11/11/11 Silent Watchers Worldwide — 11/11/11 and 11:11

RESET into MUA on November 11, 2011

With Deep Gratitude to all the Silent Watchers in all the Worlds Within the Worlds,
and to our beloved, magnificent Moray, Peru.

On 11/11/11
in an unprecedented action,
many thousands of us in groups large and small
sat simultaneously as Silent Watchers all around the world.

At 11:11 am GMT
we encircled the Worlds Within Worlds as One Being,
and embraced everything with the knowingness that ALL IS WELL.
We embodied PURE HEART TRUE LOVE and strengthened the resonance of Trueness
while calling forth the True Ones to emerge.

A huge cylinder entered the earth in the center of Moray, Peru,
And anchored the Codes for the New MUA of LOVE and TRUENESS

We are the Silent Watchers who hold the Worlds Within Worlds in balance by embodying Neutrality and Pure Heart True Love. We bring the enhanced perspective of this vastness into the physical realm of our everyday lives and actions. This gives us the opportunity to birth the New and True and to access information, experiences, tools, insights and opportunities that we could not have accessed if we were only looking from the smaller part of ourselves.


At the Sacred Ancient Inca Site of Moray, Peru

Our Silent Watcher Group at Moray, aligned as One Being with all the Silent Watcher Groups on 11/11/11. It felt as if Silent Watchers from all over the world filled all the terraces of this amazing Inca Site, with previously invisible terraces extending far above us high into the sky. Such a Special  and Unique Sacred Place, yet most humble for its True Magnificence, was the perfect Centerpoint to the 11/11/11 RESET.

We departed the small Inca village of Ollantaytambo at 3:50 am, arriving at Moray at 5:00 am. The Sun was just beginning to rise and the Moon was setting over the sacred Andes Mountains. As One Being, we entered the Sacred Site of Moray in a unified procession. It took us over twenty minutes to enter the center of the largest circle. Here we performed the 11:11 Mudras and sat as Silent Watchers.

Then we moved upwards to the first terrace. At 11:11 am GMT, which was 6:11 am in Peru, we were finishing the 11:11 Mudras in ultra slow motion on the second level with the special New 11/11/11 Crystal Arrow Mudra. We felt a massive Cylinder containing the codes of the new MUA of PURE HEART LOVE AND TRUENESS gently enter the planet through the center of Moray’s concentric circles. It was very subtle and deep; it happened in profound silence. The Cylinder anchored deep into the planet, half of it under the surface and half of it rising way up into the sky. It aligned all the Wheels Within Wheels into their New True Positions.

Next, we sat as Silent Watchers again. This time there was a very subtle symphony of birds singing. One over here, one from over there, like a point — counterpoint. This took us into an even deeper state….

We did this for a total of five times, beginning in the center and moving up to a new level each time. Then, as One Being, we departed in profound Gratitude.

The RESET of 11/11/11 was extremely still, subtle and deeply penetrating. It didn’t happen with a huge dramatic bang, but with a gentle naturalness that was powerfully subtle and exquisitely beautiful.


11/11/11 RESET and the 11:11

Living True Lives as True Ones IS A COMPLETE RESETTING OF
The changes are so profound, it’s almost like inhabiting a new planet.
It changes what we see around us;
it changes what we feel; it changes what we think;
it changes how we interact with others;
it changes what we do and it changes how we do things.

11/11/11 was a complete RESET OF ALL THAT WE KNOW into the New resonance of  Love and Trueness.  Never before had such a unified action on this scale been performed. It had a profound effect on this planet and far beyond.

As to the whole Journey of the 11:11, the 11/11/11/ RESET was a very Off The Map event. It was an Insertion Point from the Invisible.

We had always assumed that November 11, 2011 was the date when the 11:11 Doorway would close. However, as we came close to this date, it became increasingly clear that this was not to happen. We knew that there would be no 11:11 Gate Activation on 11/11/11. Instead, we had the very strong vision of what we were meant to do.

The 11/11/11 RESET triggered powerful waves upon waves of Love and Trueness that continue to spread outwards, bringing unprecedented change and affecting all aspects of our lives. Tsunamis of the New and True are pouring in and bringing up to the surface anything that is  untrue so that it can be washed away.

The World As We’ve Known It is dramatically changing.


• MUA is a Tahitian word which means «In the Beginning», «Before anything else». It also signifies the beginning of MAJOR NEW CYCLES.

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