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Santa María de Cadins, Girona, Spain

It´s difficult to put into words what we felt during our journey of last February 11th, when we gathered together with all the Anchor Groups around the world.

Our experience was deeply touching and we felt so much Love. Our eight person group danced the Earth-Star Dance around 12 pm. We had agreed to rest for a few minutes and then dance it again. After dancing for a long time, we all entered into a special state of consciousness, and we knew that it was time to receive the 8th Gate energies. We then realized that it was 1:11 pm. We immediately gathered to dance the Lotus Dance.

We felt a great energy opening our hearts; we cried and sang and we thanked everything that we had received while we were anchoring and distributing the energy. It was something amazing that gave us a great joy and united us even more.

From now on, when we gather together to heal ourselves, we do it directly by opening our hearts and connecting to all the Anchor Groups that participated in the 8th Gate Activation.

Many hugs, joy and Love to all of you…. the Group of Santa María de Cadins


Timisoara, Romania

Many of us felt such powerful energies from the evening of Saturday 10th February, during our preparations.

On the day of the 8th Gate Activation, Elena and Stelu welcomed everyone by opening into the One Heart while we listened to sacred music. We created a sacred space of Love, did The GO and brought in the energies, keeping our hearts open; then we did the Mudras. We anchored the energies of the One and everyone of us stepped into the middle of the circle to offer and receive Love.

When we danced the Lotus Dance, Felicia had a vision of a vast lake that was receiving energy from thousands of people; every participant was sitting on a Lotus Petal. A huge heart was born from that energy and was pouring Love to every person standing on the Lotus Petals. We felt that the energies had already come in and were overwhelmed with Love, Light and HAPPINESS. A group of people continued to anchor the energies while we listened to sacred music, while others had a short break.

Around 1:45 pm, we anchored the new energies quietly and relaxed. We gave our thanks to the ONE, the Earth and the Sky for our experience. Now, we have to take these energies with us and anchor them in our homes, to share them with the whole world. AYOKA! …. Elena



Broadstairs, Kent, England

Many Lotus Heart thanks to you wonderful people, as we too were privileged to be part of the Anchor Groups for this most crystal clear 8th Gate Activation.

We had been meeting weekly for months before the Activation and the basis of our meditations was always the thousand petaled Lotus atop a healing lake of some magnitude. Its context on the day of the Activation was that every petal was representative of each and every Anchor Group that was participating around the world — being the Guardians for the Master Cylinder, the Heart of the Lotus in Mallorca, Spain.

Thank you for a job well done and for the continuing ripple effect that is still progressing around the beloved planet…. Alec Christos Gabbitas


Potsdam, Germany

I can tell you that so much happened even before the 8th Gate Activation. As recommended, I organized a gathering ten days before the Activation: 6 women were present and it was a very powerful meeting which turned out to be very chaotic.

On the day of the Activation, we were a group of 10 people, most of whom had grown up in Eastern Germany, and 5 children. We met on Sunday morning around 9 am for a nice breakfast. It was a wonderful gathering and everyone was very excited about what was to come.

At 10 am we began with a meditation which connected us very strongly with you in Mallorca and everyone on the planet and made us feel that we are all ONE.

Around 11 am we began to dance, starting with the Starry Processional. Always 6 women were dancing and 3 or 4 women were Guardians; one took care of the children. We danced in total silence with no music. We felt a heavy load on us and some women felt pain in their backs which went on until the lunch break. One friend of mine who had been suffering from severe back pain felt a relief after the Sacred Dances, and it has even improved since then.

After lunch, everything became easier and more flowing. We danced the Lotus Dance and the Pulsating Star Dance and around 5 pm we finished our ceremony. It was a beautiful day with a lot of energetic movement.

For me, this was a very important experience because I have never guided a group like this. Through this, I have stepped into my mastery: No Down-No Return. I keep on seeing the numbers 11:11 or 22:22 on digital clocks and I feel that much more will come. I am pretty open for everything, although I have to admit that I am a little scared at times.

From the Heart of the Lotus…. Annelore

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