8 Gate 2 Titicaca — Anchor Group Reports Part 8

Lanyu (Orchid Island), near Taitung, Taiwan

We arrived in the eastern coast city of Taitung, Taiwan to beautiful sunny blue skies, and fresh breezes blowing between the ocean and the mountains close-by. The excitement I had felt about anchoring 8th Gate 2 in Taiwan and visiting Lanyu for the first time was now accompanied by a deep peace. Two years of anticipation, and now the two events would be happening together!

Everything looked so special! The best location for anchoring 8th Gate 2 energies beckoned. I glided effortlessly, meeting one person after another who had heard the call, walking with me to the next point.

I flew to Lanyu, an island between Taiwan and Batanes, The Philippines (an island formed about 3 million years ago during a volcanic explosion. The number 3 came up many times. I knew it to be a reminder of the overlay of Second, Fourth and Eighth Gate frequencies). The ocean below me became ultra-smooth with a myriad of lines on it. It was the face of a very old woman.; as solid as a blanket.

Stepping out of the plane 10 minutes later, I was on the most spectacular paradise I had been to since 2001, which was the last time I had been in Tobago, my heartland.

Lamuran is the name of the people I stayed with. Kind and Open, they found me before I had walked 1km. Everyone I stopped and talked with was happy to see me. They had no questions about my anchoring the 8th Gate — 2 energies there. My raised arms as I did the GO! brought a flicker of remembering to their faces. I was welcome!

When I arrived at the very large undulating grassy field at the edge of the land, I felt I was in yet another world with a white granite stone pathway before me. It stretched forever over the hills with the ocean below and within reach at my side. The first steps I practiced were Lions rotating around one another. Love filled my whole being. I realized that’s when the Ultra Greater Reality, via every movement, comes in and goes right through to the center of the Planet Earth. And all those dearest to us are present, whether we can see them or not.

The canyons deepened me at every glance. Wonderful Silence!!!! I felt rich and rediscovered synchronicity outside, in pace with timeless moments, grasses waving, leaves fluttering, the songs of birds nearby. Even before Lanyu people are born they watch the ocean. There simply is no end to the stories the ocean tells these people. I witnessed the New arriving every moment, as the call to watch is irresistible. Never have I felt such trust in the ocean.

The next day I was standing on a wooden platform between Lamuran’s home and the church. Quite by surprise and quickly, I became a Guardian for the Greater Central Sun Dance.

On June 2nd, the Sacred Spiral Dance took me to a place that overlooked much of the whole island. Spiraling in, then out and forming a circle, fingers linked, the ocean in front of me changed after completing 3 evolutions of the circle. Before me lay the figure of 8, as if someone had taken a paintbrush and painted a huge white 8, the top of which trailed off endlessly into the blue north ocean. WOW!

I awoke on the morning of the 3rd to Solara. She was putting worlds within worlds, as we do in the 6th Gate Activation Mudra. There was a feeling of «Get up now, there’s no time for walking today!» I rented a motorcycle and went to the northern end of the island where it was so windy. There were times I had to stop riding and just hold on to my bike. I came to a huge cave and did the 11:11 Mudras and then it became calmer.

It was time to go to the southern face, past Dragon Rock to Ye Yin, where the people still live in traditional underground homes. I drove very slowly, watching the awesome sprays of white mist dancing far along the coastal corners, reaching way up to me. Where ocean currents meet the surface is calm, but there is no doubt that Dragon Chi is here; the air turns in 16 directions.

After a very deep sleep, I walked north to Yeh Yo near the Ferry Harbor and then back south to the field to do the Earth Star Dance! I was (energetically) in the ocean for the Earth. It was dark and warm. The sky was ever-changing over me, moving the clouds around starry me. During the merging of Earth and Star, it included all elements of the land! I danced sending love to all partners. I named the countries of the world depending on the direction I was facing.

The Anchor Group Map took three days to complete. I sat with it for a long time on the day of the Activation. It had rained and was windy the previous night. On June 5th, I especially felt the presence of the Master Cylinder Group at Lake Titicaca. I stayed close to my room and watched the water. I heard Solara speak about the Lions and the All-Seeing Eye. It was so nice to hear her voice! It was an unexpected surprise!

The Lamuran people were concerned about the weather. There was a stillness, interrupted by short bursts of rain, with lots of changes in the sky throughout the Day. I was sitting by the Map, sending Love. I thought of Bolivia. I really wanted to dance on the field at 9:30 p.m. It was about 6:22 pm. Suddenly, another downpour came. It was solid rain. It lasted a long time. The Lamurans tip-toed around me and the Map, respectful. I am so grateful for their sensitivity.

At 8:30 p.m. I just knew it was time to go. I walked quickly out into the night. It was clear; you could see stars! And the moon, oh, she was so beautiful. I remembered the way in the dark. When I got to the field, I felt shaky. I had cooked and eaten a delicious sea coral seaweed stew of taro, sweet potato and pumpkin. Why then…? And then the iPod did not work! I tried to begin the Starry Processional Dance, but could not. The plants and insects did not allow me. I stepped aside and cried for a moment.

I sat looking at the Moon shining a very wide, very long perfectly lit pathway on the water. I accepted. I walked in a horizontal sway in the Lotus Heart up the white path. Pausing as the inner petals became outer petals. Midway, I stopped, put down what was in my hands, and walked the rest of the way as a Lion. It was steeper than before. And the ridge was narrower. But I could not take my eyes off the clouds! The clouds were the music. When I began the Lotus, there was a horizontal 11:11 in the water, made by the moonlight shining through four straight horizontal clouds.

During the Lion Walk, there were vast Lions and Dragons, many of them, coming from all directions! When I reached the top of the white path, two more Lions came dancing towards the Moon. One went to one side of the Moon and the other went to the other side! Then a Dragon came from the East, danced past the Moon, turned, and went behind the Moon to the Beyond. It was incredible.

I sat at the top of the white path on the wooden bench. I was Guardian for the Insertion Point Dance. It would have been after 1:00 pm at the Master Cylinder at Lake Titicaca.

I walked back very slowly and stood with the small owls who sing every night across the island to one another. I did not feel the magnificence of being at the entry point in Master Cylinders at 11:11 Gate Activations. Nothing can come close to that! I did feel that what I came to do was done.

I heard the words: «Good, Ongralea.»


Ohrdruf, Thuringia, Germany

After receiving information for June 5th and about Solara’s website, I got an impulse that moved through my whole being. Every time I get such an impulse, I know it is Right Place – Right Time.

I registered as an 8th Gate — 2 Anchor Group with myself as the single member; I was ready to jump. I ordered the «11:11» book and reading it encouraged me. The dull feeling in my stomach lessened a bit. Even if it was to be that I had to do it alone. The site of the Activation made itself known right after my decision to jump: the mountain Dolmar, near Meiningen.

In preparation for June 5th, I was called to aid celestial helpers close a gate above this mountain where imbalances were present.

Shortly before the 8th Gate — 2 Activation, a woman named Gudrun called to participate. We met and then there were two of us.

Together with my daughter, I translated the instructions of the «Xua», «Opening the Lotus Heart» and the «11:11 Mudras». I trained myself in the 11:11 Sacred Dances by watching the animations and looking at the photographs. I only had a few days to practice, but I was trusting. Then I met Gudrun for the dress rehearsal before the day of the Activation. Gudrun had invited two friends; they were still hesitant, but wanted to take part. The four of us spent a wonderful afternoon together. Through meditation, talks and with love we resolved the last doubts. Now, we were four; my favorite number.

In deep connection, we drove to the mountain Dolmar. Everyone had brought something special for the day. The weather was sunny, and all the healing beings were with us. At the beginning of the ceremony we said good bye to duality with the song “Time to Say Goodbye». We focused on being True Ones and with music and the 11:11 Sacred Dances, we connected with the new energies.

For several days, I had seen a column of Lotus Flowers coming from the Master Cylinder at Lake Titicaca, being dispersed around the world. So, it was up to us to Open the Lotus Heart and bring forth our Lotus Flowers with all the other Anchor Groups worldwide. All over the earth, there were small and wide columns of Lotuses spreading on our beloved Mother Earth. What a day!

Two people formed a gateway and I guided every one through it while doing the 11:11 Mudras, until we all formed a new gate.

We danced the Starry Processional and our own Dance of the Elements and then the three of us danced the Lotus Dance. As Jana was serving as a faithful Guardian, our Lotus Dance was a wonderful creation of a threesome. We were totally there in our hearts.

There was a moment of forgivness for me personally. I connected with the earth in a new way. After shedding my tears on the inside, I was asked to form a circle. I answered that the song isn’t over yet and I didn’t want to disturb the others. Once again, I was asked to form a circle. Jana was serving as Guardian, so Gudrun, Carmen and I formed a circle. With Tibetan music, the new energy of Love came in. We anchored the energies in the earth and I saw how the energies inside the earth were transformed. The volcano showed me its strength with a picture of red-glowing lava. What faith the earth has in us! After the Lotus energies arrived, it became silent and then the New Lightness arrived. We were totally One, grateful to experience this.

After a while, we got the information that the ceremony was over. Our Guardian, beloved Jana, sat down on a chair and I felt that she also received this information. Jana told us that she couldn’t visualize the golden column any longer. And so it was clear that the ceremony was done.

Metatron came to me as a magenta colored energy and communicated his deep satisfaction with what we had done. That was the most beautiful praise for all of us. Being in line with the godly order. Right Time – Right Place.

Thanks to our sister, Solara, for the courage to do this work. And for involving all of us, to recreate the balance; each one at his place.

With deep love and gratefulness, seeing the difference of each one as a part of the Whole, serving the One Being…. Petra Wolf


Campinas — São Paulo — Brazil

The Sacred Ceremony of the 8th Gate Activation was accomplished by 22 special people (Building New Lives and a New World), who integrated our Anchor Group with their hearts full of pure Love and Gratitude.

Moments extremely powerful and illuminated happened. In the moment when we crossed this human gate, we felt a brilliant light flowing from this magnificent Gate that was opened!

We are deeply grateful and happy to be part of this monumental Cosmic Event with you.

Our especially thanks to Annu for her magnificent work in the 11:11 and by all her PURE HEART LOVE.

Blessings for all precious human beings that made possible this True Miracle of Love!


Bürglen near Lungern, Switzerland

I felt an incredible intensive energy from 10 days before June 5th until after June 7th 2009.

On Friday around lunch time, we started towards our little hut in the Alps here in Lungern, Switzerland. It was really pretty up there. The house stands by itself and you can see the mountains and the lake. Sometimes I had the feeling that I was in Peru looking over Lake Titicaca.

After we put on our clothes for the Activation, we went out and found a beautiful place with a great view.

First we asked a tree to be our Guardian and then we blessed and thanked the place of the ceremony. We picked some flowers and created a centre point for our Beings. We started with the XUA and then we opened up in the Lotus Heart. It was so beautiful to know that we are all connected as ONE. Then we called out all the Anchor Groups all over the world. After that we fell in a meditation that lasted about 1- 2 hours; I can’t remember how long. Suddenly, Barbara started to weep and I felt feelings of sadness etc.

Then I collected fire wood to tune into the energies of fire. We had a great fire which erased all memories and pains and cleansed us deeply. We spent some hours at the fireplace in total silence until we went back to our hut at some point at night.

The next morning, it rained and we could only leave the house in the afternoon. Then we went for a little walk to a nearby cave. There we meditated and felt these beautiful energies with EVERYONE and SOLARA.

On Sunday morning we decided to carry these heart energies of the Activation to the centre point of Switzerland. Here you can see the photo; it is the geographic centre and the heart of Switzerland.

The deepness and clarity up there in the mountains still touches me. This was the total bliss and everything came out of the moment; nothing was planned. Up there we spread the Love Energies of the Heart and of the Great Mother.

I thank you so much from the depths of my heart Solara and I thank all people. Thank you for making this happen. I hug every one of you! I am that I am and One with all of you…. Ediji Alitia


Es war eine unglaublich intensive Energie, spürbar etwa 10 Tage vor dem 5. Juni und auch nach dem 7. Juni, einige Tage noch fühlte ich diese Präsenz!

Am Freitag gegen Mittag starteten wir also Richtung Lungern, in unser Häuschen auf der Alp! Es war wirklich schön da oben, das Haus steht allein und man sieht die Berge, den See und oft hatte ich das Gefühl, ich bin gerade in Peru und sehe auf den Titicaca-See!

Wir zogen gleich los, nachdem wir die Kleider für die Zeremonie gewechselt hatten und fanden einen wunderschönen Platz mit einer tollen AussichtZuerst baten wir einen grossen Baum unser Wächter zu sein und dann fingen wir an den Platz zu weihen und ihm zu danken! Wir suchten Blumen und so entstand sehr bald ein Mittelpunkt für unser Sein!

Wir begannen mit dem XUA und bewegten uns dann weiter und öffneten unsere Herzen mit Dem LOTUS HEART. Es war so schön, immer in diesem Bewusstsein, dass wir mit allen so verbunden sind! Dann riefen wir alle die Ankergruppen auf der ganzen Welt, dies war stark. Dann sind wir einfach in Meditation gefallen, vielleicht 1 Stunde oder zwei, ich weis es nicht mehr! Barbara fing plötzlich zu weinen an und ich spürte Gefühle, wie Traurigkeit etc.etc.

Ich fing an Holz zu suchen und stimmte mich auf das Element des Feuers ein! Ein schönes Feuer verbrannte dann alle unsere alten Erinnerungen und Schmerzen und reinigte uns sehr direkt. Einige Stunden haben wir am Feuer noch verbracht, fast stillschweigend sind wir da ums Feuer gesessen, bis wir irgendwann in der Nacht zum Haus zurückgekehrt sind!

Am andern Morgen hat es so geregnet, dass wir das Haus erst am späten Nachmittag verlassen konnten! Dann am Nachmittag kam die Sonne etwas hervor und wir machten einen Spatziergang in eine kleine Grotte.Wir meditierten da und waren immer in dieser schönen Energie mit Allen und Solara.

Am Sonntag morgen entschlossen wir uns dann, die Herzenergie der Toröffnung zum Mittelpunkt der Schweiz zu tragen! Hier siehst Du die Bilder, es ist graphisch der Mittelpunkt und das Herz der Schweiz! Es berührt mich immer noch, diese Tiefe da oben und diese Reinheit! Es war absolut der Höhepunkt und es geschah alles aus dem Moment und ohne Plan! Hier verteilten wir die Liebesenergie des einen Herzens und der grossen Mutter. Hier beendeten wir in Ehrfurcht unsere Reise ins Herz und begannen unseren Abstieg in die andere Realität!

Ich danke Dir von Herzen Solara und ich danke Allen. Danke, das dies alles geschehen konnte! Ich umarme Euch alle! Ich bin die ich bin und mit Euch das Eine!
….Ediji Alitia

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