8 Gate 2 Titicaca — Anchor Group Reports Part 10

Moreno, Buenos Aires, Argentina

HELLO to All Brother and Sister Light Workers,

We are from Missions Province and did the anchoring in the Heart of the missionary jungle. In the Mission Martirs Colony and we want to share with you the pictures where we were recording all the work. Really wonderful. A Unique day.

United with the Love, we are connected.

HOLA a Todos los Hermanos Trabajadores de la Luz.

Somos de la Provincia de Misiones y el anclaje lo realizamos en el Corazón de la Selva Misionera. En la Colonia Martires Misiones y queremos compartir con ustedes las fotos donde fuimos registrando todo el trabajo. Realmente maravilloso. Un día ÚNICO. no se como mandar todos las fotos juntas asi que remito algunas tenemos casi 50 fotos, son espectaculares.

Unidos en el Amor estamos en contacto.

smpurp1 Cheboksary, Chyvashiya, Russia

Hello from 8th Gate Anchor Group in the Russian city of Cheboksary in the Republic of Chyvashiya. Thank you for the chance to participate in activating the 8th Gate of the 11:11 Doorway. Our group of 8 people anchored a powerful, soft energy PURE HEART LOVE out in nature. Stars watched us as we danced. I saw a White Dragon in the sky from clouds. I felt a very strong wave of energy from a loved one from the stars. As we danced, we were One magnificent Being. There were mosquitoes and it was cold, but that did not interrupt our experiencing the energy of PURE HEART LOVE. Participants in our group shared their impressions on the Dance of the Elements. The Earth and the Air came together. After the Activation, there was great love to everyone, even to those who in normal life we do not love. It became easy and simple to take on life.

Thank you very much. With Pure Heart Love…. Olga Pavlova

smpurp1 Buenos Aires, Argentina

The work was amazing.

Thank you Solara for sharing this blessing and to Istael Siekhina in Argentina, with whom we danced all day long on June 5th and a week before, to prepare us for the Activation in Cordoba. Here I am sending some photos for Solara’s Website.

Thank you .. Maria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

El trabajo fué asombroso.

Gracias a Solara por compartir esta bendicion y a Istael Siekhina en Argentina, con quien danzamos durante todo el dia 5 de junio y una semana antes, preparandonos para la activación en Córdoba. Acá te envío otra foto para la página de Solara.

Gracias .. María Bs As Argentina



Usingen, Germany

We are connected with Peru here in Usingen, Germany! And we are dancing the Lotus Dance. We are eight people: 5 women (Silke, Simone, Angelina, Ingrid, Anita) and two children of nine and 11 (Louisa und Adriana) and me, Robert.

We are in the ONE HEART! Beneath the bright clear sky we are dancing the Lotus Dance and powerful waves full of energy already start to enter the core of the Lotus. There is a huge, mighty rock face close to us which is quite as stable as we are. The Lotus petals gently move. The vibration of the 8th Gate is very tender, subtle like the rose petals we are dancing on. A glimpse of the NEW which we will finally enter on the 21.12.20012 – hallelujah! Stay strong until then; it’s not that long any more; we will make it!

Since awhile we are already bathing in these high energies. The stone circle, our energy field where we are dancing in is the heart of AN, the middle star of Orion. Right and left from AN are EL and RA — no surprise that we feel so happy and protected here. In the four directions we put flowers for the four mighty Archangels: Uriel, Raphael, Mikael and Gabriel. And all the natural beings are whirling and dancing around us; all are here with us. When we greeted all the Anchor Groups worldwide and read out the names loud, the children started to gently put rose petals onto the world map and at the end all of us were whirling and dancing on the rose petals. After that Simone surprised us with her beautiful singing from the Heart. We were all very deeply touched from the voice coming directly from the ONE HEART.

With thousands of Hearts and legs all over the world we anchored for more than five hours the NEW ENERGIES from the finally opened Eighth Gate. Thank you Solara! Thank you all who supported this major event and thanks to all the bright eyes I could see.

With deep gratitude and great joy I want to express my thanks to OUR ONE BEAUTIFUL MAGNIFICENT BEING! …. Robert


Nueva Atlantis, Argentina

Cold weather was not an obstacle to gather us. Under the drizzle and very well wrapped up, we lived the Oneness together with all the Anchor Groups around the world on that day (June 5th 2009) and at the same time, when the 11:11 8th Gate, Part 2 was being activated in Peru — Bolivia.

The command was the Love. Love in its purest expression. Ready to read the list of all the Anchor places in the World, 7 printed pages, were about to be blown away, if I didn’t ’t grab them with so much care in my hands. I felt an enormous responsibility and gratitude at the same time.

I was there, happy to be part of this work. Everything was already ready to begin the ceremony: to Anchor in New Atlantis this Energy: The PURE HEART LOVE energy.

I could feel the presence of millions of Light Beings, not only Ascended Masters, but the precious presence of beloved disincarnate beings, ancestors and guides. I thanked them for their presence and the presence of many luminous animal spirits that were present. A great quantity of horses!!! (That was amazing) Then a flock of birds (parrots) flew in circles in the sky, they gave me the signal to begin.


The place, my lovely «Hogar Rafael Sol» (Sun Raphael home) where many of my animal brothers live, and all of us together were losing little by little weight and body. We all slowly integrate in a fraternal way, with many other beings and hidden places of the planet, like is this one, Nueva Atlantis, to BE ONE and serve the ONE.

Only the time and the days that follow this experience, will tell me more about this. But now, I just can tell you that we were present and trusting in our task.

My gratitude to Solara and all the ones who lovingly participated in a visible and invisible way.

Loving you…. María Elena Pérez, member of the Anchor Group — Nueva Atlantis — Argentina


El frío no fue obstáculo para reunirnos. Bajo la llovizna y muy abrigadas, vivenciamos la unidad junto a todos los Grupos ancla del mundo, que en ese día ( 5 de junio 2009) y a la misma hora, se activara la segunda parte del Portal 11.11, en Perú — Bolivia.

La consigna era el amor. El amor en su más pura expresión. La lista para dar lectura a todos los lugares anclas del mundo, siete páginas impresas, se hubieran volado por el viento fuerte que soplaba, sino las hubiera retenía con tanto cuidado con mis manos. Sentí una enorme responsabilidad y agradecimiento a la vez.

Estaba allí de pie, feliz de ser parte de éste trabajo. Ya estaba todo listo para comenzar la ceremonia, la de dar anclaje en Nueva Atlantis, a ésta energía: La del más puro amor.

Podía sentir la presencia de millones de seres de luz, no sólo Maestros Ascendidos, Sino la preciosa presencia de seres amados desencarnados, ancestros, guías.Les agradecí su presencia y tambien a muchos espíritus luminosos de animales se hicieron presentes. Una gran cantidad de caballos!!! Eso fue asombroso! Luego una bandada de pájaros (cotorras) voló en el cielo y en círculo, ellas me dieron la señal de comenzar.


El lugar, mi querido «Hogar Rafael sol», dónde viven muchos de mis hermanos animales, y todos nosotros juntos fuimos perdiendo poco a pocoŠ peso y cuerpo. Nos integramos todos paulatinamente y de modo fraterno, a muchos otros tantos seres y lugares recónditos del planeta, cómo también lo es éste, Nueva Atlantis, para Ser Uno y para servir al Uno.

Solo el tiempo y los días que trascurran luego de ésta experiencia, me dirán más al respecto. Por el momento sólo puedo contarles que estuvimos presentes, y confiando en nuestra tarea.

Mi agradecimiento a SOLARA Y a todos los que participaron amorosamente de modo visible e invisible. Los ama, María Elena Pérez , integrante de Grupo Ancla — Nueva Atlantis — Argentina


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