5 Gate Hawaii – Anchor Group Report Part Four


Linda … Our 5th Gate Anchor experience was incredible. A total of 11 people showed up to participate in anchoring the energy coming in with this Gate. This allowed for the formation of a 5 pointed star (10 people/ one Guardian – facilitator) for the Starry Processional.

We opened ceremony with a meditation, calling in the four directions, placing the elementals in each of the four directions, placing our sacred objects and offerings in the center on the alter. Our prayers and intentions went out for world peace, unity, and freedom for the One Heart, as we read aloud the names and locations of the other Anchor Groups worldwide.

What a SACRED experience. Our group continued the movements of the Starry Processional and Spiral Dance in a clockwise motion for several hours, always mindful of bringing the energy down from the Cosmos, anchoring it in to Mother Earth.

There were several comments from participants that I would like to share. First, each of the 11 participants noticed the scent of ROSE. The scent was most noticible in the East as we passed by in procession. Often the scent was described as „overpowering“.

A second comment worth noting is a description of the experience during the Starry Processional. One friend stated that she experienced herself as Light when she entered the space holding the „outer“ point of the star. As she entered the „inner“ space, she experienced her shadow self. Interesting interpretation of the energy and vortex being created and anchored to Earth Mother to be transmuted and cleared.

One last exerience worth noting is the sensation described by several in the group of feeling the vibration of the „Pulse of Mother Earth“ while dancing with palms down during the Procession. At one point as we were nearing completenesss of anchoring the vortex energy, I looked up, having been distracted by what I had thought was a moonbeam entering our circle. As I peered towards the sky, I noted that the moon hid behind the clouds, and that the source of Light which beamed so fully into our midst had been guided by one of the Masters I work with. In the palest of Lavender Mists, St. Germain appeared for „a moment in time“ to guide the Light of God into our midst, discipating into Liquid Light.

What a SACRED Honor to be a part of the One Heart, anchoring the Light and Love of God to assist in the healing of Mother while opening the gate of Personal Freedom.



Ellen Thea … A beautiful South Florida day; a cool breeze, sunny. We met in my home from about noon to 10 p.m.; my yard faces the length of a canal. We met early to introduce ourselves. We read about the Gates, the other Anchor Groups; the Guardians (we all took turns) and the other information to read to the group.

It was a small group, about seven core people, with other people respectfully stopping in throughout the day (such as my daughter). First, I played a tape of just OM being chanted; and I played soft spiritual music throughout the day. When we met, we used my wand as a talking stick, talking about what personal freedom means to each of us. We read off the names of the Anchor Groups (we did that at the close of the evening too).

We sat out to „feel Hawaii“. A member of our group took us on a journey out to Hawaii while I played a „Harmonic Ascension“ tape (oddly enough, the fifth Dimensional Harmonic on this particular tape was freedom.) I placed earth from Stonehenge in our little circle and we consciously aligned ourselves with the Master Cylinder.

About 3:00 p.m. (our time) we had flown to Hawaii and felt the energy to the extent that we literally were knocked flat; we could not get up. This went on for at least a half hour; the average being knocked out for about an hour. One woman in our circle was like that for almost two hours.

I had a vision of luminous white with a prismatic rippling rainbow overlaid and interwoven with it. We each had different visions and feelings and each time a Guardian would come out of silence there would be more insights. We thought about the dance we were to create and felt no need; we realized that we are the dance; we embody the fifth element.

We spent some time drumming, eating and sharing and just enjoying the energy. In fact, a friend of my daughter’s came over at about 7:30 and stayed for just a little while. He came back over much later and asked me what was going on; the energy was just so exquisite.

The full moon came up. We did a burning ceremony to access our freedom, using four different bowls for the four different elements. We were still drumming and playing music and we decided to do Reiki on everyone present, with everyone channeling energy in their own way. We had one sweet five year old girl in our group, along with two Reiki masters, a Reiki 2; two crystal healers, one EMF healer, a Wiccan and a Born-Again Christian (and who knows who else). It was beautiful, wonderful, exciting. And the energy just hasn’t stopped flowing yet into each of us.



Asserran … The Fifth Gate Activation was a very powerful experience. The list of Anchor Groups was read out loud and we went through the Ready Steady GO. We felt strongly that we needed to anchor ourselves fully. As soon as we finished the GO, a beam of gold light started to form in the centre of the circle. The gold light slowly expanded outwards until we were part of the gold light. The gold light seemed to move in a diagonal direction extending out of the circle taking us on a journey. The light seemed to engulf every group it touched as it spiralled around the Earth.

I saw the Master Cylinder also engulfed by the gold beam. The gold light carried on spiralling around Mother Earth speeding her up until the Earth was one vast golden ball of light in the centre of the diamond. After this, the golden beam made its way back to the Master Cylinder. I saw the sea and sand and the beautiful colours inland on Hawaii, which was breathtaking. The golden beam delivered us gently back to the centre of the circle.

We most definately anchored the Gate and were so pleased that we did the GO because it kept us nicely anchored to our starting point. Everybody had wonderful experiences of the One Heart. Anchoring the Fifth Gate was enjoyed by all. Thank you Solara for the wonderful work you are doing and for bringing us together on this special day. Thanks to the One Heart for such a powerful experience.

Sylvia … Taking part in anchoring the Fifth Gate meant a lot to me. My own personal experience made it very special and at the end there was no doubt in my mind the group had achieved our objective of anchoring the energy as we grounded ourselves, linked hands and became one.

I felt and saw the white light come down and the Earth shift to receive it. The energy expanded out from the centre of the circle aided by crystals placed outwards at the four directions. The energy was so powerful I found it hard to remain standing, being pushed backwards. The ache in my arms, feet and calves became unbearable as I strove to remain standing. I was left with the warm satisfaction that our group had successfully linked with all the other groups worldwide.



Metatron … I’m just keying in to share my Gate experience, just to let you know what some of us get up to. I was gladly aware of the coming 5th Gate a few weeks before, and knew that I would do something, and let it slip into a cosy niche in my mind till it was time.

I was in the process of having listening therapy called ‚Tomatis“ which re-awakens ones hearing. When we are young up to about 10yrs, the only way we know how to deal with trauma is to tune out of the event, and that leaves certain frequencies in our hearing switched off. The muscles in the ears atrophy and this hearing loss can affect energy levels, quality of tone in the voice and the whole muscular system, thus posture. The therapy involves listening to Mozart and Gregorian chants filtered specially to stimulate the ears for 13 consequetive days. I saw this therapy as a last clear out before 5th Gate, to dredge the childhood and release trauma.

As it happened day 13 was also 5th Gate. The therapy is suprisingly intense and by day 13 Iwas close to overload. I did remember 5th Gate, and there were no others to team up with, so if Iwere to do anything for 5th Gate it would be as a solo traveler. Anytime I would consider what I might do, I would get a firm response that all was well, that I didn’t need to organise anything. I managed to work out the time in London that the event would take place in Hawaii, and still had plenty of time. I had a list of options in my mind, various ceremonies etc, but again felt strongly to do none of these things. I simply waited.

For many years now I have treated my house as a temple, and it looks like one. It is full of plants, flowers, altars to numerous archetypes that I favour, and crystals. It’s a place I attend to, eat in, sleep in, heal myself and others in. Twenty paces away is the river Thames, and beyond that, a thick concrete urban sprawl, literally millions of people, and beyond that the spirit of the land.

At 7.00pm I made myself ready, and still found myself waiting. Finally at a moment that just felt good, I simply opened up, embraced all those involved and leapt in. I could sense the energy of what was happening, it was polite and non intrusive. I could stand and watch; there was no pressure, no turbulance, to suck me in against my will.

The website describes the Anchor Groups as needing at least two. MMmm I thought, perhaps it isn’t exactly necessary in this new freedom. I offered heartful blessings to all beings, to all of life, thankful for those actively involved in the 5th Gate, dancing and coming together with open hearts. Now I offer myself and this urban temple, anchor through me if it is possible, this I give freely, I am one.

Then like a light switch, the energy pours delicately yet fiercely, with power but in harmony. I know that is all I need to do; it is done. Into the house, into the Earth below, I am aware of the vibration, but no need to be knocked sideways. After a while it is time to sleep, and in spite of the new energy running through me and the house, I know I will sleep. I make a short statement before rest, if I am needed during sleep I am available.

Just to say that the energy still runs fiercely yet delicately. Change is inevitable; Ilook forward to it.



Trish … We lit 2 vibrant red pillar candles and placed them at the east and west gates of Ahlora Lovey’s medicine wheel at around 7 pm on the Friday night. The east candle fell over during the night, but kept burning. It finally burned out on the Saturday ONE WEEK LATER. The other candle continued for several days after that!

We were small, but we were mighty! There were 5 of us from the original First Gate group that was facilitated in Armstrong BC and the love and oneness was in place long before we all arrived from several hours‘ drive away over switchbacked mountain roads. We too felt the presence of the rest of the groups and know an important space is being held for the rest of humanity to move into.


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