The Pulsating Star Dance

Created in 2004 by the Sixth Gate Master Cylinder on the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland.

The Pulsating Star Dance was birthed out of the center of the One Earth – One Being Dance performed at the Sixth Gate Master Cylinder. It is a small, but powerful dance that is performed in groups of six dancers holding hands, of which three dancers form an inner triangle and three dancers form an outer triangle. The two triangles pulsate in and out and revolve, exchanging positions as inner and outer triangles. It represents the birth of the seed core of the New.

PR_DIAM  Photos of the Pulsating Star Dance at the Eighth Gate 1 Master Cylinder


Above and below: The Pulsating Star Dance at the Eighth Gate 1 Activation at Mallorca


Animation of the Pulsating Star Dance


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