5 Gate Hawaii – Solara’s Report Part Two

On Saturday, October 19th, we left the hotel by bus and car at 5:00 am to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to our Activation Site on the southern part of the Big Island. When we arrived, some people were already there and the site was beautifully prepared with flower bedecked pathways and a magnificent array of healthy food brought to us by our Guardians awaited us.

We were in a beautiful wooded valley, nestled next to misty mountains. It was a soft, totally magical place which felt sheltered and safe. A large circle had been mowed in the midst of a field for our ceremony.

After setting up the sound system, we began by clearing our circle and reentering through the Paths of Initiation, doing the mudras for each of the five Gates of the 11:11. Each pair of people who passed through formed an extension of the path until we had a long line leading into our circle. Then the Guardians passed through the Gates and took their positions at the perimeter of the circle. Already, the energy was awesome.

Hoku & Nova invoked the blessings of Pele, the Volcano Goddess who lives on the Big Island, accompanied by the nose flutes of Anthony and Zak. Antion sang a Hawaiian chant, followed by Omashar playing his amazing new flute and drum music which had become the theme of each day of preparation.

Next, I read out the list of Fifth Gate Anchor Groups throughout the world. As the names were spoken, I could feel each group not just aligning with us, but actually joining us in our sacred circle in Hawai’i. This made our One Being feel so vast and strong. This was the first time since the original 11:11 Activation in Egypt that I have felt the presence of our Anchor Groups so strongly.

We invited some of the Guardians to join us in the Starry Procession, the only dance which has been danced at all of the 11:11 Activations. As our star revolved, I could feel all those anchoring the Fifth Gate, whether in groups or individually, dancing with us. It felt so good.


A weather note: We had been prepared for any kind of weather, especially for a blazingly hot day or one with pouring rain. Although it had been sunny when we arrived, it now looked like rain might be coming. This felt like an appropriate time to do the Greater Central Sun Dance. In the center of the dance, we put Nova, Kalasara & Nion to do the Insertion Point Dance to insert the Fifth Gate energies. I chose to dance in the sun portion of the dance. It was a totally amazing dance, one of the strongest Greater Central Sun dances ever danced. And it was obvious as we danced it, that the Fifth Gate energies were already pouring in. At the end of the dance, we threw ourselves down on the ground on our backs, facing up to the sky, creating an exquisite mandala, (and getting our white clothes quite dirty.) It was magnificent.

The sun returned during this dance, but only in the sweetest way. An opening through the clouds which enveloped us in a shaft of light. The rest of the day was cool with occasional gentle mists of rain. It was totally perfect.

The next thing I remember was the Earth-Star Dance. Now, this dance is totally different when you do it in an 11:11 Activation. It doesn’t matter how many times we have practiced it, it always goes to totally new levels. It is so raw and vulnerable and powerful and sacred that we always have an extra circle of Inner Guardians when we perform it at an Activation. Laya, Nova, Ora & I became the Inner Guardians. We were very dedicated to protecting the dancers in this dance. This one was extremely powerful.

There were times in the dance where some Earth Beings would get so carried away that they started pulling up handfuls of grass by the roots and stuffing them into their mouths. The Inner Guardians watched this closely and strengthened their protection of the dancers.

There’s a certain point in the Earth-Star Dance when the two partners, one of whom is embodying a primordial Earth Being and the other a Star Being, let go each other’s arms and go back into their own selves in order to prepare to finally reunite. When we reached this point during the ceremony, I saw that there were about five pairs of dancers who were unable to let go of each other. I noticed this from my vantage point of being an Inner Guardian and protector of the dancers, not from a personal level of observing that the dance was being done „incorrectly“.

I had a strong calling to go into the circle and separate the pairs who were still clinging onto each other. This is something I have never done before. So, in my vastness as a Guardian, I stepped into the dance and separated the pairs still holding on. Three pairs let go easily. The other two pairs just didn’t want to let go. For some reason, I felt that it was very important to have them separate. (Later, this action was judged as being brutal and insensitive.) And yes, it would have been if it had come from a personal level of simply correcting the dance. But I knew that I had done this as an Inner Guardian.

A few days later, I heard that Bruce who was an Outer Guardian during the dance and who rarely sees visions, had seen huge, primordial earth beings come out of the trees and enter the circle during the dance. And that Ora, who was the Inner Guardian nearest Bruce, had seen the same beings go into the circle and enter the bodies of some of the dancers. Now, I understood why I felt compelled to go into the circle and separate the pairs of dancers who were unwilling to let go.


I can’t remember what we did next; only that the energies flowed so naturally that each thing we did was a natural progression. At one point, I looked at my watch expecting it to be around 10:30 am and was shocked to see that it was already 1:30 in the afternoon!

I do remember that at the end of the Sacred Spiral Dance, we again went down on the ground in a circle, this time face down. We had never done this before and it felt so right, grounding the Fifth Gate energies into the Earth.

Our colorful Dance of the Five Elements was magnificent, totally perfect. Our Guardians were so dedicated throughout the ceremony. We constantly showered them with our gratitude. The Fifth Gate energies kept pouring down through us into the earth and outwards to the Anchor Groups. It was remarkably easy.

Each dance we did was perfect, but different than ever before. They felt far more physical than anything we had experienced. Not physical in the sense of being only physical, but in a heightened sense of physical where everything, all our vastness, all our wholeness, is merged into the physical.

We completed our ceremony with the Aslan Dance. We had practiced it all week and simplified the dance itself, so we were ready. Ah, to have seen the entrance of the golden, winged lions as they entered the circle in a long line of pairs! As we formed our circle of Aslans, the dance began and the Aslans began their intricate movements and weavings, each step of every Aslan proclaiming, „I am one with everything!“

At the end of the dance, the Aslans marched out of the circle in all the directions. It was fantastic. That is, until I realized that my Aslan had marched off into a patch of clinging vines… I would take a step and the vines would wrap around my leg, making it impossible to lift it until I tore off clinging tendrils of vines. How like life at times, I thought as I continually pulled off vines so I could move forwards.

Finally, the Aslans returned to the circle, gathering the Guardians into our circle as we passed by. The ceremony had reached its conclusion. The Fifth Gate of the 11:11 was activated.

The Activation was so easy, so flowing. Powerful and smooth. It had been a perfect day.

And now, we will never be the same….


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