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My gifts from 8th Gate — 2 where many and varied.

I would like to share the following with you at this time.

* Dawn Dancing with Hoku
* Being Earth Dragon in the Elements Dance


TRUE LOVE TO THE CORE / PURE HEART LOVE is the keynote of 8th Gate- 2. I was in Kauai at Solara’s when Hoku first received the words that identify this vast love, but I never really felt it.

During our first PURE HEART LOVE exercise at the Master Cylinder in Peru, I still didn’t get the feeling. In my mind I embraced the concept. The idea of PURE HEART LOVE sounded grand and I could see it in some people, but I was not feeling it as I did the 8th Gate- 2 mudra and pretended to hold the drop of PURE HEART LOVE in my hands.

I continued to practice and the next time I did the mudra something shifted. I felt the love coming from me, coursing through me and around me and actually radiating off of me. I don’t know what I did to actually get to this place, but I do know that I did the mudra in the most loving and open way I could and carried that precious drop with a reverence I have never known, and then it happened…. my heart opened more than ever before. Almost like a pop and there I was in PURE HEART LOVE. My hands seemed now too small to hold it. PURE HEART LOVE was my whole body, my entire field, all the Beings in the room—VAST….


I am a dawn dancer and I know I am in my natural flow when I rise before the Sun and take time for the darkness to turn to light. This happened in Peru during 8th Gate-2 preparations.

The first morning I walked alone in the darkness to the steps that led down to the Lake from our hotel, managing my torch for light and minding my balance on the somewhat steep stairway.

The landscape was all new and at the bottom of the stairs a wide path opened before me with reeds edging the lake on my right and very large rocks on my left.

I could barely see the water as the plants blocked it from my sight. I could hear an occasional duck quack in the distance. I was not sure where the path went, so I decided to ascend the hill that went up to the hotel. There was no path and it became quite steep. People could see me from the hotel restaurant climbing. A waiter came down to help me finish my climb. I was grateful for the support.

Another morning, I went with six others from our group to take part in a celebration with Indigenous People. We were on one side of the Lake; they on the other, and at the appointed time we sang to one another. We sang Ayoka — they sang and played drums that we could hear in the distance. We connected in Oneness.

There were several mornings when my roommate Hoku joined me on my morning sojourn. Descending the steps now became a dance — arms outstretched for balance almost like wings. Reaching the bottom, the path was now familiar, but this time we went further. We traversed to the Sacred Rock Site.

Woman and Man Rocks had gathered there for aeons and every morning they faced the Sun for its luminous kiss. The Man Rock was tall and pointed with a crevice you could get into on the Lake side. This was a place that once there, you never wanted to leave—protecting, comforting, nourishing, gentle yet strong.

Lago Titicaca is a Sun Place and the Sun is special there—luminous liquid gold turning to blazing bright white light.

As we turned from the sun, we saw our long shadows stretch out before us on the road. Often at this place I saw George or Walter walking or doing the mudras.

The dawn walk fed my days. A time for quite reflection, dazzling beauty and a light that went deep into my being to nourish and activate.


I have been drawn to dragons for over 25 years. I used the term Dragon Dancing when I first met them back in 1985 and now I was asked to be an Earth Dragon for the Elements Dance. Each time we do this dance it is newly created. At 8th Gate-1 in Mallorica Dragon Partners in each of the 4 elements where added to the dance. Now I was a Dragon embodying all the strength, power, fire and love of the Earth Dragon.

As Ya, my Earth Dragon partner, and I created our dance, we decided to start as mountains nestled together for aeons; close. but rarely moving, never seeing each other, never knowing our caress until we heard the sound of twenty some Earth beings who encircled us, singing to awaken us.

We slowly stretched after our long sleep and then moved spiraling into awakening, finding each other with gentle touches and then with our gaze. So happy and full of a love so strong, courageous and true that it could sustain a planet.

Together as One, we spread our giant wings and saw the beings that surrounded us.First, out of our curiosity, and then with deep love for their commitment and love we greeted each of them with Dragon Love, a love so powerful and pure that it almost flattened some of them, but they were strong and true and met us with love and open hearts.

Then we formed two lines. Ya leading one, I the other, to go forward and merge with the Dragons of Air, Water and Fire. This dance had never been danced and what happened after was so sacred that it is almost impossible to speak of.

Enough to say that a mission was accomplished and a prophesy fulfilled.


My three gifts worked so well together to give me a confidence, strength and love I have never known. At this Gate the True Indigo was uncovered to another level.

At each 11:11 Gate Activation it seems I find more of who I truly AM. At this Gate I also went to a new level of sharing who I AM. Being my vast…full radiant self, openly and with love. And I could receive love. Others saw me and loved me because of my truth.

This has changed the way I now walk in my life. I have been saying anything is possible, but now I know from deep within my being that ANYTHING—EVEN PURE HEART LOVE IS POSSIBLE ON THIS EARTH.



Arbaline and I arrived on Monday afternoon four nights before the first session. It seemed that Lake Titicaca was much more prepared and ready than I was. Just the sight of the lake seemed to awaken new energies. It felt as if the Activation was happening already, even before the first session, and the energy wanted us there and anticipated our arrivals with eagerness and PURE HEART LOVE. The energy became stronger and stronger as each person whooshed through the hotel doors each day. It was as if just walking slowly and peacefully was enough. At last, the trick was NOT working hard, but just being true to the Core and being present in the magnificent energies!

It would be impossible to describe my Activation experience only referring to June 5th, the actual Activation day. This is because the Activation filled up each moment of each day, which made every moment count. The room where we held the sessions went from dark and awkward the first day to light and friendly on days to follow. Many flash photos portrayed round orbs in the room and the orbs were most obvious in photos of the Elements Dance. The Master Cylinder was filled with Right Time — Right Place moments. Very few sessions included massive waves of confusion, and the ones that did ultimately helped us unite. There were Bands of Distortion, but for me, they were mild, detectible and quickly resolvable.

The energy was most intense for me when we were about to get on the bus to Bolivia on June 5th. I was flooded from head to toe in PURE HEART LOVE, more than I had felt previously. Then someone in the group shouted very near my ear, and the sound was so harsh that it hurt deeply. Perhaps this suggests how tender the new energies are, and how influential each individual is to holding the energy. It is equally important that each of us stay grounded and ready for anything that life throws at us to distract us from feeling PURE HEART LOVE.

Our main Activation site was Isla de la Luna within the grounds of an ancient temple with a clear view of Lake Titicaca and the Bolivian Andes. The Starry Processional was the first dance with music, and I ran back from a bathroom break 10 seconds too late, so I acted as a Guardian for as long as I could in the intense energies. I took advantage of a photo opportunity and captured the fantastic and beautiful dance from a high place. Initially I felt like wallowing in self-pity about not dancing, but I deeply wanted to stay in the energies, accept the circumstances, and practice a “meant to be” attitude. This attitude was helpful at the Activation, and after returning home. It seems important to relax in the new energies long enough to capture hidden opportunities.

The next dance on Isla de la Luna was the Elements Dance, which was radiant, filled with PURE HEART LOVE, and included several profound moments. The experience was beyond words, and together with all the Anchor Groups, we birthed the White Dragon.

After the Elements Dance those going to Isla del Sol set off on their journey and left half of us at Isla de la Luna. Their departure seemed sudden and left little time to say goodbye. Of course, One True Loves were separated physically. Those on Isla de la Luna sang Ayoka and many sobbed as we separated. It felt as if we were acting out something that had happened before in another time. It felt like they were leaving and we may never see them again. There was a palpable sense of longing and agony left behind in their wake. Our True Heart Love for each other and longing to reunite created the energy needed to help them conquer the long climb to the Activation site on Isla del Sol as we danced the Pulsating Star Dance on Isla de la Luna. It was the energy needed to sing love songs to each other in starry language from one island to the other. It was the energy needed to dance the Lotus Dance when we happily reunited in Copacabana.

Overall, there was no “moment” that stood out as “The Activation” for me. It seems to me there are no “on” and “off” moments…just a continual flow of energies pouring in at different levels of intensity. There are no more moments of being “small” or “large” beings because we are always magnificent and we are always carrying PURE HEART LOVE. It is time to go out into the world as Aslans, always true and confidently loving all beings with our 1,000,000 suns bursting love from our hearts.



For me the mudra of the 8 Gate says it all! When I first saw it in the video, it touched me profoundly. And we loved to do the mudras in the daily sessions of our preparation week. When at the end we were walking through the room in this position, it made me cry more than once. Finally I could feel it here on earth, the PURE HEART LOVE embodied and alive, so present!

Some of us stopped in front of the big map of the world hanging on the wall with all the stickers of the Anchor Groups on it, it was amazing!

Since the first part of 8 Gate in Mallorca, I had not danced the Lotus Dance again. Although I love all the 11:11 Dances, this one means very much to me. The day we started to create the Element Dance I had brought various pareos in different colours and wondered if I would end up in the challenging group of the Air Element again. But then I was asked to join the White Lotus, a group of 4 women and 4 men, dancing the Lotus Dance, where in the center the White Dragon would be birthed. What a pleasure and honour for me! And while the element groups and the dragons created their dances, the energies were felt so strongly. We all knew that with the birth of the White Dragon a huge step forward into the New was happening.

The day of the Activation started with a bus ride through the beautiful landscape around the lake and we were all so happy in our bus. When we moved onto the boats, the same joy was all around. We enjoyed every minute of our journey. As I put my feet on the Island of the Moon, I thought that this must be the most beautiful place on earth and that I would never leave it again … We felt so welcome and all that was there has been waiting for us to arrive and be there together.

Everyone will remember a special moment or experience. I had a few. The singing of our song from the Moon to the Sun and to our One True Love was absolutely beautiful. Also when we danced to Omashar’s music. I felt so light and peaceful than never before.

A strange thing happened to me. Just when the Element Dance was about to start and we put on the pareos, I felt an urgent need to clean my nose, but it wasn’t possible; suddenly it got completly blocked. We started to dance and slowly some drops of mucus fell upon the hands of the two men at my side. It felt like releasing the slime plug which closed the mouth of the uterus during gestation. We were giving birth to this beautiful White Dragon together, man and woman, and in such a balanced way as it could also be seen in the procession that finished this dance.

We saw the Moon and the Sun looking at each other on our way back to the harbour where we met our other half coming back from the Island of the Sun. The reunion of Sun and Moon, male and female, but on a new level which we are going to explore now….
Greetings to all of you, with joy and pure heart love! … Lenka


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