5 Gate Hawaii – Anchor Group Reports Part One


Dawn…. Just wanted to briefly update you on the Lawrence Anchor Group. We did manage to pull off a wonderful ceremony that started late Friday night and lasted long into Saturday night. We all felt the energy and hope you felt us, too. Now all the participants are well aware of a newer, freer energy around us– kind of turbulent, but a necessary turbulence to help us clear out the clutter, remove the obstacles, and help us see more of our common connection as a united One Being.


Yulan.. I have been thinking of one and all today as the Activation takes place in Hawaii and across the world. I lit candles all over my home and tuned into the vibration of love and transformation. Here in Ireland, the sun has been bright and sky clear since dawn. I really wish you the best of love and light.


Carla…. I am just back from my friend Heike (a woman), where we celebrated together for about 2 – 3 hours the Activation of the 5th Gate, anchoring the energies here in Berlin. We were only two, but the experience has been (and still is…) very beautiful and felt „perfect“. I had tried during the last weeks to find other people for an anchoring group, but I didn’t find the right ones. I had put also an announcement in a newspaper, but nobody answered. Then, two days ago, just in the moment I wanted to call my friend Heike for asking her if she would like to celebrate the event with me…it rang on my door and..she was there!…and she was happy toÊcelebrate with me! She is a very clear and strong lightworker, making seriously on her spiritual path…

We dressed in white clothes, put flowers, candles, water and crystals on the table, heard the music of Etherium & Omashar (The Greater Central Sun Dance and other). First we did the „GO“, then we spoke loud, with concentration and intention, all the names of the other Anchoring-Groups in the whole world, in order to connect with them… Then we we made some more exercices (as in your books described), speaking loud our intention to join and to anchor the energies here in Berlin….and speaking and prayingÊquite all the time…giving thanks…begging for blessing and support… and all the time conscious of what we were doing and feeling that we were not alone…

We had read all your very good instructions and they have been of great help for us… As said, my friend Heike has a strong spiritual connection, and so she understood soon what was it about and we could celebrate in an absolutely free and natural way…

I spoke also with some other people in other cities, which didn’t intend to make a group, being alone, but who were informed and wanted to join with their consciousness.



Victoria Antara Am Ah Ra…. Hello most Glorious and Gutsy Girl, our Wonderous Sister-Woman, Greetings and deep, wide Thanks from us in the wild Spring weather of Tasmania! Way down South here the 5th Gate energy began so early, so strongly, took us so far out of time / space, that we couldn’t figure with our minds when your ‚Saturday 19th‘ was, here (our Friday or our Sunday?) but felt strongly that we needed to Anchor on our Friday 18th, so we did.

Up on the mountain of Mount Cygnet, deep in the hidden, mossy, ferny clearing at the very top of the mountain, at the sacred Spiral made of rocks. We met at Cas’s at about 10am, had cuppas, changed into our whites. All the while we talked I saw / felt the motion of chest-high water, was beside you in white-sand-bottomed turquoise ocean with bits of a reef showing in a half-circle over the to the left. We were Cas (Carola Amen Ra), who was with you in NZ, then brought me to the Glasshouse Mountains with you; our grandmother-sister friend Shay-Lynne Griggs; and I, Victoria Antara Am Ah Ra.

Up in the clearing we cleaned up the rock Spiral, weeding, picking up leaves and sticks – a whole first ‚cleansing‘ for each of us, of course, as well. We smudged each other, then the Spiral, then made a triangle around the outside of the Spiral, sang and drummed it wide awake. It was humming. Then we did the Go, the One Heart, the No Time / No Space, Opened the Gateway, stepped through. Each of us then in turn approached the open doorway of the Spiral, prayed, and went in, walking in the high-step sacred way, gathering our own Personal Freedom as we went in, prayed, earthed and anchored that at the centre of the Spiral. Here each turned and came out, bringing our own Personal Freedom, together with Personal Freedom for All Of Us.

The other two of us sang each woman in, and out. The words of Omashar’s song, „We are ONE heart ONE mind ONE soul, working together to heal, and there are no walls between us now, it’s a celebration of union“, came out, over and over from me, taking over, filling, rising from the earth up through me out into the air and beyond. As we came out, we each went to one of the Directions, and the last one took white tulips and lit a white candle to place at the fourth Direction, East. Here we stood, prayed, gave thanks, and stayed there until the earth released our feet from Anchoring, and until ’space‘ became this reality we stood in now.

We were surprised afterwards to find we’d been there four hours. Back at Cas’s we feasted ravenously together, as though it was our first food. Since then Personal Freedom has been manifesting in all sorts of large and small ways. My spine wiggles me each time I think / feel these words. So darling, we here are with you / All there, wiggling away every time we tune in. Thank you, our dear Sister!!!! Thank you, all who are with you in person, all who are with Us, all round the world. With Infinite Love in our One Heart, Victoria Antara Am Ah Ra.



Adriana… I have participated for the first time in the Fifth Gate opening with Josefina in Argentina. The experience was incredible!!! The energy was so high!! The harmony was so kind and beatiful. This make me think that the change for the world is so near, and hopeful. I want to thank you, Josefina, and all the people around the world that organize such experience of love and generosity. A cosmos hug for everyone. A hope hug for the world.


Zaa… Here in Denmark, on our little magical island of Bornholm it was very blissful. From having rained for days on end and rather windy and chilly, the sun was shining all day and the wind became a smooth breeze making only small ripples on the ocean and just enough to make the Tibetan bells chant in the trees where I had hung them up for the event. We were 7 people gathered together, young and younger, all very excited and full of joy.

We held the ceremony at the end of our garden, at our beach. There we had made an 11-11 portal and in the middle we had formed a circle of stones and lit a fire within. So we had the water in the ocean, the fire of the Sun, placed on the Earth, and the wind breezing in the Tibetan bells, Spirits high, doing the GO, saying all the names of other groups around the world out loud, singing, dancing and playing instruments, toasting marshmallows and feeling in our hearts the ONENESS with all of YOU. It was a very beautiful experience. Thank you all.

Personally I feel stronger and more ME, but that is because I am not just me – but all of YOU in ME. Also having reflected on the 5th Gate of Personal Freedom, I believe that in order to be personally free, it is necessary not to have any emotional hang ups anywhere and therefore Forgiveness is very essential in passing through the 5th Gate.



Antares… On October 19th I remembered that I hadn’t replied to Solara about anchoring the 5th Gate Activation in Malaysia (cybercafe hassles and a non-stop stream of visitors!) I vaguely remembered it was around the 3rd week of October. A new friend, Alan Lee, was visiting for a few days and I mentioned casually that it was an auspicious time for him to be with us, but as he had no idea what this was all about, I took out Solara’s 11:11 book from my study. Just as I handed the book to Alan my watch on the table was showing 11:11!! It was for me a clear sign that our frequencies were aligned even though I hadn’t officially signed on as an Anchor Point for this activation.

Needless to say, a large number of friends spontaneously showed up and we spent the day at the Devil’s Armchair, celebrating our emergence into Personal Freedom. The frequency shifts continued building up right through till early this morning, with the full moon casting an ethereal sheen on the luminous landscape and everyone feeling extremely blissed out.

Needless to say, I felt a wonderful intimacy with Solara throughout this passage and was reminded of the tremendous inspiration she has been to me since 1990. I may be able to report more fully on this once I’ve integrated the changes. We are now on the other side of the 5th Gate!


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