The Doorway of the 11:11

The 11:11 Doorway is the bridge between two very different evolutionary spirals: Duality and Oneness. When the 11:11 Doorway was opened on January 11 – 12, 1992, it created a Zone of Overlap between these evolutionary spirals. This is what enables us to shift from a duality-based reality to one anchored in Oneness.

Our journey through the 11:11 Doorway is the most important journey that we will ever take. It unhooks us from duality. It brings us the remembrance that we are all part of One Being. It reconfigures our evolutionary labyrinth. It makes visible the Invisible. It enables us to live in the Expanded HERE and NOW of the Ultra Greater Reality. It helps us emerge as True Ones. It births a totally New Paradigm based on PURE HEART LOVE and TRUENESS.

The 11:11 is not simply a cosmology; it is a totally new way of being. Now it is time to openly be True Ones living True Lives. And together as ONE BEING, we shall birth a New World.



Within the Doorway of the 11:11, there are Eleven Gates. Each Gate is a stepping-up station to a new frequency band of energy. These Gates are similar to locks in a canal. Once a Gate is activated and entered, we begin an intense process of transformation and initiation as our beings are immersed in a new frequency patterning. Traveling upon these frequency bands, we master the lessons of each 11:11 Gate until we arrive at the next Gate.

Each 11:11 Gate has a unique vibratory keynote with which we must align ourselves in a state of harmonic resonance. It is this process of alignment which gives us the needed recalibration so that we may travel deeper into the Invisible.

The Gates of the 11:11 can be entered at any time once they have been activated, for they do not occur within linear time. Hence, you might be currently experiencing any or all of the Gates already open. However, an 11:11 Gate may not be entered until it has been properly activated.

It takes over 20 years to complete our journey through the Eleven Gates of the 11:11 Doorway.

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