3 Gate – The Cracks in the Spaces-in-Between

Now the cracks are opening in the Spaces-In-Between.
The calcification of duality has lost its solidity.
Anything can now happen. . .

This is a time of stunning change
in which the New and totally Unexpected abounds.
Nothing is what it was before.
Nothing is where it was before.
Everything has been loosened and rearranged.
Anything can happen!

Fissures running through what was previously solid.
Opening up old behaviors, freeing us from old habits
and limiting patterns.
Stretching our entrenched belief systems
until they become something totally New.

Change crackles around us like sparks of a wildfire.
The Winds of the New and totally Unexpected fan the flames.
Unbridled change sizzles through the fissures.

What we previously were is gone!
Our stultifying attitudes and limitations are gone!
Our fears are gone!
Our past has completely dissolved.

These cracks have brought us freedom.
They have liberated us from all that was before.
Instantly, everything has changed and opened up.
Anything can happen!

Relationships that were wrong, are gone.
Like a flicker, they are swept away by the searing Winds of Change.
These Winds help us strip away layers upon layers of illusion and confusion,
until only Core Self remains.

Standing alone, stripped down, raw and vulnerable, oh so tender.
Open cracks all around us.
Amidst a fissured landscape with just a few ancient touchstones
rising through the mists of the Invisible, the Unknown.

But it feels so good, so clean, so very free, to stand in our unvarnished Core.
Stripped and true. REAL. Finally Real .

And then comes the Greater Love filtering into every opening.
Impermeating every last layer, further melting away illusion,
penetrating deep into our Core, giving us more.
Embracing and enveloping our stripped down Essence.
Making us alive!

And now that we are fully being reborn,
Anything can happen!

Nothing is bound by old conditioning.
There are no more karmic bonds.
All slaves have been freed. We are free!

Old vows fall on deaf ears.
Injustice yields to understanding.
The crushing weight of old responsibilities crumble into dust.
Anyone can awaken at any time.
Anyone can step free regardless of where they currently are,
what attitudes they currently hold.

In an instant we can see it all and know.
We can absolutely let it all go.
We can be totally free and New and exquisitely REAL.
In an instant. . .
And that instant is Now.

Everything is now possible.
Miracles can freely manifest.
The cracks have created the openings for the New to enter,
for the Greater Love to penetrate right into our heart of hearts.

Anything can now happen!

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