11:11 Questions Part Two

Here are some commonly asked questions on the 11:11.
If you have any others, please email us and they will be answered here.

smpurp1QUESTION: Why are so many of your books out of print?

SOLARA: Good question. Several of my books have been out of print because they needed to be totally rewritten and updated. Although there are many back orders for them, I wasn’t willing to reprint them without totally recalibrating them. The energies have greatly changed since they were first written, and in my integrity I couldn’t reprint something that didn’t reflect this.

The GOOD NEWS is that I have been rewriting them.

“The Star-Borne” has been totally rewritten with many new chapters and much new information. Several chapters were deleted and some from the old “11:11” were added. It will also have a new cover and be available in early 2012.

“The Legend of Altazar” has been out of print the longest, although this is one of my favorite books. It is now available in the Kindle format from Amazon.com. This can be read on any computer or device including Kindles and iPads.

I am also nearing completion on a brilliant deck of 11:11 oracle cards complete with a 1300page book. This is the best oracle deck I’ve encountered and will be extremely helpful for incorporating the Ultra Greater Reality into our everyday lives. They will be available in 2012.

smpurp1QUESTION: What’s happening to me? I find that everything around me is changing. I just can’t relate to my old world. I’m afraid that I’ll lose all my friends since I can’t even make small talk anymore.

SOLARA: Congratulations! You’re obviously traveling deeper into the Invisible. When this happens, it’s as if your old world turns inside out & you see everything with new eyes. This is really good! Now you can LOOK LARGER and see where you really are. As to small talk. . . many of us find superficial chit chat rather impossible these days. It just clutters up what is real. If your friends can’t communicate with you on a deeper level, then look for new friends who can.

smpurp1QUESTION: Could you explain the concept of duality?

SOLARA: Duality is the belief system that we have been living in up until now. Everything in this world has been based on the laws of duality. Duality is based on opposition and polarity; how there are always two halves which make a whole and that everything has its opposite polarity. Within polarity there is always the concept of separation. Some examples are: night-day, male-female, good-bad, happy-sad, love-hate, action-reaction, spiritual-physical & on a vaster level Earth-Star. Duality has been our underlying foundation for a very long time.

Now with this massive shift into Oneness, we are seeing that there is a Larger Truth, a greater wholeness. We are all part of the ONE. Nothing is separate from the ONE. Night & day form a larger unit which is anchored in the eternal No-Time. We all contain male & female polarities within us. There is a larger, more all-pervading Love called PURE HEART LOVE which encompasses all emotions and is anchored in the One Heart. Spiritual & physical have merged together and we now realize that everything is sacred. And we are becoming Earth-Star Beings by anchoring the Invisible within our own physical bodies. So the underlying foundation of our reality system is profoundly transforming.

smpurp1QUESTION: Where do you get your information? Are you a channel?

SOLARA: I am definitely NOT a channel. I simply remember… Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to know everything, especially the truth behind what was being presented as real. I was born with a good set of truth filters which means that anything not true, simply won’t be accepted by me. It’s something that I can feel in my cells and I’ve always been able to trust them.

I have been on Earth for a very long time, since before the beginning of time. I’m sure that my lengthy cycle of experiences on Earth has been helpful in developing my knowledge and access to the ONE. Everyone has the potential for full access to the ONE; but perhaps, I have explored this more than most.

smpurp1QUESTION: I’ve heard about people who have already passed through all the Gates of the 11:11. What is your opinion about this?

SOLARA: Several people have contacted me over the years saying that they have gone through 11:11 Gates which have not yet been activated. It is obvious by the very nature of their understanding of these Gates that they haven’t truly experienced these Gates. All I can say is that the energies of the 11:11 Gates are unimaginably different than anything we have previously experienced. An 11:11 Gate can only be activated by large groups of us coming together as One Being. And until a Gate is activated, those energies are not ready to fully manifest on this planet, simply because we are not yet ready. I know of no-one, myself included, who has totally mastered the energies of the 11:11 Gates which have already been activated.

If people try to rush through the 11:11 Gates or fool themselves into thinking that they have passed through unopened Gates, all they are doing is shortchanging themselves from receiving the full transformation possible within the 11:11 Gate we are currently passing through. Why be in such a hurry? Remember, the power is in the journey itself, not in the rush to reach the supposed destination.

smpurp1QUESTION: What is the 11:11 about?

SOLARA: I have put much information about the 11:11 on this website and in my books, especially “How to Live Large on a Small Planet”, “11:11 –Inside the Doorway” and “EL*AN*RA: The Healing of Orion”. That’s why I wrote these books and created this website.

smpurp1QUESTION: I’m born on a special date, such as November 11, January 11 or have a birthday which adds up to an 11, or was born at 11:11. What does it mean?

SOLARA: I receive lots of email with this question. It obviously means that you are aligned with the 11:11 frequencies. It means that it’s time for you to wake up and shake off the old duality-based reality system and align yourself with Oneness. It’s time for you to be REAL and TRUE and live a True Life as a True One. And to help others do so as well.

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