8 Gate 1 Mallorca — Anchor Group Reports Part 1

Bornholm, Denmark

I am sure you have had an amazing experience…I felt the outpouring of love very strongly. I experienced that I was with you all dancing in spirals, in and out of the Lotus Heart. At some stage I was in the middle with a soul mate. Also I experienced the petals of the Lotus, as people sitting together. BEAUTIFUL — BEAUTIFUL — BEAUTIFUL. Thoughts and action were also very linked as they were one.



São Paolo, Brazil

Just want to thank you for your energy and planetary work and let you know that we had 503 people at PAX Sunday for the 11:11 — we had celebrations at 3 different times : 10am, 1pm, 3pm.

All my Love, Aloha…… Carmen


Rome, Italy

Ciao Fratelli e Sorelle !!!

We did it again!!! I’m beyond happy!!! WE DID IT AGAIN!!!!

8th Gate Activation has been a life changing experience, as avery 11:11 activation. I felt every One of us working really well… We anchored the frequences deep and strong…. I saw every One’s faces and every being was fully committed and focused… I saw duality’s attempts to ruin this event…. Poor duality 🙁 still trying to fight…. when will you’ understand??? I saw Oneness Huge beyond words….

I want to thank every One who participated and even if i don’t know personally everyone, I want to thank the One’s who did it…..

Love you beyond words Sisters and Brothers from beyond the stars…

From One’s heart to Every One’s Heart…. Jaivatur Lo of the One


Magick River, Malaysia

Lotus Heart Hugs One & All! Fresh through the 8th Gate we greet a brand new concept of Valentine’s Day 🙂

Initially, I wasn’t planning on anchoring the 8th Gate in Malaysia. But one email from Solara was all it took… powerful testimony of my love and respect for her, and it’s been 14 years since our first and only encounter at Star-Borne Reunion #8!

Figured I’d be kind to myself and not plan anything elaborate or stress-inducing. Just invite a few close friends up for the weekend and focus our awareness on star portals in general, and the 8th Gate opening in particular, whilst energetically linking up with Solara’s Master Cylinder in Mallorca and all the other 8th Gate groups around the planet.

(I’d received an email earlier from someone named Ardy Timmer who was leading a group of six near another river on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur and was glad to have additional support in Malaysia.)

However, my beloved friends, DK and Geraldine, suggested we do it at Maycliff the most beautiful spot I’ve ever seen — and also the original Magick River base. I’d heard the bungalow was booked out the whole of February, so it was a sweet surprise when I found out it was available.

Many of my friends have heard of Solara and some are faithful readers of her Surf Reports — but none has ever participated in any workshops or Master Classes. So I encouraged everyone to absorb the data on the 8th Gate at www.nvisible.com

Ayita, the youngest member of our Anchor Group

More turned up than anticipated — 22 in all — and it was clear that most really just wanted to enjoy the clear frequencies and inspiring ambience, and have a wonderful time. I wasn’t about to don a Storm Trooper uniform and crack a whip with these old and new friends, whose ages ranged from 3 to 57 (Princess Ayita at one end, me at the other!) Furthermore, over the past year or so, tensions and ego conflicts had arisen between particular factions and I was mildly apprehensive about the psychodynamics, to say the least.

On Saturday night when everybody had arrived at Maycliff we feasted and reveled in mellow anticipation of the morrow as we exchanged data and opinions on the dramatic, and sometimes spectacular, frequency shifts the Earth is undergoing. Some of us took turns providing a bit of live music. There was a great deal of hugging, as old feuds faded into irrelevance, insignificance and obscurity.

On Sunday, 11 February as 4PM (Activation Time) approached I was prompted to align myself with the brilliant and intense Sun while standing atop the rock in the center of the fishpond. This rock is the exposed apex of a huge granite cone that forms the spine of the hill upon which Maycliff bungalow sits. Spontaneously I saw myself within an octahedral holon of focused intent — imagine two pyramids of energy joined base to base with apices pointing in opposite directions — which swiftly expanded in scale until it enclosed the entire bioregion, and then, the whole of Southeast Asia.

Then I joined the others down by the river. Someone said it was three minutes before four o’ clock. Young Shane (Geraldine’s 10-year-old) wanted to show me the Devil’s Armchair (a power spot a short way upstream I had discovered and named 15 years ago. He was so excited about it, I simply had to oblige, but I said we’d have to be quick about it because the 8th Gate Activation was about to begin.

Just by the Devil’s Armchair is a magickal spot I’ve dubbed the Throne of Pan: a few stones forming a comfortable seat, beautifully sheltered by a fairy tree. I love sitting there as it never fails to restore a perfect sense of sovereignty. So I treated myself to a few moments on the Throne of Pan on the way back — but just then I saw that several others were heading upstream to where I was.

The 8 of us held hands and linked up with Solara’s Master Cylinder in Mallorca as the 8th Gate Activation Ceremony started. I was blissed out by the sheer and simple perfection of the moment. Without my saying a word, it was all happening!

It wasn’t a long session — 20-30 minutes — but it felt totally appropriate. Then we rejoined the rest of the tribe and before we knew it, it was time to pack up and disperse (many had work or school the next day).

Early on Sunday, Hari Deran had shown up with a bagful of Love Grenades -which is what I call his orgonite depolarizers. Hari had decided about a year ago to start «gifting» by manufacturing Love Grenades and planting them wherever he goes, particularly around cellphone towers and power pylons. Amazingly, Tim and Geraldine had been thinking along the same lines around the same time and were delighted to meet someone already doing it!

So everybody left with great big smiles, each other’s email addresses, and at least one Love Grenade in hand… and that’s where this report must end.



Houghton, Maine USA

We just wanted to say how honored we are to have been part of this. About two years ago we were given the message that we were to be «anchors.» We did not quite understand what that meant until the end of January when we found your site. When we read your articles, we finally knew what we were suppose to do.

The energy was incredible! We really felt like we were totally linked to the Master Cylinder group, as well as all of the other Anchor Groups that were participating. We wanted to share something that happened about 2 1/2 hours into the Activation. We were having a time of meditation and readings when we started to hear sounds within our space. The sound was very, very low, but we listened intently and to our amazement we realized that it was singing. It was so faint that the language or the words could not be understood. Somehow through these amazing channels of energy, another Anchor Group’s singing entered into our space! These people will never know that their beautiful song, and beautiful energy somehow made it to Northern Maine from somewhere across the globe.

Blessings…. Gregg and Gloria Scott

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