4 Gate Tahiti – Anchor Group Reports Part One


“In Turkey, after we published “Live Large” in Turkish, I translated the information you’ve given about the Fourth Gate Activation and Anchor Groups. At the beginning of August, we faxed it to many people around the country. The people who received this fax/message functioned as sub-organizers and sent it to their groups.

These were really interesting days; everybody was living the excitement of participating in the Fourth Gate Activation which will enable the reconfiguration of our evolutionary labyrinth, open our New Directions, mark the beginning of our New Lives, and increasingly experiencing Oneness.

Hundreds of people made groups for August 11th. Some of them even made rehearsals for the Activation Ceremony. Many of them bought white clothing. For days, our fax and telephone never stopped operating.

On August 11th, many people began the Ceremony at 6:00 am (seven hours before the Total Solar Eclipse) to support you in Tetiaroa. We came together with our group in a big house amongst the greeneries. We were all there with joy, expectancy and responsibility.

Since we felt the presence of our Guides, we were even more crowded! Because all of us were Second Degree Reiki practitioners, we began first by sending Reiki Symbols to the world, to the Master Cylinder, to the other Anchor Groups and to our country.

When we were sending energy to your group, we really felt the exhaustion you’re in. So besides following the Activation Program you’ve given, we mainly focused on sending energy to the Master Cylinder and the Activation of Fourth Gate.

After hours of Activation, we too, were really exhausted, but we were still feeling a great joy, hope and a strange new energy! We hugged each other with the relief of having done our task perfectly and with the expectation to begin our New Lives, we returned to our homes.

Only six days later, on August 17th at 3:10 am, we were awakened with a terrible earthquake of 7.8 on the Richter Scale and literally saw the backwards and forwards motion of the walls! As a result, thousands of people have died, according to the media nearly 40,000, thousands of people have been injured and thousands of apartments have collapsed. And now thousands of people are sleeping in the open air and wandering with shocked faces.

So Turkey was really Null Zoned in just 45 seconds!

After the first shock passed, (it wasn’t easy because of the 62 new earthquakes after the first violent one), we began to think about this event. We don’t know the Divine Plan behind this catastrophe yet. But because Turkish people and people from all over the world, (even the traditional enemies of Turkey), have shown a great solidarity to help the victims of this catastrophe; we can see that it is serving to our Oneness.

I believe it will help us to become more Real, True and Honest. We feel that now we are really on the map of the Unknown. All we can do is to surrender everything, to have our courage back, to help our fellows as much as we can, to love them with our whole beings and to feel Gratitude for everything we have.” ….. Semra: Turkish 4th Gate Anchor Coordinator


“The celebration on August 11 was outstanding, absolutely beautiful, expanding into such lovely realms. We had a gathering morning and afternoon. The morning one was exceptionally powerful and uplifting, taking us into other realms: the Activation of the 4th Gate. Words cannot describe the glory of those moments. We certainly opened the doorway into our New Lives.” …. Rosemary Southwell


“It was really quite wonderful. I kept feeling the energy that the Master Cylinder was sending out and connected several times very closely with you all as I meditated during the late night hours. Others of the group felt this connection also. We could literally see you at the Tahiti location. Earlier, I had seen the sunset on the water around the island.

We also saw several of the other Anchor Groups. At one point I could hear a group of Native Americans chanting, then we heard beautiful singing. Many faces and voices came all during the Activation.

We felt called to gather in the morning of the 11th in Springdale at one of our group’s homes and continue the connection with the Gateway. We felt that the ceremony we did with the Four Directions was particularly powerful. The energy poured through us into the Earth-Star center and was so powerful, we could hardly stand.

Since there was such a small group of us, we stood in a circle with the points of the compass and each moved to each compass point as the energy of Air, Earth, Water and Fire connected through us. We felt our bodies move in different ways with each energy and compass point. Our bodies leaned forward and we felt as if we were falling into the center for the energy; then it felt as if we were falling back, then going in a spiral which made us feel dizzy for a moment, then side to side.

At the end, we held our arms up to the sky still holding hands and moved into the center, pulling our energies into Oneness. Each time we moved around the circle and stood in a new direction, it was a completely different sensation. At the end, when we once again stood in our original location, we knew that the shift had taken place within us.

We were told that the next 11 days, until August 22, we would be in the energy of the Gateway as we were part of its matrix and that it was a place we had been before. Each of the Gateways we came through to bring our beings to this dimension split our being into more and more individualization. Now, we are going back through those Gateways opening them with our encoded DNA and RNA matrix.

As we reunite with the energies of the Gateway, we also once again move closer into that point of Oneness with awareness and bringing ourselves as Creators adding to the energetic molecular matrix of the Gateways, assisting in moving this planetary being and our human bodies closer to its new dimensional reality.” …. Tzadith


“Dear Solara and all, WELL DONE!!!! You truly achieved something great. We have just finished our meditations for the day to anchor the energies of 4th Gate. We started at about 10:20 am in Altrincham, Cheshire, UK and with the help of a large crystal mandala, the Four Elements and lots of light, did perhaps the best activation we had ever done.

The energies were enormous, subtle, incandescent and literally poured through us. I could see elementals closely hugging the crystals and at one point in our second meditation at about 5:00 pm, I was aware of four immensely strong presences. One sat behind each position of each element of Air, Fire, Water and Earth on the compass.

The third meditation was just as amazing. We could feel your presence in Tahiti even more so, almost to the point where there was no distance or time separating us. Just sometime before 9:00 pm here, I truly knew that the opening of the 4th Gate was a complete success, and rather reluctantly, brought the meditation to an end at about 9:20 pm.

Other our past mediations, workings and activations on Glastonbury Tor and other sacred sites in the British Isles have been truly amazing, this ONE left us with a feeling of such complete joy, love, etc. that I really had to email you to tell you!” …. Adam, Emma, Cameron and Bingley the star dog


“Mi nombre es Sandra Figueroa, fué una experiencia grata el compartir la apertura de la Cuarta Puerta Dimensional 11:11 con los del Grupo Ancla Mexico en la Ciudad de Monterrey, estando como instructora la Maestra Aida. Llevo Cámara en la Asociación Civil OROMU aqui mismo. Comparto estos moments tan bellos con todos los hermanos. Ruego a mi Dios Padre me ilumine y me llene de Luz. Gracias. Bendiciiones para todos.”


“We had 28 participants in our Anchor Group. I assembled my 6 ft. wooden pyramid on the beach. We drummed, held hands and sent tones. Everyone was pleased.” …. Snowflake


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