8 Gate 1 Mallorca — Anchor Group Reports Part 5

Osório, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

More than two months of prepatarion, one week of intense activity and preparation of our energy for the big day. It finally arrived and we were completely involved by the unconditional Love, completely dedicated to what we proposed to do. Loving and whole people were there, and then everything happened.

In our first Activation, right early, we had to dry out the location, because it rained so much during the night before. But it wasn’t a problem; during the seven nights of preparatory work, it happened so many times. We braved hard winds and the special space created was almost destroyed. The problems weren’t problems, because we were there, all with open and determined hearts.

not-Osorio1The sun was shining and our first moment was beginning, facing the rising sun, we began our activity and accomplished the complete Activation. It was a very special moment and we felt exactly when the energy was totally activated. After a snack and rest, we started the preparation of a really open air place, bigger and completely involved by nature. We got almost everything ready when a hard rain surprised us, a summer rain that divided the group. Looking around, it seemed like the rain wouldn’t stop; some people decided to do not brave the rain and came back to the tiled place; the rest of us decided that nothing could stop us.

Wet and cold, we stood there… A conflict almost settled down because some wanted to do it even if it had to be in a small place far from the rain, and others thought that facing the rain was important. Each one of us at the place we wanted to be. Not allowing the energy to unbalance us was necessary, but very hard. After some time maintaining the intention’s integrity and knowing that we couldn’t simply abandon the place that we had already changed its energy, then the solution appeared. Certainly inspired by the Lotus World, but mainly because of the love and respect among the group, in a moment of great delicacy everything could have been lost, but there was a great union.

At the moment the decision was verbalized, everybody integrated to it and followed what was set. The two beings that began the work kept following where it should have been (without even being necessary to talk about it) and two other beings endowed with strength and power took the positions in the group that preferred to protect themselves from the rain.

The physical distance was maybe 300 meters, the sight of both remained the same and the ONLY BEING that we had strengthened for such long time of preparation gathered itself and managed to do in two spaces what should have been done without losing nothing of energy… WE LIVE IN A SPECIAL MOMENT that brought us the certainty that the Lotus World joined the planet with all its power and nothing can hold it back when there is LOVE and SURRENDER.

My personal conclusion: We were a true group, a group united solely by the wish and determination to do what we proposed to, no personal interests, no power dispute and there’s repect for the person called the ‘conductor’ of the group. Each one of these points were fundamental. In this small group, we really formed an UNIQUE BEING, UNIQUE IN LOVE, UNIQUE IN DETERMINATION. I LOVE INCONDITIONALLY EACH ONE and I am proud (specially proud) of our group, because it’s PURE AND HIGH-MINDED.

This was our participation of the 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 — First Part. And certainly more united and commited we will participate of the second part, with all the Love of our Lotus Heart…. Viviane


Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

We had a wonderful experience, filled by great feelings of Love, Happiness, Peace, and Unity. All the sensations were as grateful as we are able to imagine. We saw and felt the presence of many beings of light, siblings of other dimensions. They were working with us. There were materializations and manifestations of bubbles of silverplated light all over the room. I played with them as I was a child. We felt and we lived deeply the presence I AM. It is hard to transfer to words and definite what we experienced. Only our souls and our hearts know what we really lived at that time.

Testimony of one of the participants:
«I felt a great opening in my chest connecting me to all other participants. I really felt a enormous linking with all of them. The unity revealed itself powerfully, so all the participants took part into my heart. This made me visualize that we were ONE. At the end of the meeting we joyfully and lovely embraced each other for being together with much Love.

Namastê…. Luziana Maria


Christchurch, New Zealand

We had a preparatory meeting on Thursday night, which was a great opportunity for me to meet everyone before the ceremony. Christchurch was unexpectedly cold — in the middle of summer. So I wore layer upon layers of my summer clothes. On our Sunday night we drove up into the hills to a magical spot with a great view. It was even colder up there because it was completely unprotected from the cold wind. So we got really tested.

When we started our ceremony at 8 pm (8 am in Spain), it started to rain. First just light rain, then more and more steady. After an hour of dancing in the dark, we were all soaking wet. But we kept dancing and holding the energy. Around 1 am (Sunday 1 pm in Spain) we felt that our work was completed. By then, the wheather had shifted as well, it had stopped raining, there was less wind and it was almost mild in temperature. After a final dance and thanksgiving, we packed our gear and returned home to our warm beds. A truly amazing experience!

Looking very much forward to read the reports of all the other Anchor Groups, and especially from the Master Cylinder.

Lotus Love…. Angela


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Queria agradecer la asistencia que tuvimos el 11 de febrero ,nos juntamos 98 personas en el grupo de Gustavo Ferrer Istael Siekhina persona que trabaja arduamente durante todo el año en la sincronia y asistencia y en la activacion pudimos vivenciar su coneccion y la asistencia de Solara. Gracias…. Maria


Kaunas, Lithuania

This is the first time I did not rush to share the «impressions» but allowed everything to settle down…. First of all I want to thank Annu personally for her letters of support and appreciation, especially the one containing the summary of 8th Gate’s Keynote. I translated the main points of the letter beforehand and when it was read on the 11th to a group of 36, I could feel how every word went down into their hearts.

This time we experienced the force of both streams of energy — one acting FOR us, another — AGAINST us… The attack was extremely strong! I had never ever experienced its force in such a way. I am not going into details, but will only say that after our successful preparation day on the 10th, a small group of us had to go through an awful lot of physical pain at night. It lasted for about 2hrs… It was meant to disable us of any movement, but was OVERCOME successfully by everyone individually!

Anyhow, I am glad to say, that the group inside the hall proved to be very dedicated! And SOLARA has helped me and my friends greatly when the energies were beginning to sag — and that was after 12 noon. I felt people should be given some rest…while the ‘core of us’ went into a huddle with the question written on every face «What NOW?»

All of a sudden SOLARA flashed before my inward eye. OH, HOW BEAUTIFUL AND CALM WAS SHE!!! I saw her just sitting very gracefully on a green meadow, smiling and looking me straight in the eye — giving information «ALL IS WELL…» Her serenity and deep calmness went from her heart right into mine filling me with the same. Then and there I conveyed her message to friends and it was wonderful to register the effect!… After that, when we resumed the activity; all went up without a hitch!!!

The moment of BREAKTHROUGH was unforgettable!!! So many sobbed…. When afterwards we created a circle for sharing, HAPPINESS was spelled on every face. Many said they had never expected it was possible to feel so deeply !

For a ‘clincher’ a detail: When all our expenditures had been calculated in order for all to contribute an equal share, the total amounted to 1111 litas. our currency. The person who did the counting just couldn’t believe her eyes. She said she had checked it five times before she finally accepted it was correct. I call such details just champagne bubbles… TO US ALL!!!

With deep LOVE…. Lilija

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