3 Gate – Keynote

The Keynote of the Third Gate of the 11:11 Doorway Is


The Lotus Dance

Because of the vast scope of Third Gate,
there were three Three Gate Activations in 1997
in three different parts of the world. 

May 17, 1997
Birth of our One Being
Lake Završnica near Bled, Slovenia

August 17, 1997
Insertion Point of the Greater Reality into the Present Moment
Ta-Anua Lake near Eureka, Montana, USA

October 12, 1997
Anchoring the Greater Love
Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland, Australia


The One Being

One vast organic living organism.

Our One Being is a living, breathing, organic entity which encompasses everything.

Our One Being is composed of all life forms upon this planet and beyond:
all of nature including mountains, wind, stars, water, Sun, Moon,
rocks, animals, fish, birds, etc. plus everything that has been created by man:
our cars, books, televisions, computers, clothes, buildings, etc.
Together we form a vast One Being.

Everything and everyone is part of our One Being.
Our One Being exists whether we are aware of it or not.


Knowing that we are part of One Living Organic Being is quite different than our old concepts of unity as separate individuals.

Our One Being is not a merely a sum of individuals, but a whole New Greater Unit in itself, composed of unique smaller parts that are completely linked and related to one another, for they operate together as an unified whole. This doesn’t mean that each component of our One Being is the same, it is our uniqueness that forms the magnificence of our One Being.

Our physical bodies are perfect maps of our One Being. It is composed of various body parts — bones, muscles, skin, hair, blood, internal organs, ears, eyes, elbows, feet — that work together as ONE. None of these parts lose their individuality — a nose remains a nose — but they gain their True Purpose when they form a complete body.

smpurp1When we know that we are inherently interwoven into Oneness
and we base all our actions and emotional responses upon this knowingness,
then our One Being is quickened and comes alive.


The Activation and Quickening of our One Being
is the key to our individual and planetary evolution.

It’s now time to step into the conscious awareness and embodiment of our One Being.
To step BEYOND our separate selves and align with something far greater.
As we do so, we begin to inhabit the Ultra Greater Reality.

Each of us is a microcosm of our One Being.
If part of our One Being is sad, it is felt by all.
If part of our One Being is hungry, we all feel an internal hunger,
even when we have plenty to eat.
When part of our One Being is at war, how can we know true peace?
Each of us has a responsibility for the well being of our One Being.

And once the Sleeping Giant of our One Being is awakened,
all things are possible!
When we activate our One Being,
we unleash our huge collective power
and manifest our magnificent creative potential.
Together as ONE, we can birth a New World!


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