1 Gate Egypt – 19 The Mystical Nights

Dusk to dawn were the most mystical times at the First Gate. This is when most people returned to the hotel. Our Master Cylinder group dwindled from 500 people to around sixty. And yet the 11:11 Activation Ceremony never stopped….

Egypt was experiencing their coldest winter in fifty years, so we put on as many layers of clothing as we could. Our only light was provided by candles and stars. We danced and danced and danced throughout the long, cold night. When we finally reached the point where we could dance no more, we left the circle and threw ourselves in a corner on the dirt. No blankets or pillows. We slept for an hour or two, then lept up and rejoined the dance. It was absolutely magnificent!

Another special time was the first light of the dawn. The light would slowly return, dogs would awaken and start barking, humans would stir from their slumber. All the while, we danced with stripped down, seared in the Beam, shining faces.





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