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Second Week: The Nile Cruise

Following the 11:11 Activation, 140 of us continued on for a week of cruising the Nile. We had an entire boat to ourselves. Since we were in such a deep state, we experienced being on the Celestial Barge.[[a photo gallery]]

1 Gate Egypt – 23 Luxor

Our first stop was Luxor where we made a night-time procession up and down the Avenue of the Sphinxes chanting “ANNUTARA -HU”.

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1 Gate Egypt – 24 The Temple of Osiris

Next, we visited the Temple of Osiris at Abydos. Here we called in the scattered fragments of our beings and felt them spiraling back into us. Then we impregnated the seed of the Lotus of True Love into the Egg of the Unborn Worlds. It was an amazing experience, very real and very deep. Some […]

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1 Gate Egypt – 25 On our Nile Boat to the Valley of the Kings & Queens

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1 Gate Egypt – 26 The Temple of Horus at Edfu

We traveled to the Temple of Horus by horse and carriage. Again, we formed a long procession and entered the inner temple. Here, we unified all our polarities. Once more, the Egyptian Temple Guardians had tears running down their faces. They told us that they knew we were the Gods returning and thanked us for […]

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1 Gate Egypt – 27 The Temple of Isis in Philae

Next we traveled by bus and then by boat to the Island of Philae, home of the exquisite Temple of Isis, for our final initiation into true Sacred Union.

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