11:11 Master Cylinders

EgyStarryProc32The Master Cylinder is always the key point for an 11:11 Activation. It works much like a master cylinder in a car. The new incoming 11:11 energies are drawn to the focal point of the Master Cylinder in a concentrated, heightened form and anchored into the Earth.

The Master Cylinder functions much like a key pin
in the center of a complex mandala of Wheels within Wheels.

The Master Cylinder group forms One Being with the numerous 11:11 Anchor Groups worldwide. From the Master Cylinder, the energies are sent around the world where they are anchored by the various 11:11 Anchor Groups participating in an 11:11 Activation. The Master Cylinder is the centerpoint for the Activation of a new Gate of the 11:11.

Without a strong Master Cylinder, the 11:11 Gates cannot be activated. In order to have a strong functioning Master Cylinder, we need strong, clear people to participate physically who are committed to giving their all to receive and anchor these energies. Attending an 11:11 Master Cylinder is an unforgettable experience requiring much dedication, focus and sometimes, endurance.

11:11 Anchor Groups

11:11 Anchor Groups are an essential part of the activation of an 11:11 Gate. The more 11:11 Anchor Groups participating in an activation, the more effective will be the disbursement and anchoring of the 11:11 energies.

The Master Cylinder and 11:11 Anchor Groups form a powerful One Being. It is this One Being who activates the 11:11 Gate.


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