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College Station, Texas, USA

A group of 9 powerful women gathered for the day to experience and assist in the completion of the activation of 8th Gate. Inspiration and appreciation were strong attitudes expressed throughout the day. Reading aloud the locations of other Anchor Groups, we were honored to join in the numbers of Angels around the globe, stepping forth to complete this Gate’s Activation. We began with an exciting revelation among ourselves; during our early sharing time, a common theme was the new direction and recommitment many had experienced in their lives since Part 1 of 8th Gate.

Dancing the Starry Processional, our group was touched by knowing that others around the world were also dancing this same Sacred Dance… and we felt our Oneness. Later we were moved to incorporate the movements of Opening the Lotus Heart into the Lotus Dance and found it truly exhilarating. But the Dance of the Elements was a highlight of our day’s activities, with each participant using color appropriate fabrics to experience all the elements. The spontaneous creativity was joyful, touching, and beautiful to behold.

In our closing circle, we embraced the new energies and stepped forth with confidence, utilizing the Xua! to clear our paths into the Unknown. We were not only immersed in, but also radiating, a new level of deepest love and peace. It felt like “Coming home!”

Amiel…. Anchor Facilitator


Vilnius / Kernave, Lithuania

Thank you so much!!!!!

I’m saying this on behalf of all the 60 participants of our Anchor Group. And on behalf of all LITHUANIA!!! Our large group was composed of representatives from many other towns or smaller settlements of our country. Just like smaller streams flowing into a larger river…. The majority of us have been together for the previous 11:11 Gate Activations, but as always, there are always some new ones.

We, the old-timers, functioned in perfect harmony, just like ONE BODY reveling in joy and happiness.

SO MUCH JOY and indescribably subtle DIVINE NEW LOVE energies have been taken back with people from our group to be shared with many, many more.

This was R E A L L Y the very strongest 11:11 Gate Activation.

Tears of happiness were flowing freely – just now I received an email which said some people from our group kept crying on their way home.

Personally, for me, there were many ‘firsts’. I started experiencing them while getting ready for the event. One of them was the unforgettable experience of dancing “The Starry Processional” with all the many hundred Anchor Groups simultaneously – actually SEEING this! And the FEELING of suddenly becoming a huge star which embraced all our world dancing – Magnificent!!!

What followed defies words….

This will surely change the world. It has already….

Lilija – from The LOTUS HEART.


Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

This is Lina from an Anchor Group in Mexicali, Mexico. I am sending you a report from the blessed ceremony of the 8th Gate Activation on June 5th. It is nothing compared with the experiences everyone had. Thank you for the opportunity that you give all the world to participate, feel and enter into the Invisible. I loved to share the love with our Mother Earth.

I read the first Surf Report in January 2009. It was memorable! At the end of January, I began attracting the number 11. I began to look for information on the internet. I found your website and read it. The Master Cylinder at Lago Titicaca called my attention; but I decided to organize an Anchor Group. I contacted Isabel Chaires in Mexico and she motivated me and reminded me about the Second Wave, which helped motivate me.

At first, I registered as a private group as I wanted to introduce to some friends. My friends knew about 11:11 and it inspired me to form a familiar group. At the end, almost all of them wanted to join. On the day of the Activation I was surprised when I saw three new ladies that found out about the Activation Ceremony the night before. They did not know anything about 11:11. It was a challenge because I told them that there was not enough time to explain , so I asked them to just “feel the energies”.

Our Ceremony:

* We thanked the sacred space that worked with us during the ceremony.
* We did a meditation to bring in the love, and held hands while listening to the song “Passion” by Sara Brightman and counter-tenor Fernando Lima.
* Our Guardians got into position.
* We did the Go! and Opened the Lotus Heart.
* We read the 8th Gate Anchor Group Master List of all the Anchor Groups worldwide, visualizing a world map.
* We did the XUA! We repeated it several times, and all of us liked it.
* We experienced the Mudras: we began to feel energies. The Mudras are very strong. At the beginning I was nervous guiding them. Every one enjoyed them.
* The Guardians began to feel the love energies. Some of them began to cry, while others were moving their hands without any reason; at this time I chose an extra Guardian. Some spaces in the room were soft; others were powerful and warm, especially at the entrance of the big window.

* Some of the Guardians were replaced. I tried to tell them not to sit, but it was difficult as they felt tired. I only understood this when I experienced being a Guardian myself; my feet were hot.
* We danced the Pulsating Star Dance. In the beginning, we were dancing quietly and then we began to smile and danced stronger with the energy. When the Guardians finished their time, they wanted to dance too.
* Afterwards, we felt serene energies. I took advantage and got into position as a Guardian. There were three of us. The others did a new meditation for love. It was about (1:40 PM Bolivia Time) when we felt the energies very strongly. The Guardians wanted to sleep and we were fighting to stay awake. We kept alert with our eyes to hold the power.
* After that, the new Guardians moved into position and we took a break. At 2:50 pm (Bolivia time), there were four Guardians and the other members of the group were in the center. We began to dance. At that moment (about 3:00 pm Bolivia time), the Guardians began to raise their heads, and we heard two Guardians crying. This was the moment that we began to feel the PURE HEART LOVE and I wanted to stop dancing, but I chose to keep moving the energy in the center by continuing. I was happy seeing my partners crying, others smiling, and others kissed the floor giving thanks like me.

It was an amazing experience, and all of us are grateful for it.

Lina from Mexicali.


Turin, Italy

On Friday 5 June 2009, after a powerful meditation, we connected with the 8th Gate Master Cylinder at Lake Titicaca.

The energy was very powerful. It felt as if our Anchor Group (who sent and received energy), the Master Cylinder at Lake Titicaca and all the Anchor Groups around the planet become a disc of white light. Wonderful!

Thanks to all and a Light embrace

Shraddho – Giovanni Cortese


Hamburg, Germany

The 8th Gate Ceremony here in Hamburg with my Anchor Group was fantastic and wonderful; there are no words for what happened. We were 11 people and all of us slid through a tunnel of light, like we were born again. It was strong and powerful work and in the end (which is the beginning fof the new life of each person / soul) there was silence, gratitude, humility and happiness.

We slid into the light channel and became one with it, sending the light all over the world.

Our group love the Mudras. Thank you for the videos!!

For me personally, it was a transformation into the ONE. Now, I am all-in-one. I feel it with all my cells and my consciousness. I have had so many transformations over the last years; painful and very, very strong that sometimes I thought I would not make it through. But I did! And I will have more transformations with the difference being that they won`t hurt. We go on and on and on and on….

For some women it was not easy to leave the old matrix behind, but they slipped into the new one: THE PURE LOVE!!



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