8 Gate 1 Mallorca – Master Cylinder Reports Part 3

Hola, Dear Ones.

Here we go. 6.47 a.m. on February 13th, Mon Port Reception Area.

Two Waves of Leaving are behind. And you know what – It’s not getting easier. Luckily, I don’t have to stay here till the evening and say so loooong “See ya” to everybody.

Still burning. CDs I mean. All the pics take 5 cds. And it’s not even the half of the all photos that were taken. But that’s definitely great to have these precious moments still on the screen. Happy faces, serious faces. Guardians that were a mess, but still brilliant.

From one point it seems that registration was only yesterday – so many word we want to say to each other. So many stories to share. But from the other side – it feels that we lived the whole new life here in 10 days. No, it was only the beginning. And so many shifts, revelations and breakthroughs. And we even can’t imagine how many more to look forward to…

Though we weren’t good in feeling the needs of the One, I feel that now we have the better view of what it is. In Russia there’s a saying: “One learns from his own mistakes”. I only can hope that everyone got those lessons & will be improving our Mastery of Service & taking care of the One Being we are living in.

We can say so many things and I even can type them down. But I think that it’s far more important not just to speak, but to Live True every minute, bringing the Greater Reality into our lives, sharing it with those who don’t know about it yet. Anchor Lotus Love & Live it. Be the One Being – because it’s sooooo natural.

I very much hope that I won’t forget it even for a second. And if I do, I know that you all will be near to give me a little tap on my shoulder. Or if I miss it, I know that Sebastian will be there to give me a tender kick 😉

With Burning Lotus Love…. Sasha of the One (Russia)


The 8th Gate Master Cylinder Activation in Mallorca, Spain was my eighth Master Cylinder. I am sustained by the feelings, learnings and activations in my being by the following experiences during my time in Mallorca.

11:11 in the Sky

On the porch of the Mon Port after lunch, Sasha from Russia cames over and told us that there was an 11:11 in the sky. I was sitting with Solara and others and some of us got up and went to see. And there it was clear as a digital clock: 11:11 in the sky. The others rushed over at our bidding and I got my camera. The numbers had stared to fade as I snapped the picture, but you can still see some of it. The feeling from this was an incredible confirmation of Right Time – Right Place. I was filled with awe….

Entering the Lotus World with Nova and Annu

Again on the porch of the Mon Port, this time a little before dinner, I came upon Nova and Annu sitting on a couch. Their beauty, peace and calm were astounding. They had just come from being in the inner Lotus Dance in the center of the Elements Dance, and they were still in the Lotus World. I sat with them and went into the Lotus World. Whenever I think of this time, I still can go there.

Lotus Petals with Yakov and the White Dragon

At the Activation after the Elements Dance, Solara directed us to lie down on the ground and form petals of the lotus with another person. I found myself with Yakov from Russia. We laid there softly facing one another, embraced in the Lotus Heart Energy. I looked up into the sky and in the clouds I saw faces. Faces of beings I had seen at other Activations in the clouds; and I felt comforted. Then the clouds shifted and I saw a large White Dragon. She / he was curled up. I could not see her / his spines. Then the White Dragon’s head moved in a fashion reflecting both curiosity and approval. She / he was pleased with the goings on and would be back as she / he was starting to stir.

The second part of 8th Gate comes at the end of 2008. The question of who I will be when I get there is a question I live to answer….. Indigo (Pennsylvania, USA)


The day of the 11:11 Activation dawned with sleepless dream-like expectancy…. As we passed into the Valley of Orient (perhaps where one orients themselves to the stars of Orion?!) visual and physical impressions passed through me, one by one…. The valley was a land twisted and turned, formed by the ancient energies that Lived within it: rock column Guardians, entwined Fairy trees, Dragon spine ridges, Pyramid mountains. White Eagle called from atop the flat-topped mountain, resonance with Mayan and South American lands flowed through me.

Walking up thru the Gates of Initiation, I walked backwards six years. An instant recognition of timelessness. I had already experienced this Activation day in 2001 in the Kileaua crater on the Big Island of Hawaii. A most unique set of occurences then had left me wondering for 6 long years who were all those people dressed in white, standing in a column facing each other, their faces shiny and bright, their eyes full of intention and bliss, hearts beaming Love?? In 2001 they were in a dimension not of ours; now in 2007 I was re-living what I had already experienced, this time in this most-familiar dimension, now blessed with a bodily Knowing of No-Time.

So much of the Universe in alignment with this Activation: a huge cloudship filled with our Starry Friends, Us, from the far reaches of the Universe, blasted us with cold wind while it internally generated wave upon wave of high frequency Love, finally dissolving into the atmosphere and releasing this energy as warmth in the air and sunshine upon our faces. Dragons whirled above us weaving intricate Light patterns of Love, and an exquisite angelic frequency radiated from the soft angel clouds just in front of us, reigning and raining our hearts and souls with blessings of abundance of Love. Masters walked physically amongst us, prompting us to remember our own Mastery.

We danced upon a joyous and grateful Mother Earth while 1,000 – 2,000 year old olive trees stood guard, sentinels of olivey Liquid Gold. We danced in a Stargate which our minds tried to understand — why couldn’t we physically keep time and space closer in this one section of our circle?? Within the stargate time and space were stretched so that our Love could travel further, a small quickening of the Heart stretched and expanded upon the vast fabric of Space-Time.

The Pink Crystal Lotus Heart descended ever so slowly down upon us. Just as it touched the ground ever so gently my Bliss was blown even wider as my old human heart shattered — its hurts and cries flying like a million shards across the Universe held in this Sea of Pure Love. For hours those shards of pain were awash in this Sea, Love itself dissolving the old hurts. Bliss still flowing, flowing even while the tears of ancient pain rained down.

So much gratitude at this dream of Love held within our New Reality, muchas gracias to our Cosmic Messenger of the 11:11, the pathmaker Solara, all the loving facilitators and translators, and our beautiful One Being. All is in Perfection in the Enternal Now.

xoxoxoxoxox:xoxoxoxoxox…. Alexia (Connecticut, USA)


When I started my journey to Mallorca I felt that I was travelling on a line of light, like a string that pulls me to the hotel. The days of preparation were very intense and every day the energies become stonger and stronger. The afternoon before the Activation, we called out to every country of the world and sent love to it. Afterwards, I felt how two big wings are stroking over the planet with a very intense wake up call.

When we started the Activation and Omashar sang one of his beautiful songs, I saw only one cloud in the sky and this was a White Dragon. He flew directly to us. During the Activation, the trees on the mountains bent forward and were curious and amazed while looking at what was happening below in the valley.

When we danced the Lotus Dance, I saw in the middle of our circle a dirty puddle of mud. I asked myself if we were making something wrong? … But then, after a while, a very huge magenta coloured Lotus bud came out.

Ayoka…. Amaa Ta Ra, Karin Breuer (Germany)


I want to speak now about the 10 days spent together in an island of love with all those nice people. Every moment prepared everyone for a Gate opening which we waited for so long.

Personally for me, the 8th Gate was so important because from 1993 I had a dream with a great 8 on a bed of white Lotuses and from that time, I am waiting to feel and to understand the meaning of it.

Honestly I have to tell you that for me the Activation itself started on Friday (9th of February) when I felt a great energy falling down on me. I spoke to people who felt the same, so in that moment I knew that everything will be different and the old way of activating or to feel the Activation will change. And the Activation itself proved me that my feeling was true.

In my opinion, the Activation took place for a few days and the new energies are not about concentrating them in one place as it used to be in a Master Cylinder. They pour in all the places they were accepted in the Anchor Groups all over the world almost at the same time. But the Activation wasn’t in the same time, because it depended on how prepared and open were the Anchor Groups. Therefore, every group felt the Activation at a different time.

In the middle of the Dance of the Elements at the Activation in Mallorca when I saw that nothing special is happening, I stopped and decided to enter in my heart and feel what is going on. In my heart I felt for a moment that the Activation is done. But it had nothing to do with some physical experience like a huge energy felt on my body– just in my heart like a sign, a click. The next moment, I saw all the people worldwide anchoring and i realised that we anchor as One together and I felt the strength of the Anchor Groups more than I thought it might be…all as One!

Of course at the moment, I asked myself, “Oh, this is all?”… And yes that was all, because these energies are completely different from the others and these energies can be felt only deep in our hearts if our hearts are open and allow the energies. So my opinion is that from now on the Lotus energies will be felt only in the open hearts and not by everyone their physical bodies as it was before.

My opinion is that from now every Gate Activation will be different. I also feel that from now it is not necessary to do anything during the Activation. We just have to stay in peace, in our hearts holding our hands or just simply letting the energies pour into us in love and harmony. I think that any kind of movement or rituals are not necessary now. The Lotus is about silence, peace and love. Yes, the Sacred Dances are very, very good for activating our hearts, for the preparation before the Activation, but for the Activation itself my opinion is that they are not necessary. Of course, we can do them, but I feel that more time is needed to just be inside myself not concentrating on the dances. I repeat that this it is only my opinion; maybe it is a better way for me. And some of the Romanian Anchors told me the same, that they wanted just to stay more feeling and not doing anything and that all of them had great experiences during the Activation.

When we came back from the Activation, I also felt the Lotus energies continuing, so I realized that the Activation is still working. For me, it was a great experience all what happened in Mallorca because I understood that everything is changing so quickly as we do not breathe in the same rhythm all the time and we have to be capable to keep going as the energies come to us and therefore we need to be more conscious of what is happening all the time.

Now the role of consciousness is much stronger then our need to do something for us or for the others. Even if we are not doing something spectacular, but it’s more important to be there in every moment of our lives from now on. I think that the whole vision of the Lotus World is changing and that from now on everyone of us has to be a conscious, openhearted Master Cilinder. And we need to be involved much more in everything because from now it is really about being One with All and not waiting just for our own personal evolvement.

The One Being is activated and all the hearts from it have to step in and bring to the Whole his own experience, vision, power, love, all what is needed to strengthen our One Being forever. All these experiences are parts of our contracts to go further whatever happens, whatever we feel in one moment or another of our lives. Our way Home is not always a way full of roses, but our way home is the most real way if we are open to feel it and accept it just as it is.

Thank you, Solara for making this experience possible for all of us!

Thank you, Lotus energies for helping us feel the reality of the new world!

Thank you for all the participants of the 8th Gate Activation for your magnificent presence which made all this experience be true and real!

Thank you to all the Love Ambassadors that due to your involvement we made the first step in a new world and we experienced how we have to live together in a Love Island!

Thank you Universe, for showing us the Path on the Road of Truest Love!…. KaRa (Romania)


Hello Authentic True Loves !

This, of course, doesn’t mean we are “perfect”, neither that we are “imperfect”! … Just that we are starting living the New Energy or New Conscience of our full Self, here now.

Mallorca ! 11:11 ! 8th Gate Activation ! … I am so happy to have been present with all of you. And, most evidently, thank you dear Solara, for embodying the 11:11.

By coming, I just chose to be an authentic presence so as to help anchor, here and now, our new alive way beyond duality and also Beyond our Wildest Dreams. We all deserve to manifest them joyfully, consciously in our own lives first and sharing it moreover. It’s been a long journey to arrive to live beyond duality, … but now there is something precious, we are in the River of Real Love of the Lotus Heart and this is in infinite Expansion.

My best moment of the Activation was been when, unexpectedly for me, we manifested the Master Peace: All of Us, with our bodies on the ground, representing the Lotus Flower, in perfect harmony with ourselves, with our companionship, with all of us, with mother Earth and the Sky … so much deep, so deep Serenity shared ! And here, I thank the one who shared directly that experience with me, it has been and is for me, a perfect, eternal moment.

After coming back from Mallorca, on the 22th of February, surprisingly, I offered myself to expand on internet on ZIKI.COM (name: Danielle DAVIN) as an artist. In a few days, my site will be renewed by my son (Sun also) and, for the first time of this present life, also commercial … you know, just to say to the world that I have something to offer ! No expectation, just expansion and freedom of creativity…. so is also New Conscience of Energy.

I also know that, at the right time, we’ll meet again physically and I am rejoicing. Muani to all …and see you soon !…. Dielle (Belgium)

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