8 Gate 1 Mallorca – Master Cylinder Reports Part 5

On the morning of the Activation day, I woke up very early and went out on my balcony. The sky was still dark, but there were a lot of light white clouds over me and when I looked closer, I could see that these clouds formed a great Lotus flower with many, many petals resting over the area and ready to open up. And I knew that we would have a glorious day ahead of us; all we had to do was observe its unfoldment and be fully present and so it was…. Love, Walter (Switzerland / USA)


It’s been impossible for me to write before because I had to integrate part of the experiences that I lived in Mallorca. I have many feelings impossible to describe with words! How could I express sensations felt while dancing the magical Lotus Dance? I’m sorry, but I’m not capable to do so!

I lived the 8th Gate Activation with great intensity, focusing all my intention in being a pure and transparent love channel. It was not easy; I had to face many fears and uncertain things that I have had within myself; however nothing could do anything against the love energy that entered into my body day after day.

There will be memories that will stay in my mind forever and whenever I close my eyes, I will remember your radiant faces.

Time stopped in Mallorca; people’s age was not important, all of us were universal, magical and eternal. Now everything is new; colors have intensified and the color of water constantly changes.

I love you very much! MUANI. Thanks for everything!

From the Lotus Heart….PERE (España)


To begin with, I would like to let you know that the 8th Gate in Majorca had been the most important life-changing experience I ever had in such a short time! The 6th and 7th Gates had gone very deep and changed a lot in my life, but I feel that this 8th Gate was just overwhelming.

My purpose for coming was to serve the One being and I never expected to receive so many wonderful gifts for my personal growing – the meaning of all this to me is difficult to be expressed by words. Anyhow, I love to share in the best way I can do my experience with all of you!

My 8th Gate’s activity started in fact already years, months and weeks before! I was working hard on myself, doing a lot of thinking and trusting, surviving all sorts of “tests”, till I felt at least that I was prepared to do the next step…..

Then to learn at the very last moment that I had been put on the waiting list because I had had problems to raise the necessary money, was an extreme challenge for me! Weeks before the One had told me “Please be there!” and as I am always prepared to serve, it was absolutely clear for me what I had to do – feeling this so deeply in my heart !

AFTER my first strong personal reaction about Solara’s putting me on the waiting list, I just put the whole matter into the arms of the One. I thought the One wanted me to be there and if it should be so – I WOULD BE THERE. And I just trusted the magic of the One!

And then just 2 weeks before the 8th Gate was happening, I got an email that I had a fixed place and, at about the same time, the money I needed came to me in a magical and unexpected way.

Of course, I never had thought that things could happen this way. First of all, I did not expect Solara to act the way she did! LOTUS LOVE to Solara for providing me with the opportunity of going through such challenging moments. I am indeed very happy to have experienced this all – as it was a very big test for my ego.

The days of the whole preparation period were very intense for me. I left a lot of things behind and I also had very deep connections with important beautiful beings of my past lives. This was the very first time I really started to REMEMBER – an enormously BIG STEP for me! And since then, this phase is still going on… So many new realizations!! All this led to big changes in my life! I am so grateful for these beautiful gifts and healings. Another fantastic thing is that I don’t want to hide myself anymore, or even better, it is no longer possible to do so! What a fabulous achievement – Wow!!

Yet, there is still more to be told: I received my star name El-a – in order to bring my star essence to the Here and Now. In this case it was important for me to be able to REMEMBER: “El-a is coming back” Many, many times I could hear these words and it sounded so beautiful to me. I could feel it intensely with all my heart, knowing it was true. El-a was indeed coming back to the Here and Now in this very moment… It was absolutely perfect! Certainly you can imagine that all my being was highly touched by this happening… Big changes took place…. and the whole thing is still going on and on.

The Activation day itself was extremely interesting – and so very different from all the others before. I was in one of the last little cars that climbed up the mountains. And suddenly I saw on the car clock 11:11 and I was very surprised that it was so late already. To realize that was like looking into a big mirror… because all of us had had to wait for a long time to get to this point – the 8th Gate – and similarly it also took us quite some time to get to the Activation site today.

After all of us made the mudras for coming in, finally we could really start. Of course the Activation started already in the morning, everything was an important part of this day! And then, while Solara called all Anchor Groups in, I could see the different representatives of the countries taking position not only in the middle of our circle, but also outside it. I only understood this behaviour later on when I heard that those outside the circle were anchor points and meant to be also our Guardians.

After the calling of the Anchor Groups, we did the Lotus Dance. Then some made a break, while others decided to go on dancing. My intention was also to stay with the dancing people because I wanted be more focused and present. But the voice of the One insisted on my having also a break – eating some soup and chocolate and taking the homeopathic medicine for my circulation. This was indeed a wonderful advice because with respect to what happened later on – I really needed the meal and the chocolate (sugar) very much. And it was my last chance get some food! When I afterwards realized the importance of this personal support, I was very happy for this wonderful guidance by the ONE.

The break was a very short one indeed – and then we went on with the Lion Dance. I had a fantastic partner, Ra*Maa*Lar. He was such a strong lion, whose lion presence I felt so deeply. Big hug for you Ra*Maa*Lar! I will never forget the moments we shared! And what a wonderful management of the One – because we really got together in the very last moment – completely unexpected and absolutely perfect!

Following then was the Element Dance, when I began to realize that the energies were indeed beginning to come in. The Dragon walk was such a deep and happy moment, opening the doors for the dragon kingdom.

When afterwards we all were standing in a circle, I suddenly felt extremely strong energies coming into my body. And I realized that my breathing was becoming totally different. This was a very special moment. I knew that when I realized my True Love Partner, his very strong presence behind me which I felt with incredible great intensity. Yes, he really made me feel that he was with me.

At the same moment, all the surrounding mountains supported me strongly by telling me that I should be like them – very, very strong. And so I did, and felt still more energy coming into me and making me feel as a One Being with the mountains, a fact which helped me a lot to endure this outstanding situation.

Suddenly, there was a moment then, when I remembered HOW LONG MY JOURNEY had been. And I started to cry – and the sobs and tears seemed to come from my deepest inside – from the bottom of my soul. And THEN I felt intense LOVE in way I never had experienced before. These extraordinary feelings really cannot be expressed by words, but I certainly never will forget them.

After these extremely intense moments, we continued with our dancing. When doing the first steps, I felt quite unsteady, but step by step it became better. I realized how important this dancing was in order to bring me back to the ground and to integrate these strong energies into the HERE and NOW.

Then slowly I looked around me and noticed all the wonderful things I could see: the beauty of the landscape, the majesty of the mountains and all the people around me who seemed now completely different from before, and I instantly knew that great and fantastic things had happened to all of us and that somehow a new and very promising part of our lives had just begun….

And indeed thereafter nothing was like before…. I felt and saw the people around me in a different way .

For me it is quite clear that we only can enter the Lotus World if we really embody our Earth Being AND our Star Being in a state of sincere clearness and purity. There is no place there for any human that is just acting or performing….

And also the One Being is changing from now on…..into a larger point of view.

What I think to be very important for each of us is the fact that we have to be prepared to embody the energy in every moment of our daily lives. And what Solara was telling us about human beings sitting in different Express Trains – (with respect to their destiny) – seems to be more than true. Probably before the 8th Gate we could think of reserving a seat near to us for beloved people, but that is no more possible. But the human who is beside us NOW is so perfect! And of course, maybe a surprise!

Now finally to all of you – have a wonderful journey – and never forget – we all have to give everything – 100% in every moment of our lives – loving, serving, laughing and whatsoever….

The 8th Gate provided us with all possibilities and capabilities to create paradise on earth. Now it is up to us!!

Therefore none of us should miss these wonderful chances! To live in the world of the Lotus.

Thank you so much for your recognizing how important the 8th Gate of 11:11 had been for all of us and for supporting Solara and all of us. Thank you for having been with us….

A big hug also to all the Anchor Groups all over the world and to all those who had been with me in Majorca!!! You all were just GREAT! Hoping to meet at least some of you again personally at the second part of the 8th Gate …

Lotus Love…. El-a or Petra (just how you like) (Austria)



During the Lotus Dance in the middle of the Element Dance that we did in our week of preparations, I saw a great deal of energy flowing into the circle and spilling over all the participants and it was very powerful. The energy looked like golden rain washing over the circle. I experienced this energy several times during the week and each time it became even more powerful. In witnessing this, I felt the Activation of the 8th Gate had already started.

On the day of the Activation, as soon as I moved into the Gates of initiation, the energy gate formed by the two lines of Lotus Love, I felt that the space shifted into another dimension. The mountains were there to protect us, as were the trees that formed a line of Guardians. I felt that we were in a different dimension from when we first arrived at the site. I knew that we were in the right space to activate the Gate.

Many of us saw the Dragon embedded in the mountain behind the homestead. At some point, I saw it open one of its eyes, ever so slightly. In another part of the mountain I could only see a paw from a creature that I could not identify. It appeared to be a soft paw that moved subtlety.

Throughout the day I saw Lotus shaped energy all over the field where we were dancing…..
BaVel (Australia)


February 4th 2007: The festive, big and bright conference room of the Mon Port Hotel in Port d’Andratx is turned into a temple hall. 130 people from 36 countries of the world have gathered and sit together closely, shoulder to shoulder. Everyone feels so familiar; who knows where we met before and in what clothes? Is this the birth hour of the subtle Lotus World, our new foundation? Will we return and nothing will ever be the same again? It will be an opening for humanity.

Solara enters! Does she originate from the matter of which galaxies were made of? She knows what to do. In the round of introductions some of the reasons why we came here are being revealed. Clearly everyone was guided by their angels to come here, me too. How wonderful, so many likeminded people, I can trust!

Solara immediately talks about the 8th Gate Activation. We let go of the old and painful experiences of our past and everything that is caught within our hearts is washed away by the waters of purification. All old contracts have expired. They do not belong to us anymore.

And now we are going to introduce ourselves in Star Language. In small groups we let our hearts talk, with sounds, words and movements. I can suddenly understand the Americans, Russians, Spanish and everyone else. Why did we not speak like this earlier?

Every day we sing and dance, dressed in colourful pareos and scarves and feel deeply connected with one another. We are happy! We learn the Mudras of all the Gates and the Sacred 11:11 Dances: The Starry Procession, the Sacred Spiral Dance, the Lotus Dance, the Pulsating Star Dance, the Lion Dance, the Insertion Point Dance, the Taanua Dance of the Greater Love and more and more. They all originate from the source. They are great and moving, amazing! Omashar plays his refreshing music all day long. He moves all hearts right in the beginning of the morning and enchants everyone.

The 11th of February has arrived. The secret of the 8th Gate Mudra has been revealed. At 8 am we leave in buses and cars for the activation site in the mountains. The sky in covered with clouds, it is cold and windy. The journey takes forever. We move through two gigantic stone mountains on the left and right. This is a Gateway!

Finally after a long trip, we arrive at a plateau on a big, ancient finca surrounded by almond trees, meadows and mountains. This is the site of the 8th Gate Activation. Here we will activate the 8th Gate with our Sacred Dances….. Robert (Germany)

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