8 Gate 2 Titicaca – Anchor Group Reports Part 4

São Paulo, Brazil

We started our ceremony at 10:30 am (Brazil time) and after the reading out loud the Anchor Groups Master List, we danced The Starry Processional. We were 24 people, with 4 Guardians standing in each corner of the room. The dance was perfect and symmetrical and the group was very united as One.

I explained about the 11:11 Gates that have already been activated and also about the 8th Gate energies, our new emotional body and Lotus Love….

Around 2:00 pm, everyone felt that the energy was different, and in this moment I felt that we should do the Lotus Dance; then the first wave of energy of the 8th Gate 2 opened…. it was subtle and strong, and at the same time intense.

Everything seemed to flow effortlessly; everyone was deeply touched and very happy. We chanted “Om Mani Padme Om”. After that, we did the Dance of the Elements and we felt like children playing with joy.

We finished our ceremony with hugs, singing and declaring Love for our planet and humanity.

I’ve tried to put into words the immense beauty that was 8th Gate 2. I give thanks for being a part of this wonderful 11:11 family!

Flávia Wegmann


Omsk, Russia

Our Anchor Group met at 20.00 pm; we prepared the space, washed the floors, stuck the card on the walls, printed out the Anchor Group Master List, etc.

At 22.00 pm, the ceremony began with the reading aloud of all the 8 Gate 2 Anchors Groups.

For the past two weeks, and on the night of the Activation, there were 36 people in our Anchor Group. I was responsible for the Sacred Dances and Luda worked with the Guardians, who were solely Guardians for the whole of the ceremony. They were 8 Guardians with an extra person available as a replacement if anyone was having difficulties. The Guardians stood in the corners of the room. It was very surprising, as the Guardians worked in one breath and no one left or needed to be replaced; they did not stop working, even for a minute.

In between the Sacred Dances, we did the GO! and opened in the One Heart before taking a rest break; then we grounded again with the GO! and continued dancing. We were very sensative to the Sacred Dances and it felt like we had trained in the dances for a thousand years (who would have thought that it was less?).

Time flew by in silent devotion and we saw dawn through the window; it was a dawn of the awakening of souls….

Everything was wonderful. At the end of the Lotus Dance, we thanked everyone for the service and we united in a circle. We then did the Mudras of all the 11:11 Gates. We all made a ‘cup’ with the palms of our open hands and began to thank each other, hugging and crying from the awareness of our mission. At the end, Luda channeled the Custodians of the city of Omsk, and gave gratitude for being in Omsk and the work of establishing the new energetic space for all people here.

After a long time, our Anchor Group began to disperse. It had become very light outside, but still everyone continued to share their experiences….

We look forward to welcoming you to New Omsk land…. Galina Podubnaya and all


Newtown, Wales, UK

My daughter and I spent the weeks leading up to 2nd part of 8th Gate Ceremony preparing the garden for this momentous event. The days leading up to the 8th Gate were warm sunny days, but the weather changed on the morning of Activation. It was much cooler, although still with sunny intervals.

Around 30 people arrived to take part in the ceremony. After announcing that no one could just sit and watch, one person left leaving us with 29 people (when added together, this comes to 11).

We chose four Guardians – two of whom were disabled and could not stand for long periods, and therefore had to be seated. They took up their positions in the four directions.

We began our Ceremony with reading aloud the 8th Gate 2 Anchor Group Master List. In the centre of the lawn, there is a small willow tree which we had decided to use as the world tree. The names and locations of the other Anchor Groups taking part had been printed out the night before and put in alphabetical order of each country. We put holes through the corners of each country listing and used string to tie them to the tree as they were called out. Finally, we added tiny flags representing all the countries in the world.

Once all the countries were in place, each person came forward and did their personal Mudra and laid flowers around the base of the tree.

We then aligned with the Master Cylinder and Anchor Groups worldwide and began The Starry Processional Dance. As soon as we began to dance the sky went black and it rained lightly for the whole 22 minutes of the dance. We went inside to dry off and put coats on for the Lotus Dance. The Guardians were covered up as best as they could with their water proof clothing. As soon as we began the Lotus Dance, the heavens opened and it rained heavily though out this dance too.

We were all totally soaked. We took a rest break to eat, and the sun came out so we dried off a little. After tea, we did the Earth Star Dance; once again, as soon as we started to dance it began to rain really heavily, becoming torrential, and then it turned to hail stones. As you know, it’s a long dance. The smiles on peoples faces were brilliant as they continued on regardless. The courageous Guardians held their positions, and at the end of the dance we were all extremely wet. We took photos of the group and all the coats hanging soaking wet on the fence and then took another rest break.

The sun shone brightly again until we returned with many people still very wet to perform the Dance of the Elements, and low and behold, the sun continued to shine throughout the dance. The Dance of the Elements is always wonderful, but this time it was fantastic; joy and love shone in each and every face. Finally, we Opened the Lotus Heart and did the 8th Gate Mudra.

I would like to thank everyone who travelled so far to take part in our 8th Gate 2 Ceremony; for their tenacity, and fierce determination to complete the Activation, despite uncomfortable weather conditions. And most especially our beloved Guardians. We send our love to Solara, the 8th Gate 2 Master Cylinder and all the 11:11 Anchor Groups worldwide.

…. Amma Ra and Angel


Weston, Florida, USA

The Weston, Florida Anchor Group felt honored to be part of 8th Gate 2 Activation. We felt the connection on many levels as we did the Mudras and Sacred Dances. Leah Bella Attie did a fantastic job putting everything into place to make this event happen here in Weston. All of us who participated in this blessed event are grateful to Leah, her team here, and to Annu, Solara and the 11:11 team.

In Service and Gratitude…. Arlene


Utrecht, Netherlands

This night, our Anchor Group traveled to the Master Cylinder group at Lake Titicaca. The energy was so open hearted and beautiful; one girl saw many crystal lotus flowers, including one big lotus covering the whole of Lake Titicaca.

I was deeply touched by so much love and joy, and I feel the energy building day by day. One part of me was crying because I wanted to be with the Master Cylinder so much, but at the same time I am happy to be joining with you all in spirit and to feel it. We ended by dancing and smiling. And this is just the preparation….

Please send my love to Solara, and thanks to Annu and Solara and the group for the beautiful and amazing work that is being done; and for the courage to make this come true.

Sending you all waves of love, joy and gratitude…. Alicianna


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