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Stepnogorsk, Kazakhstan

The Anchor Group of Stepnogorsk joins with you in congratulations for the Activation of the 8th Gate and Entering the Lotus Heart of Truest Love.

The 11th of February was a brilliant day and we indeed felt the flow of energy from the Core of the Earth and Heaven, with responsibility. It felt as if we were in the Sacred Places of Earth. It was such a joy and happiness that it took our breath away. During the 11:11 Sacred Dances, we felt such a flow of energy that the feeling of it is still inside of us. Eternal gratitude for the shared Ocean of Love which runs deep, real and sincere through our bodies.

We send our Love to all the participants of the 8th Gate Master Cylinder, Anchor Groups and especially to Solara: our guide in this Journey and Sister of our Spirit. Let this state of Love and Oneness multiply for the long lives of all on Planet Earth and the whole Universe.
With Love and gratitude…. Natalya, Valentina, Tatyana, Tamara, Alexey, Alena



Iasi, Romania

The 11th of February was a special day for all the participants gathered at Mihaela’s house. All 19 participants wanted to be together to embrace, receive and anchor the energies of the Lotus Heart; to Awaken the Lotus Heart and Enter the Lotus World. We gathered to BE, to encounter our hearts, each heart, because every one of us includes everything…. We were there to rediscover EVERYTHING from EVERY ONE.

Rodica and Alex received us gloriously, as every one of us is a glorious being. They welcomed us with their hearts wide open and we also opened our hearts. We passed through the the 7 Gates by doing the Mudras, before preparing to enter the NEW Gate .

Every one of us passed through a Tunnel of Love, formed by all the participants. After that, we all formed a circle and every one was a Heart…. this is what I felt.

We were a family…. we were One Heart; we cried, we laughed, and it was exquisite. We don’t need more words to describe what we felt….

Being HERE and NOW, in our HEARTS…. Ioana

When the Activation of the 8th Gate was announced, I felt a deep inner call. I felt and understood that surrender to the One is a continuous and conscious process.

Before the 8th Gate Activation, I caught a cold but understood that these were the energies that I needed to release and balance; so I loved everything that I felt. During this period of “pause”, I felt the connection with the Master Cylinder and all the Anchor Groups around the world. I felt the Master Cylinder in my HEART, so clearly and so consciously.

My travel to Iasi was not how I expected it to be, so I felt that I had to just let things happen and to stay in my heart with Love. Although I experienced a vast range of emotions, and sometimes physical sickness such as nausea, I always kept myself centered in my heart and I abandoned myself to Love.

When I arrived in Iasi, I felt I had re-encountered my family. I was born in Iasi, but I’ve never lived there. I feel a deep connection with that place (now, as I am writing to you, I burst into tears).

During the Activation, I focused on Opening the Lotus Heart. I knew that this was an important moment and that we have to live with our full beings. I felt warm, special energies (the preparations that we had were very useful). Everything was so special: the 11:11 Sacred Dances, the Mudras, the Guardians, the deep connection with others.

Around 12 am, our group formed a Lotus. I felt an expansion of energy, so dear to me…. and in that moment, I was aware that something happened and I was so happy. We continued to anchor the energies and to be aware of the Love from the Lotus Heart. Love was pouring from our hearts, and I felt like a petal of the Sacred Flower of Love.

Thank you, Starry Brothers and Sisters…. I send you my Love.

Thank you, Ka*Ra, for being with us all the time. I am grateful to you. You truly are a messenger of the One…. Alex



Ulu Langat, Malaysia

Our Anchor Group gathered on Saturday, 10th February to prepare for the next day. Our location was a pristine and beautiful spot in the middle of a Malaysian Nature Reserve. Not all of the members of our group had met before, so this was actually the first day that our group of six gathered all together.

We went through the preparations, which most of us had seen and read, and started practicing the 11:11 Sacred Dances. We decided to do the Starry Processional and the Lotus Dance.

While practicing the Sacred Dances, we felt the energy come through and there seemed to be an age-old bond between us. We felt that it was something we had done before, aeons ago….

On the 11th February, my dear friend Debbie and I prepared at home, meditating and marking the locations of the people we would connect with all over the world on our Anchor Group Map. It was wonderful to visualize how many people and places were involved.

It was a beautiful day, and I have never had seen such crisp clear blue skies, full bright sunlight and such beautiful colors in nature and our environment. We were gazing, amazed at the look of Mother Earth on this wonderful 11.02.07….

This really created expectations for the day. When we arrived at our location, our friends were all there and we happily joined them with the preparations; the atmosphere was light and happy.

By the time we finished decorating our site at 4 pm, the place looked beautiful; a large open space surrounded by big trees, decorated with pink ribbons. Buddhas and a Kuan Yin statue served as our Guardians together with our beautiful trees. Carpets and cushions were spread out and a table and chairs were ready for our meals.

We started dancing the Starry Processional and it felt divine; the energy was coming in true and I was hypnotized by it. During the dance I got the urge to break out of the circle and stand as a Guardian on the perimeter to protect the strong energies coming in. We finished our dance and felt the true bond of our newly established group. We had a break and then felt ready to do the Lotus Dance, which left us in a state of bliss.

Then we all felt like a rest on our pillows and it turned really pitch dark. We had our bamboo torches going, but there still wasn’t enough light. Most of our group members did not feel like dancing the Dance of the Elements in the dark, and I was the only one who felt that I had to do the dance. I did it all by myself, and I never understood how I could dance and let all the vibes go through my body with such energy, feeling so vibrant, as the day before I had a very bad fall at the waterfall close by.

After all the excitement, we closed our session with a silent candle-light meditation. This was a perfect ending of a wonderful day. We all felt very grateful and full of Lotus Love to share…. Ardy Timmer



Marlton, New Jersey, USA

I anchored the 8th Gate energies in Marlton, NJ. There were two of us here in Marlton and there was a larger group that gathered nearby in Chester, Pennsylvania, so we did our anchoring at 3 am here on the East Coast in my apartment.

I had offered to read out other people’s names with their locations to be included in the energies, as well as aligning with the Worldwide Anchor Groups. It was very powerful for both of us and we were told by Spirit that we were the Anchors for the group in Chester (about 30 minutes from my location, just across the Delaware River).

We spent all day together and performed the 11:11 Sacred Dances along with other activities, including a meditation for the Lotus Heart. We broke for lunch and then did a drumming circle to bring in the Earth energies.

I have to tell you that I only had 3 hours sleep as I was preparing to facilitate the energies, but had no lack of energy until we finished at 4 pm. I was not grounded after that, and as I was driving home, I felt like I was flying.

Thank you all very much for your work. I feel blessed to be part of the energies that Solara brings forth. She really helped me step into my Divine Creation many years ago when I participated in the first 11:11 Activation.

Blessings in Light & Love…. Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah



Portsmouth, England, U. K.

Three dedicated Starry beings held the Beam in Portsmouth, U. K., for the 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 Doorway, on the 11th February.

Admittedly, I was a bit disappointed with the turnout, but we made the best of it. We aligned in the One Heart, read out the list of Worldwide Anchor Groups, and did the GO! We also danced the Starry Processional and came up with an interesting way to change the star alignments for this, since we didn’t have enough people in our group. Then we listened to the ‘Through the Doorway’ meditation.

We also came up with an inventive way to do the gentle Lotus Dance with three people, before doing the ‘Lotus of True Love’ meditation. Following this, we decided to do a combination of the Earth-Star Dance with the Dance of the Elements, using a chair with a scarf over it to represent the Earth! This proved to be most fun and good to warm us up, since it was quite cold.

I do hope that the other Anchor Groups went well and that everything went as planned in Mallorca. I certainly felt that we were protected by the Angels during the Activation, and that we had achieved what we set out to do.

Lotus Love…. Astraea

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