to continue sharing our experiences. So many of us had different pieces of the same puzzle and it was brilliant to put them all together to see the bigger picture.

It was the afternoon session which really moved things to a new level. At the very beginning of the session, people asked me to tell them in what areas I needed help. I quickly threw out a long list of things. Then we had a short break. After I returned, I was presented with a long list of committed, capable people who had volunteered to take over many areas of my work. Our One Being was stepping forward.

The Bridges and Second Wave have been activated! The Doorway of the 11:11 has moved from a resonance of the number 11 (Anchoring of the New) to that of the 22 (Building the New). My time as the main, indispensable motivator and facilitator of the 11:11 is over. Now it’s time for the One Being to take over. Sceptres are definitely being passed.

That evening we had a fancy dinner and a celebration party. Now we really have something to celebrate. I’m so proud of those who are stepping forward, and so deeply grateful. And since everything is being done in the context of our One Being, it’s clean, clear, open, respectful, loving and REAL.


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