6 Gate Ireland – Anchor Group Report Part Six


We would like to share our joy about the sacred hours on 29th of May. We were 85 people on the little Island along the Danube. We have started at 7 o’clock with a special inner journey through the 6 Gates by meditating on different themes to prepare and cleanse our minds and hearts for the opening.

Than at 11:11, we started to dance. We moved deeper and deeper into the spirits realm, connecting those Angels and Masters who guided us. We went through those steps that you advised for all the Anchor Groups and after the last dance which we called ‘the Opening of the 6th Gate Dance’, which consisted of 9 different heartmoving songs, we stood straight, opening our whole beings for the miraculous moment, when an amazing, gleaming golden light beam fell upon us and went right through our altar into Gaia’s core crystal.

We were shaken by a deep cry, with an overwhelming joy, love and faith, which almost all of us sensed as our heavenly sisters and brothers came very close to us, almost touching our hearts, as if saying, that they are always with us along this Ascension proccess, going Home to our true celestial origins. This ecstatic moment was far beyond any words and had changed something within us. Thank you for you too, for the opportunity to participate!

We have seen in that moment a special lightweb had been connected with the planet and with all the lightworkers, who choos to participate in the Ascension prccess. This light formation that has embraced the world will experience a very inportant activation during the Seventh Gate opening, and all this leads to the main theme of 2005, which is the re-coding and harmonization process of our spiritual bodies. As our guides have told, in the first part of next year, some karmic pattern will open up in our unconscious mind and we will have to deal with our past decisions, choices, when we connected some power, spiritual groups and practices, that didn’t follow the Light’s passage, and maybe led us into some bad contracts. Some spiritual ego issues will show up. But later on, one of our most beautiful years will open up, when those initiation experiences will return to us from our past lives, when we really reached our true core of existence. We will have many strengthening moments of faith, love, spiritual evidence, revelations and our souls can form our everyday lives. And all that will start at the Seventh Gate Activation!

We would like to form again an Anchor Group in Hungary with you!

Blessings & Namasté
Beatrix Czeizel ( OmSatya) and Greskó Anikó (Dalinada)



We were two in our group and I begun the preparations in my house with the sacred place, a circle with crystals, stones, flowers and more beautiful things about one week before the Activation.The energies were very strong and sometimes I thought,»How should I manage all this?», but as usual things just go the right way in the last minute.

My friend come to me the evening before 29 / 5 and we prepared the dances and how our cermony should start and end. We started with a holy speak of the cermony and the powerful reading of all anchor Groups,then we danced the Starry Processional.We read the Anchor Groups every hour. Then the Earth and Star Dance took place and so on with the powerful waves of energy floating around. Everything seemed to go so fas,t but we were so tired and we felt that we could finish the great Activation outside the house at a field by giving all the Anchor Groups deep thanks of our journey «this day» and forever in eternity.Then we got inside and thanked all
beings who were with us.

Deep thanks to all of you and especially…all Master Cylinder people and of course SOLARA!!!
Sylvia and (Irene)


For me, the Sixth Gate energies started coming in from the morning of the 27th, when I woke up with the Starry Processional music (which I privately call the music of AN) playing incessantly in my ears. Many thanks to the composer of this beautiful music which takes me home.

This is the second time I’ve organized an Anchor Group in Luxembourg. And sure enough, there were (6×2) 12 wonderful people to anchor the energies here. We were from eight countries on three continents and collectively spoke more than fifteen languages. This is characteristic of this green heart of Europe.

It was a beautifully sunny day with not a cloud in sight. Some of the people met for the first time, ye twe did the Dance of the Six Elements beautifully together. It was very moving. When called upon to do so, the fairies gladly helped with anchoring the energies. I could also feel the presence of angels and other spiritual beings.

As we were reading the Master List of Anchor Groups, I felt the energy go inside the earth, find the other Anchor Groups, until it crisscrossed all over the globe. Then it went to the core, where there was a mighty shaking and then it came out and sprayed all over the world again.

We also did the Earth-Star Dance where some of us lost ourselves in this beautiful dance. The most powerful point for the group came when we stepped into our One Earth – One Being, performing the Starry Processional in the center. The outer circle was made of shells, while the inner one was made of crystals. The energies were gentle, yet powerful enough to be exhausting.

At the end, I had a very powerful meditation, involving what seemed like the famous mosque in Turkey (I have a Sufi heritage), bursting stars and a circle dance. It served to finally anchor me inside my own body and I was home at last.

I thank the being called Solara for coming to Earth to do this wonderful work. It’s amazing that one person can start this huge initiative and spread it all over the world.

The next time, my heart will be with the Master Cylinder in India, my home country.
In love and Oneness.…… Ramiel


May 28th – Windy, sunny, unusually cold morning. We took the decision to do the ceremonial simultaneously with the Master Cylinder. Me and Pat prepared the sacred area with stones he brought. First time we meet, a really sweet soul.

May 28th – Few hours later. Nervous. My ego is «on «. A small voice, keeps saying that I will be alone, NOBODY WILL COME… I have to settle this before the anchoring. I make a demand, a prayer, sincerely asking help for letting go of the results.

May 28th – Few hours later. Two persons phoned saying they will not come. I suddenly realised that they are even more afraid than I am! Suddenly I feel a deep feeling of reassurance. If I am alone, it has no importance at all. I didn’t get that far to quit! I phone back those two persons, and finally they decide to come! Youpee !

May 28th – It is approximately 22 h – People are starting to arrive. Even people I didn’t expect. We are all in my massage room which is really big. It is getting colder and colder outside. We are practicing the Earth / Star Dance, the GO, etc… deciding together what we like best and planning to find a moment during the anchoring to include them if the energy is appropriate.

May 29th – 1 h in the morning. We are two men and «11 » women. The guys are going outside to prepare the fire and inside we are chanting Guru Mayi mantra. Mixing our voices is mixing our souls at the same time.

May 29th – 2 h in the morning – We are all going outside. One of the participants, an autochtone woman, fumigates the circle and the participants with smudge. First, I named all the Anchor Groups in the world. We have two Guardians (east-west). We are so serious ! Suddenly I realise that we are here to have pleasure, I tell them and once again the mood is changing. We even make jokes on the tempo we are losing when we do the Earth / Star Dance ! It is only 6′ around 4 o’clock, in the deepest of the night. We are not cold.

May 29th – 4 h 30 in the morning – Some people seem to suddenly deflate ??? They want to leave. It is OK with us. I will realise later on that these persons are the ones who have the most difficulty with the signification of «Being One «. One is disappointed that his partner didn’t want to join with us; two others came to heal and improve their lifetime relationship; another one is really feeling «separate » since we are making the ceremony half in French and half in English and she does not understand English at all…

May 29th – 5 h 00 – After some participants left, we are 8 around the fire, it is now REALLY COLD; it is always colder before the sunrise. The light is little by little making is way through the dark. We feel this in all the signification it has on different levels. We decide to sit around the fire, speaking a little, in peace. Nobody really speaks of what he or she felt during the ceremonial. The «bilan» is not made yet.

May 29th – 5 h 30 – People are leaving. I feel so energized. I also feel that I have to STAY OUTSIDE. Why ? After a catnap and a big breakfast, I decide to go for a ride in the forest. I cannot stay inside. Back from the ride in the mountains, I sat in the garden, alone, just listening to the wind speaking to me until the end of the day watching the sun set!

I have the feeling that the energy of the Master Cylinder took a long time to reach is maximum. I felt more touched by the energy about 10 to 12 hours after the beginning of the ceremony, rather then during the ceremony…

And it seems to me that the wind tied us all together. Was it windy elsewhere ? As Solara says : The Winds of Change are blowing !
Anyway, everyone found what was for him or for her during the ceremony and I have no regret at all organising it ! I will do it again in October.

Thank you Solara. I realise better then ever, the courage it demands from your heart, to bring this beautiful Master Cylinder to reality for all of us..….. Diane and the group from Hudson, Quebec, Canada

smpurp1DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY not-6G-240

This is to send you warm greetings from cold Germany! What a great experience we are going through! Indeed, the changes that occur on several levels after the Activation of the 6th Gate are immense. Taking us ever further in some unknown spaces, but indeed they seem to be more known and better fitting and much more comfortable than all that stuff of the past.

That wonderful experience, forced by doing «the GO», and that wonderful experience we were able to undergo by doing the ceremonies of an Anchor Group, connected with you and with all, being really ONE, that’s such a great thing. not-6G-239

And thank you, Solara, for your strong dedication and your immense force – and that you are opening the Door for us, so that we can be opening the Door for us. May we be blessed, walking through it.

Greetings to all of you, greetings to our wonderful One Being!

Indeed we had been 7 people, doing the ceremonies on May29th, but 3 of them had to go earlier, so we remained only 4, when we took the photos, after the ceremonies were over……. Sending you much love, Verena



Four of our seven intended participants could not make it so there were three of us….which was great because the three of us formed a triangle….the sacred symbol for Mother Earth.

We got together around 7:00pm on Friday, the 28th all dressed in white. We had our ceremony outside in front of my home which is in the country, surrounded by trees except for a small clearing. The weather was great, a gentle warm breeze was blowing. We gathered large rocks and made a circle where the ceremony was to be held.
We went over our plans for the evening. Betty would be leaving at 11:00am and Mary would be leaving at 2:00am.

We gathered outside the circle and each spoke their prayers and intentions as we held hands. We then performed the GO and then when we each felt the completion and dedication we moved into the circle. We read the names and places on the Anchor Group List and did a meditation sending and connecting the Light and Energy. The energy was very strong and we held the meditation for a very long time. We played the Starry Processional and danced for the length of the program. We rested and meditated for awhile, then we danced the Four Elements Dance flowing and moving wherever the energy led us.

It was time for Betty to leave. Mary and I sat in meditation holding the energy until it was time for her to leave. I stayed and meditated until 5:00 am. I started getting drowsy and dozed off and on for a couple of hours. The energy was great, I did not feel when it came in. but I was left with a sense of strength after the ceremony. At 8:15 am. I went inside my house.

It was a wonderful experience and we are looking forward to the next opening!! Thank You Solara!.…..Jackie


Some days before the Activation – when Solara starts the workshop – I aligned myself with the Master Group in Ireland.

In the night before the 6th Gate Activation I saw in a dream Solara and a big 11:11. I aligned my 6th Gate Ceremony with the time of the Master Cylinder group. At noon I had the feeling that it is finished, but I went on until 4:00 pm Ireland time.

It is necessary to explain that I feel very close with the 11:11, but not with the Sacred Dances – Sorry -. But, of course I did the Starry Processional with the original music and the steps of the dances. After the 22 minutes I felt once again very clear that this is not my deepest truth.

Now, what to do? To be a Anchor means for me to to support the Master Cylinder the best I can. I think it is not good to do things on a different way. Then I remembered Solara’s words: «Be real!» – Okay – The music starts again, I went normal around a circle (without the special steps of the dance)- sometimes slow – sometimes quick – and against the clockwise manner. After a while I felt that energies are coming from above like spirals and I supported with movements the anchoring.

Later I felt the energies of Isis and Osiris and their story. When Osiris went into the underworld the energy came from above into the earth. After his resurrection, the energies came from the earth to above.

When I made the One Earth – One Being ceremony and I saw the earth, I don’t wanted to step into. «No, thank you. What’s that got to do with me???» But then I felt the call of the One Being to step into the circle of the One Being to be there and to do my contribution.

I felt the One Being like a net all over the earth. Everyone makes a individual job to help to transform mother earth. I felt the One Being and knew I am not alone when I am on earth. I felt also, that they hold, carry and support me until I find my right position in it. That felt good – and, okay – when they are calling me, I come.

So I stepped into the circle of the One Being and as One we stepped deep into the core of the earth. Then energies are spread out from the core.

A few days later, it was possible for me to make peace with my incarnation. Before it was inpossible for me to accept to be in a body on earth. Now I hope that my body finds healing and I find my right position and right job into the One Being on earth.

Thank you Solara and all others of our One Being. With love.….. Ama Ta Ra


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