8 Gate 1 Mallorca — Anchor Group Reports Page 13

Moscow, Russia

There were 60 people in our Anchor Group and we danced in a powerful stream of energy the whole day. Our technical gadgets behaved crazily: the air conditioner went on and off by itself, the CD player paused automatically and the video camera burned out! At first, we decided to have five Guardians, but it wasn’t enough and we had to increase to eleven Guardians.

We danced seven of the 11:11 Sacred Dances and during our breaks we lay on the floor to anchor the energies of Lotus Love with our bodies.

At 5:00 pm, we began the Starry Processional; the air became thick and time stretched. The new energies came into the Earth in the form of a big spiral. The dance finished and we stood together in the silence, overwhelmed by the feelings we experienced. WE WERE ONE!

With Lotus Love…. Svetlana


Novosibirsk, Russia

Our Anchor Group gathered at 11:00 am; we prepared for the 8th Gate Activation by clearing our bodies and aligning with the Star of One. We did the Go! and then read aloud the list of Worldwide Anchor Groups. As we did this, we felt each group in our hearts and merged as One.

As we began the Starry Processional, we felt the energies begin to come in; they were pink in color and started from Mallorca, rippling out like water. They were so powerful. They reached all the Anchor Groups which were shining like lighthouses.

During the Dance of the Elements, we did what we wanted and it created feelings of such joy and lightness that stayed with us throughout our ceremony.

When we danced the Earth-Star Dance we felt the energies increase, feeling heaviness when we danced the Earth and lightness during the Star part.

We felt the first really big wave of energy at 1:30 pm, and each new wave thereafter was more powerful than the last. This continued for two days. We have never felt such strong energies like this before! And the next day, all our Anchor Group participants had fevers, colds and coughs.

After the Activation, the vibrations rose to a very high level; time sped up and we feel that the whole of life is so fast now. It is felt by all the people on the planet.

With Love…. Natalya


Protvino-Moscow, Russia

Our Anchor Group of 28 people felt the energies of the 8th Gate Activation begin three days before the 11th of February.

We started our ceremony at 11:00 am and during the Starry Processional all the participants felt the energies begin to come in. After that, we danced the One Eye Dance and noticed that the quality of the energies changed; it created the process of clearing our previous programming and expanding the emotional union of the participants into the One Heart. The first wave of 8th Gate energies was felt at 12:15 pm.

At 2:00 pm, after our break, we danced the Starry Processional once again. The energies were powerful and thick; it felt like the old was being squashed from our bodies to make way for the New. The environment in our hall seemed to be very thick and saturated. The prevalent color of the room was bright pink and the Lotus energies spiraled into the center. It was difficult for the Guardians to hold the energies and the dancers began to loose their tempo.

During the Lotus Dance afterwards, the energies began to align and balance both inside and outside of us. The energies of the Earth and the Greater Central Sun aligned.

Finally, during the Dance of the Elements, we felt freedom! It was full of improvisation, lightness, joy and Love. One of our group’s participants saw beings in white clothes in a Procession along the Equator, and around the North and South Poles were 15 metre beings in red clothes. The work of these beings began seven days before the Activation and continued for seven days after it. Their purpose was to work with the environment of the Earth, creating a very beautiful veil around the planet of woven, interconnected white and red wiring. The day before the Activation, a big shift happened in the Template of the Earth resulting in a big Lotus growing from the center of the planet.

During the 8th Gate Activation, we saw the surface of the Earth parted in a line from Pole to Pole and in the center was the Master Cylinder in Mallorca. Then, bright light appeared there and began to expand over the whole planet, as if the ice broke; the lines of light began to align between all the Anchor Groups and go further around the planet…. Lidia


Rostov-upon-Don, Russia

Thank you for making it true! Here, everything went fine and the 8th Gate Activation was impressive!

There were eleven of us and we felt the energies strongest between 2:30 — 3:30 pm. During the highest peak of the energies, we had an interesting moment as we looked out of the windows of our room. A big truck had arrived outside our building and the inscription on the side of the vehicle said: “We are with you for a long time and forever”.

It was a beautiful sign of our ONENESS!…. Raisa


Novosibirsk, Russia

We thank Solara, the Master Cylinder in Mallorca and all the Anchor Groups across the planet for this Great Event of the Heart!

With Love…. Ludmila and the Novosibirsk Star of Transformation Anchor Group

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