The 11:11 Sacred Dances


The 11:11 Sacred Dances are very powerful tools to anchor the Ultra Greater Reality into the physical.
They are deeply transformational. Each dance is for a specific purpose which is ever evolving.
Some dances are extremely vigorous, while others are so subtle that we barely move.
Each dance has myriad levels of mastery and refinement.

There are presently eleven Sacred Dances which have been birthed by Solara
and others to facilitate our journey through the 11:11.

Many of you will be surprised at how familiar these dances are.
But remember, we have been dancing them together for aeons in the Invisible.
This is why it feels exhilarating to perform them in our physical bodies upon the Earth at this time.


The Sacred Dances are both subtle and powerful.
They are an important part of our immersion into the Ultra Greater Reality.
We ask all participants to honor their sanctity by performing them with utmost respect
and by wearing white clothing which symbolizes the purity of our One Being.
If you perform these dances with your full Presence, with focused intent and dedication,
you will be noticably transformed!


Please remember that whenever we perform these Sacred Dances,
in groups large or small, anywhere on this planet,
all of us are with you; for truly we are woven together in Oneness.
Even if you are a tiny group of inexperienced dancers,
when you perform these Sacred Dances with sincerity and an open heart,
you will feel all of us dancing with you as One Being!


The best way to learn these Sacred Dances is to participate in the Master Cylinder
of an 11:11 Gate Activation. Not only will you be taught them by Solara,
but you will be dancing them in the context for which they were created.


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