2 Gate Ecuador – Photo Journey Introduction


Pululahua Volcanic Crater
June 5, 1993

There are very few photos of the Second Gate Activation, yet its energy can still be strongly felt.

Here is one of the pyramid-shaped mountains inside Pululahua Crater.With Deep Love and Gratitude to all participants of the Master Cylinder and all Anchor Groups worldwide

To get to our Activation Site, we departed our hotel in Quito at 4:00 am.
After a 45 minute drive in minivans, we were deposited on the edge of the Pululahua Crater.
From there, it took us nearly an hour to make our way down the rather steep cliff on a narrow switch-back path down into the crater.

While we descended the steep trail into the Crater, we walked single file, forming a long procession. We had our arms upraised in the One Heart Second Gate Mudra and softly sang the starry song, “Inah Kivo Kay”.

After we reached the bottom of the Crater, we walked for two kilometers more, now in total silence, through a small indigenous village until we finally reached the field where we were going to hold our Activation Ceremony.

Since we were sharing our sacred field with a herd of cows, the first thing we did was to lovingly pick up all the cow dung and set it to the side.

It was a momentous day that began so sacredly and ended up, in its final minutes, in total chaos.
But we accomplished what we had set out to do:
We merged Earth and Star and anchored the One Heart into a Heart of AN.

The Two Shall Become ONE.


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