8 Gate 1 Mallorca — Anchor Group Reports part 7


Dearest Ones,

I am sorry that I could not be at the 8th Gate Activation, but I was there with you in heart, body and mind as well as in meditation.

I have some pictures of me with my kids, not on the actual day — but it will give you an idea of us, because on the day, we stood on top of a ski hill in Sweden packed in warm winter clothes, with the sun shining from a bright blue sky onto a cold, snowy, crisp & clean landscape — looking over forests and water and we were doing the same as in these pictures.

With all my love…. Freeda


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Todos han tenido la gran oportunidad de una reconfiguración extremadamente rara y sin precedentes de nuestro antiguo grupo álnico. Aquellos que están atascados en las arenas movedizas de la dualidad, aquellos que se han enredado en distracciones y compromisos, los que no están viviendo con integridad, o aquellos que se han rendido y ya no están evolucionando en un modo acelerado, ahora serán removidos del mándala principal de la trama de su antiguo grupo álnico. Sus hebras están siendo desviadas hacia el fondo. Lamentablemente, estas personas perderán el tren expreso hacia lo Nuevo por ahora, pero eventualmente, en un momento u otro, se reunirán con nosotros en el Uno.

A medida que las hebras latentes de estas personas sean removidas del mándala en la trama de su antiguo grupo álnico, se creará espacio nuevo dentro de la trama. El retirar esas hebras latentes es similar a desmalezar un jardín; permite que las plantas que han comprometido su ser por completo, vivan vibrantes, se expandan y crezcan. Este desmalezado es esencial en este momento, ya que la gente que no está comprometiéndose al 100% no puede seguir con nosotros. Esto puede sonar duro; a mí me suena así, pero es simplemente un reflejo de los tiempos extremadamente serios y significativos que estamos atravesando.

Muchas gracias querida Maestra y Guía SOLARA porque todo lo que nos tramites desde aquí todos tus hermanos de ruta te lo agradecemos…. Jeronimo Raul Ocampo (Yerom)


Kiev, Ukraine

This beautiful morning we were surrounded by whitest snow of myriad snowflakes which were like little angels and little warriors who came to help us. Not only we we wearing white garments, but all nature, all houses, all cars, all all alllllll…

When we were reading and connecting to all the Anchors Goups while standing in a circle and holding our hands, we felt a powerful accord of breath and the beating of hearts of every being, every person which were with us at that moment. We were merging into ONE BEING WITH ALL. We felt very powerfully and deeply when a WAVE OF LOTUS LOVE came upon us. And at that very moment, we saw that Sky was ONE BEING with us. Clouds made a cirlce for entering the deep blue Sky and Sun to join us.

There are no words which can help us to reflect the MAGNIFICENT BEAUTY OF THAT MOMENT. THANK YOU.


Mar de las Pampas, Argentina

First of all we want to thank Solara for this magic and mystic experience, for your guide and heart inserted in Lotus World Love. We were inmensely happy to anchor these high and loving energies in our Mother Earth Gaia. Our Anchor Group stayed in Mar de las Pampas, by the sea.

Our experience was intense, deep, the spirit of whales and dolphins accompanied us with Harmony and Joy while we felt the One, all the Anchor Groups united and the constant presence of the Master Cylinder in Mallorca. Through 11:11 Sacred Dances and meditations, we were immersed smoothly into the Lotus World in a sweet and deep form. Silence, Peace, Unity, Waves of Love, Lotus Love…

At the end, we felt that all had been changed and transformed. A crystal Lotus emerged from the sea expanding Lotus Love to everyone, everything. Silence, Joy, Lotus Love…

Thanks from the Heart of the Lotus World…. Marilin

smpurp1 Budapest, Hungary

The 8th Gate activation process was tremendous and had a life-changing impact on all participants.

We would like to stay together as a group and expand both in numbers and in energy. Please, mark us as an ongoing group. We already had a gathering on a central, yet sacred, place of Budapest, at the top of Gellért Hill, which is actually a mountain in the middle of Budapest, right next to the river Danube. This was the first open anchoring we did after February 11th. We feel that the anchoring should be done frequently, if not every day. I feel every day brings a unique shade of the energy of the Lotus World, so we gather and anchor at every one of our meetings and meditations. And once a month we hold an open anchoring event somewhere in nature.

Many thanks for Solara, Annu and all the participants at the Master Cylinder for the great work you have done! Thanks again and again!

With Lotus love…. Nicole — on behalf of Group Fény-Forrás.


Odense, Denmark

This really was an amazing day! In fact, we started to feel our One Vast Being weeks before the day of the Activation. As we came together to learn the 11:11 Sacred Dances, and as we went onto the Nvisible website to see how many Anchor Groups there were, we felt our One Being becoming stronger, vaster and so loving…. growing every day.

We started on the 8th of February by aligning ourselves in the Lotus Heart, and as we did the GO and read out the names of all the Anchor Groups, we felt so in love with everybody, so vast, so at One. Every movement, every feeling within our One Being was felt by us; it was an experience beyond words. Several of us had tears in our eyes as it was so beautiful and touching.

We danced the Starry Processional, so much as One that we did not need to look at each other to change position — we were One, and felt each other, we knew! And we went on with the Earth Star Dance, weeeeeeeee….how fun to really let ourselves go fully….. To be all that we are….! The Lotus Dance was so amazing as we felt our love unfolding with the movements, dancing and moving as One; we just did not want to stop! Our hearts were so filled with love, love for all of us, for the Master Cylinder, for all the other Anchor Groups… we could feel the love streaming, flowing from our hearts to the Master Cylinder, breathing… loving…. supporting!

We ended with the Element Dance. Again, how fun with so much laughter and love, coloured scarves, playful and grateful, graceful and strong. And the energies from the 8th Gate came flowing in and into the ground, waves upon waves of the most amazing Love ever felt. In fact, we had so much fun, and were so much in love with each other and all that was, that we did not want to go home when it was over. So we continued for several hours just being together, talking, laughing, sharing with lots of food, chocolate and cookies! What a wonderful day! Here in Odense, Denmark, it was a day of love, fun, gratefulness and really entering a new reality.

Lots of Lotus Love…. Soli and the Odense group

P.S. After the 8th Gate Activation, several of the people from our group have felt a total reality shift, like being in a bubble where the 3D no longer affects us or exists. Our reality simply changed with no effort at all. My heart feels like it has birthed a space formed like a four pointed star and the energy inside is just still, but not like any kind of vibrational energy we used to know. From this place, crystal light radiates out, which goes out in front of me and creates everything before I arrive into that space. And as long as I manage to stay there, no duality is created! It is so amazing, as things just happen all by themselves, and my job is just to enjoy! Whatever situation I come into, it is all balanced, all by itself. It is really amazing.


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