3 Gate 3 Australia – REPORT by Solara (Part Two)

Third Gate Activation: #3 October 7-12, 1997

Master Cylinder: The Glasshouse Mountains,

near Maleny, Queensland, Australia

A Report by Solara

October 7th was the big day with folks arriving from Australia, Argentina, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Slovenija, UK, USA, Venezuela, & Wales. There were about 55 of us. The day was one huge rainstorm making for a dramatic arrival and washing everything clean.

The following morning we began our four days of very intense preparations so we could become One Being and form an unified Master Cylinder. We had a dedicated and committed group who were prepared to go the distance which made things a lot easier. Several of the Australians present had attended our wondrous Australian Reunion in 1993 and it was a delight to work with them again. There were 16 of us who had attended one or both of the other Third Gate Activations. This made for a strong group.

Our four days were full with at least three lengthy sessions each day. We learned and refined our Sacred Dances and continually wove ourselves deeper into the One Heart and One Being. Many new processes were birthed as well as two new Dances! One evening we formed cave circles in the dark and seeded the fissures in the Spaces-In-Between with the seeds of the New. This was done to the the sounds of Solon’s magnificent, somewhat eerie, didgeridoo.

On October 12, we made our way by bus and car into the heart of the Glasshouse Mountains. Our site was shimmering with expectancy. We were located on a grassy pasture on rolling farmland right in the heart of the Glasshouse. There was a small circular lily pond, sheltering eucalyptus trees and a tiny, meandering stream. On one side of us was the peak of Coonowrin and on the other side was the mountain of Beerwah. According to the Aboriginal legends, Beerwah had been pregnant for 20,000,000 years. Today, she would birth the Greater Love.

It was an extremely hot day; the sun shone down upon us with unrelenting force. Often, it was a challenge to stand facing the sun as a Guardian or to dance in the withering heat, but our focus never faltered. Our One Being had never been so strong.

From the beginning moments, the Greater Love came streaming in. This feeling only intensified throughout the day, imbuing all of us with a deep sense of wonder and timeless ecstasy.

Shortly after our ceremony began, an Australian film crew arrived from the American television program, “Strange Universe” who were doing a segment on us. We had requested that they come dressed in white which they did. They were very nice folks, sensitive and responsive to what was going on. By the end of the day, when we included them in our final circle, one of the cameramen was in tears, and another said that they had never experienced so much Love! I have since heard that all of them were totally transformed by what they experienced that day and will never be the same. And the same is true of all of us who chose to become a Master Cylinder for the Greater Love at the Third Gate Activation in Australia. It was one of the greatest blessings of my life.

We moved through the Dances one by one. The energies continued to build. The Starry Processional was followed by the Greater Central Sun Dance with the new Insertion Point Dance that was birthed at August’s Third Gate Activation in Montana performed in the center by me, Nova and Nion. The Greater Love was anchored almost effortlessly.

Throughout the day, as well as during our preceding days of preparation, we were inspired and nourished by the songs of Omashar who has never sung more sweetly, with such a wide open heart. He has written a brilliant new song for each of the Third Gate Activations and his new song, Trust in Love, was magnificent and touched us in the core of our beings.

After a beautiful, very subtle, Lotus Dance, we moved on to the Earth-Star Dance. For those of you not familiar with this dance, let it be said that it is extremely vigorous as we embody the primordial Earth Beings and the Starry Beings over and over, for 33 minutes to be exact. And remember that it was a blistering hot day. But it felt very important to perform this dance as we had at the two previous Activations, thus would we fulfill the ancient Fairy Prophecy and open the door to the manifestation of all wondrous, previously unimaginable, miracles.

Once again, the dancers gave their all and it was one of the most powerful Earth-Star Dances ever! Many dancers looked as if they were literally dying from the heat, yet they kept on with focused dedication. It was a wonder to observe, and by the end of the Dance when Earth and Star Beings have totally merged into One Being, we all felt the powerful transformation which had taken place. We had stepped far Beyond Ourselves.

Then we did the exquisite Sacred Spiral Dance. Sunyar and I led this Dance, knowing that we were embodying the Lovers from Beyond the Stars as well as the Sacred Union of all men and all women. The Dance was amazing, done with total precision by the two spirals of the One Heart, the two becoming One and finally embodying the Greater Love itself. While I was dancing, I noticed a shift in reality and suddenly, the physical landscape around me changed, the mountains around us grew infinitely larger and closer and I was transported to a totally world. It was an incredible experience.

It was also during this Dance that the moon arose out of the top of Coonowrin’s peak as the sun began to set over the top of Beerwah. And there we were, right between the two. What a magical moment!

Next, we performed our new Insertion Point Dance in groups of three laid out in the pattern of the One Heart. And amazingly enough, the energies of the Greater Love got even stronger! By the time we finished our Gateways of Initiation by dancing our new Third Gate Dance, we had totally melded into the most powerful One Being I have ever experienced. We were all embodying the Greater Love and it was ecstatic.

So now the Third Gate of the 11:11 has been fully activated. It is there for anyone to enter and experience the Greater Love which continues to stream into the planet. The cracks in the Spaces-In-Between are open wide making all things possible. It is now time for our New Lives to begin, for us to embody our Core Beings and for the previously unimaginable and impossible, for the true miracles to occur.

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