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Hudson, Quebec, Canada

We did it! Again, Solara’s feeling that it would be the most powerful 11:11 Gate Activation since 1992 was correct.

What can be said when everything and everyone is in the right place, at the right moment? It is difficult to describe the essence of such a moment, even more since French is my heart language, but as I did for previous Gate Activations, I will do my best!

The week before the 8th Gate Activation approximately half of our Anchor Group met to prepare and exchanged impressions on how we saw the coming event. We practiced the Starry Processional (with the appropriate music this time, as during previous Gates we had used alternative music). Again you are right Solara, doing the 11:11 Sacred Dances with the appropriate music is much more powerful. We also added and practiced the Lotus Dance, as we already knew the Starry Processional quite well.

We started at 7 am on the 11th February and we were 24 participants. Right from the beginning everything was smooth and simplicity was the keyword. Everyone brought something to contribute and one of the participants had huge crystals and a fabulous horn. We placed the crystals with our five Guardians and before the ceremony began; the horn was blown in the four directions.

We did the 11:11 Sacred Dances and during the Lotus Dance a kind soul placed me in the center of the Lotus. An incredible amount of Love was given to me during these minutes and afterwards I gave my position to a participant who is 88 years old! This beautiful old woman did all the dances, even the Starry Processional which can be difficult for even the youngest participants.

Around 11:30 am somebody suggested that we go outside as there is a special energy in my backyard since we anchored the 6th Gate there. However, on February 11th it was much too cold to do the same; some of us still went outside for a short while but after a few minutes another participant said we should go back inside; she told me afterwards that she had felt an emergency to go back in. As soon as we got back to our original ceremonial site, I had the urgent feeling that I should be Guardian of the West, which is my direction. I exceptionally asked the Guardian if I could replace him and I asked a participant who has been with us since the beginning to take the East, and THERE IT WAS! For the first time since 1992, I could feel the energy anchoring itself. It was strong but felt like soft waves passing through me and filling the space. I felt I had to lower it, a strange feeling I cannot explain, but I did a movement, just like if I was capturing something from the air, and bringing it to the ground…. I did not want this glorious feeling to stop but it finally came to an end.

The anchoring took place between 12:30 and 1:30 pm.

For the Dance of the Elements, a participant had brought assorted pieces of material in various colors, and everyone made a choice according to the element they wanted to dance. Our facilitator of the Dance of the Elements since our first Anchor Group gathering explained how and why we were doing this dance. So we did and it was deliciously hysterical! By chance the Earth Element saved the artistic and spiritual side of the dance because all the others groups were like children who were long passed their bed time…. we were laughing and giggling. The wind was even running in the other Elements! It was an infantile and absolutely necessary moment for most of us.

To conclude we sang a mantra and the horn was blown in the four directions for the last time. We serenely accepted the end of the ceremony with everyone feeling it was beautifully completed, and already talking of the second part of the 8th Gate Activation in 2008!

Again, thank you Solara for taking us with you…. Diane and the Hudson Anchor Group


New York, USA

We had nine very dedicated dear ones in our Anchor Group, plus three other dear ones who were also very committed, but due to illness or living further away were not able to make the journey at that hour, and so connected from their homes.

We started at 3 am New York time with a smudging ceremony, and then formed a sacred circle sharing our Starry Names and Mudras. We did the GO! and opened in the One Heart, and connected with Solara, the Master Cylinder, and all the Anchor Groups as One Being. We embraced them in the Lotus Heart and expanded the beautiful Lotus within our hearts to include all of New York City, the country, and the whole world. We read the locations of the Anchor Groups, and people who were connecting with us from elsewhere; I shared the 8th Gate information and passed around photos of Mallorca to help us with connecting. Then our two very strong Guardians, Amaliah and Lee, took their positions.

Our first dance was of course the Starry Processional. We could imagine all the Anchor Groups and Master Cylinder dancing together as One. During past Activations, our Anchor Group has always passed through all of the previous Gates again as the energy has always been very sacred and powerful, and we have felt very much in the here and now doing this. So we passed through the First and Second Gates and were about to get in position for the Third Gate when Lee said she felt the 8th Gate energies starting to come in and that we should focus on that. Also, the experience of going through the first two Gates did not feel as strong as it usually has in the past.

Irael led us in a beautiful meditation to connect with our One True Loves. After a short break we aligned again with the Master Cylinder, and wondered what they were doing at that moment. Feeling it was the beautiful and subtle Lotus Dance, we started dancing it too, and felt the 8th Gate energies coming in more strongly.

Then it was time to create our 8th Gate and pass through it – to leap into the River of Love! We had previously done some personal clearing at a preparatory meeting, but I spoke again about releasing our fears, any feelings or beliefs of unworthiness or doubts that we cannot have or do not deserve what we truly want in our lives, and we sent all that into the Violet Flame of Purification and Transmutation.

I have a very long curtain scarf in a beautiful shade of blue, and before the Activation I had a vision about using it to represent the River of Love; so I brought out the scarf and enfolded it around all of us in our sacred circle. Our circle started rotating to the Sacred Spiral Dance music, which was perfect for the flowing dance-like steps. We focused on receiving and anchoring the 8th Gate energies of Truest Love and Partnership in New York City and throughout the Earth. I felt so much joy and ecstasy, feeling really warm, almost hot, energy coming into the top of my head like a tube or funnel (but much warmer and more intense than I have felt in the past).

We had two people hold the long scarf which they moved like a flowing, undulating river while each person, one at a time, danced in a figure 8 and then walked with great focus and intent into the River of Love; it was truly wonderful! Then another two would become the gateway with the scarf. This was really so beautiful; it was like we were dancing with our One True Loves and/or with whatever we want in our lives, the fulfillment of our wildest dreams, and were really embraced and immersed in the River of Love under the scarf. I personally felt like I was dancing with my One True Love, and with my True Self, and moving into a joyful New Life. Some felt that the 8th Gate was the most beautiful 11:11 Gate we have had so far.

After this we joined again in our circle of Love. I had wanted to do the Dance of the Elements but it felt like we were complete with what we needed to do, so we didn’t. We must have finished our ceremony by about 7:30 am. We took photos and played some love songs we had brought.

A few of our group sent me some brief comments regarding some of what they had experienced. Amaliah says she felt the energies were incredibly powerful and different than those of previous Gates. As a Guardian, she felt so charged and that she had truly become a pillar of light. She felt the 8th Gate energies running through her spine like electricity and shivering throughout the body. After she went home, she felt re-borne, her heart expanded with all-encompassing Love like never before and she found herself looking at the world with a brand new perspective – more fully aware of the synchronicities/coincidences that are happening, and very thankful to the Universe.

Oriolla said the ceremony was very intense for her, and exhilarating. As she was connecting from her home she had asked for Guardians to come and help her, which they did. She also experienced a distinct pop in her head like something was happening there – this happened three times.

Solia says she was all ready to leave for YJ’s when she began feeling very ill and weak…. she fell asleep and later woke up feeling full of energy, knowing she had connected with us on a soul level.

Irael said that since the 8th Gate Activation she has needed more sleep, and has periods of very accelerated vibrations moving through her. She also feels a definite positive shift has taken place within her, which is causing her to live outside the box.

We send much gratitude, and waves of the most precious, beautiful, Truest Love to Solara and the Master Cylinder, to all the Anchor Groups, to all beings on this sacred Earth, and to beloved Mother Earth herself…. Amara and the New York City Anchor Group in the River of Love


Pozo de Rosas, near Caracas, Venezuela

Our Anchor Group began our 8th Gate Activation preparations on Friday night, 9th February, by awakening our Lotus Heart with a collective meditation. Many of the people who traveled to Pozo de Rosas, a calm mountain place that we felt ideal for the anchoring, were tired but experienced a very intense change of energy with the meditation as the tiredness and fatigue disappeared. We went away to sleep with the expectation of the next day where the challenge was to create the sacred energy of the One Heart, with respect and silence, aware of the the privilege of being part of this anchoring.

The next day, more people continued to arrive and integrate themselves into the group. We began the rehearsal of the 11:11 Sacred Dances, practiced the Mudras, the GO! and all the necessary processes to bring together our One Being. We formed a group of forty people dancing and creating the energy.

My experience was very intense, even though the responsibility for facilitating the Anchor Group was shared by Esperanza and Maria Sofía; there was a small group of people who had previously anchored the 7th Gate Activation and the rest of our 8th Gate Anchor Group were new participants that are just beginning to know the One Being…. wonderful and loving people which I am sure are radiating the One Heart as Golden Lions at the present moment.

Love always prevails and our collective creation was a magnificent One Being, transformed into an immense iridescent white Lotus Flower. A new and unique personal experience for me was to feel deep Love for all and each one of the participants and everything else around me.

The day before the Activation was an intense day with much energetic movement at all levels. Exhausted and excited we went to bed so that we could wake up at 5:00 am to begin our Anchor Group Activation Ceremony in alignment with the Master Cylinder in Mallorca, Spain.

On the day of the 8th Gate Activation, we met at our ceremonial site at dawn underneath a starry, cloudless sky, all dressed in white to symbolized the purity of this special occasion. In groups of two, we entered our sacred space respectfully by passing through the Gates of Initiation. We began with the Starry Processional, while the fog covered the sky and the trees became blurred around us, experiencing moments of sublime harmony in the rhythmic encounter of our One Being; the energy began to build.

We followed this with the Greater Central Sun Dance, invoking the arrival of the first light. We focused our intention with Mallorca, and all the other Anchor Groups that were simultaneously dancing to anchor the Heart of the Lotus.

We paused to share breakfast, replenish our energy and bask in the joy of the anchoring; many participants in the Anchor Group had special experiences.

We continued until noon, closing with the sacred marriage of the Earth-Star Dance, where each one of us stood up to renew our commitment to the One Being.

After participating in an Anchor Group for an 11:11 Gate Activation, we can expect many changes, many processes, many surprises…. What doesn’t correspond with the new frequency will dissolve; if we fight it we will suffer, but if we let go and say good bye to all that no longer serves us with Love and serenity it will create a greater integration of the new energies.

I would like to say to the people who participated in the anchoring of the 8th Gate that we hope this commitment extends to more people and for those who already are dedicated, that it will be honored during these Times of Change…. Abjini

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